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1 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
2 11th Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared over
3 RfP: Evaluation of Ebola Interventions in Democratic Republic of Congo (2018-2020)
4 Democratic Republic of Congo celebrates end of 11th Ebola Virus Disease outbreak – Africa CDC
5 DR Congo starts countdown to end of Ebola outbreak in east
6 The language factor: Lessons for the 11th Ebola outbreak on adapting to the language needs of communities learned during the 10th Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo
7 Democratic Republic of the Congo gears up to fight 11th Ebola outbreak
8 11th outbreak: Ebola cases in DR Congo rise to 60
9 New strategies at work in eleventh Ebola outbreak in DRC
10 New Ebola outbreak detected in northwest Democratic Republic of the Congo; WHO surge team supporting the response
11 Ebola: DRC's 11th outbreak rises to 124 cases
12 Government of Democratic Republic of Congo declares 11th Ebola virus disease outbreak
13 Ebola
14 11th Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in DRC nears 100 cases
15 Aid access and security
16 WHO warns against potential Ebola spread in DR Congo and beyond
17 Ebola Response Priorities in the Time of Covid-19
18 Democratic Republic of the Congo: Revised Emergency Appeal
19 Second Person Dies in Latest Ebola Outbreak in DRC
20 DRC Ebola outbreaks: Crisis update
21 New Ebola case detected in eastern DRC
22 Ebola: 74 cases reported in DRC's 11th outbreak
23 Regional Ebola Response Situation Report #1
24 Nearly 50 confirmed Ebola cases in DR Congo
25 Ebola cases rise in Guinea as US announces traveler monitoring
26 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Ebola virus disease outbreak
27 Finally the 10th Ebola Outbreak Ends, Children in Beni Write to Girls and Boys Facing 11th Ebola Outbreak in Equateur Province
28 Guinea Sees First Ebola Deaths Since 2016
29 No new Ebola cases reported in DR Congo's province: WHO
30 DR Congo: WHO rings alarm as Ebola cases near 100
31 Ebola outbreak in western Democratic Republic of the Congo reaches 100 cases
32 DR Congo: Ebola Outbreak
33 Ebola Outbreak Reaches 60 Patients in Mbandaka, DRC
34 Ebola outbreak in DR Congo slowing down: WHO
35 New Ebola Outbreak In Congo Creates Unparalleled Challenges During A Pandemic
36 WHO concerned about growing Ebola outbreak in DR Congo
37 ACAPS Briefing Note: DRC (Equateur)
38 WHO declares the end of the second deadliest outbreak of Ebola in Congo
39 Ebola update: Additional case brings total to 57
40 The DRC needs an Ebola survivor program to quell its outbreak
41 DR Congo's latest Ebola outbreak 'under control'
42 News at a glance
43 West African countries ramp up Ebola preparedness
44 118 Ebola cases detected in DR Congo
45 How local testing sped up response to new Ebola outbreak
46 Ebola cases in DR Congo rise to 74 in latest outbreak
47 FDA approves first Ebola treatment | CIDRAP
48 Ebola Is Erupting In The Western Forests Of The Democratic Republic Of The Congo
49 'Ebola outbreak in DR Congo grave concern'
50 DRC Ebola outbreak crisis update | MSF
51 Vaccine distribution efforts put an end to 11th outbreak of Ebola in the DRC
52 Hunting for 'Disease X'
53 Number of separated children rising fast as Ebola spreads in Equateur Province of DRC
54 Group creates global Ebola vaccine stockpile
55 Ebola healthcare workers protest in DR Congo
56 UNICEF Democratic Republic of the Congo Humanitarian Situation Report No. 9
57 COVID-19 and Funding Shortfall Hamper Ebola Operation in DR Congo’s Equateur Province
58 30 Ebola cases confirmed in DR Congo: WHO
59 News Scan for Jun 29, 2020
60 Ebola death toll hits 4 in DR Congo as people 'resist' measures
61 WHO Warns of Potential Ebola Spread
62 News Scan for Sep 11, 2020 | CIDRAP
63 Ebola: profile of a prolific killer
64 Republic of Congo: Ebola Virus Disease
65 'We shouldn’t be complacent': Suicide deaths fell during the 2020 pandemic — but what caused the decline?
66 DRC Ebola outbreak is 'escalating': WHO
67 Ebanga (mAb114) Antibody — Precision Vaccinations
68 Ebola outbreak in Equateur province, DRC: 112 cases, 48 deaths
69 Ebola outbreak rises to 65 cases, Separated children as a result of the outbreak
70 Ebola outbreak: Two additional cases reported
71 Ebola Vaccinations Accelerate in West African Countries
72 The United States announces $7.5 million in additional humanitarian assistance to contain Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
73 Africa’s Ebola Outbreaks Disrupts International Travel
74 Lessons from Ebola as DRC grapples with conflict, measles, and covid-19
75 Hunting for ‘Disease X’: The doctor who discovered Ebola warns of deadly viruses yet to come
76 Why is Ebola Endemic to the DRC?
77 News Scan for Sep 03, 2020
78 News Scan for Oct 27, 2020
79 USAID Announces Additional $15 Million in New Humanitarian Assistance to Fight Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo
80 News Scan for Sep 21, 2020
81 DR Congo reports new deaths due to Ebola outbreak | Daily Sabah
82 News Scan for Jul 15, 2020 | CIDRAP
83 Democratic Republic of Congo
84 Ebola Screening Launches at Six Airports
85 Groups that were involved in ICD-11 Revision Process
86 Ebola outbreak declared over, Chapare virus human-to-human transmission
87 DRC: More Ebola and plague cases reported, End of measles epidemic declared
88 DRC Ebola outbreaks | MSF medical response
89 Can School Shooting Suspect's Age Save Him?
90 Scientists, researchers hunting for 'Disease X' to prevent the next pandemic
91 Doctor who helped discover Ebola warns of new fatal infection called 'Disease X'
92 News Scan for Aug 17, 2020
93 Women hit as Congo faces triple threat of coronavirus, Ebola and measles
94 DR Congo's latest Ebola outbreak 'under control
95 Ebola Travel Alerts Expanded in Africa
96 Ebola outbreak in DRC
97 DR Congo: Political tensions, armed attacks, displacement and COVID threats continue
98 Confirmation of case of ebola virus disease in Uganda
99 The Lessons of Ebola: 2014 Epidemic Drove Many Girls Out of School Permanently
100 'Intense zones of transmission' in Central and South America: WHO Briefing