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1 A Halo Infinite update is coming soon, says 343 Industries
2 Report: 343 Industries is “drafting plans” for Halo Infinite beta flights
3 How Microsoft's 343 Industries turned its doomed Halo game into a greatest hit
4 'Halo Infinite' gameplay designer leaves 343 Industries for Gunfire Games
5 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Season 5 livestream tease planned
6 How to play Halo Infinite beta: Sign-ups, start date, and more
7 343 Industries: Halo Infinite for Xbox One has not been cancelled
8 Halo Infinite has multiple betas scheduled for 2021
9 Halo Infinite Developer Departs for Gunfire Games | Game Rant
10 Halo Infinite makes ‘tremendous progress’ says 343 studio head
11 How Reddit Used GameStop to Troll Wall Street
12 Halo 3 and Halo: Reach will receive new content very soon
13 Bungie’s Halo Website Being Taken Offline Permanently Next Month
14 Confirmed Weapons Coming To Halo Infinite | TheGamer
15 Halo: MCC Update Will Let You Turn Off The New Halo 3 Armors
16 Rumours suggest changes at 343 Industries
17 'Halo Infinite' will be “the 'Halo' game you deserve”, says 343 Industries
18 343 Industries expected to give a 'high level update' on Halo Infinite soon
19 Every Halo Game, Ranked By How Awesome The Cover Art Was
20 Lack Of Halo Infinite News Finally Addressed By 343 Industries
21 343 Industries director steps away from Halo Infinite
22 343 Industries developer calls recent Halo Infinite rumors 'unfounded'
23 Sea of Thieves battle pass explained – here’s what’s free and what you need to pay for
24 “Do It Right”- Xbox Chief Opens Up on 343 Industries Halo Infinite
25 343 Industries outlines Halo: The Master Chief Collection plans for 2021
26 Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries Addresses Graphics, Multiplayer Beta, and Microtransactions
27 Halo Infinite 2 Won't Be Happening, Says 343 Industries
28 343 Industries is sunsetting Halo Xbox 360 game services next year
29 343 Industries job listing hints to a new 'Halo' project
30 Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries Responds To Graphics Criticisms
31 343 Industries gives first look at Halo TV show props
32 343 Industries Announce 'Halo Infinite' Delay Due to COVID-19
33 Halo Infinite won't include battle royale according to leaker
34 343 Industries hires a Halo vet to finish Infinite campaign
35 343 Industries confirms Halo Infinite will launch in Fall 2021
36 343 Industries Dev Says Halo 3 "Changed My Life Forever"
37 Halo Infinite delay has allowed 343 Industries to add "new features" to the Xbox exclusive
38 Every Game 343 Industries Ever Made, Ranked (According To Metacritic)
39 343 Industries Hints at Massive Update on Xbox Exclusive Halo Infinite Before the End of the Year
40 Halo Infinite: 343 Industries gives look at explosive sound capture
41 343 Industries' Bonnie Ross Apologizes for Halo Infinite Delay
42 343 Industries on 'Halo Infinite': “We haven't locked on release date”
43 343 Industries: "Craig was never intended to be seen in that condition"
44 343 Industries Wants To "Be More Communicative In The Coming Months" Regarding Halo Infinite
45 Naughty Dog and Insomniac veteran hired by 343 Industries
46 Halo Infinite: 343 Industries gives first look at 'Monarch' armor coating
47 343 Industries slams down ‘Halo Infinite’ Reddit leak, hints close release
48 Phil Spencer insists everything is fine at 343 Industries with Halo Infinite – KitGuru
49 343 Industries denies TV project impacted 'Halo Infinite' development
50 343 Industries' Chris Lee Explains Halo Infinite Delay
51 Inside 343 Industries' Halo museum
52 343 Industries shares first look at Halo 3 & ODST on PC
53 No, 343 Industries Isn't Planning BR Mode for Halo Infinite
54 Halo Infinite: Improvements 343 Industries Could Make with the Delay
55 Sperasoft Collaborates with 343 Industries on Halo Infinite Development
56 Halo Infinite’s New Enemy Revealed by 343 Industries
57 Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Shooters of 2021 – A Banner Year for Shooting at Stuff
58 Why Halo Infinite Keeps Losing Developers | Screen Rant
59 343 Industries Offer Set Photos Of Upcoming Halo TV Series
60 343 Industries removes police sirens nameplate from Halo 3: ODST, alt-right fans react poorly
61 343 Industries details Halo: The Master Chief Collection cross-play plans and new Halo 2: Anniversary customization
62 Why 343 Industries should've done more for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC
63 343 Industries partners with Esports Engine for Halo Infinite
64 343 Industries Shows Off New Halo Infinite Armor | COGconnected
65 343 Industries Doesn’t Discount Potentially Adding Ray Tracing to Halo: The Master Chief Collection
66 343 has released a new Halo Infinite video teaser featuring The Banished
67 Halo Infinite Development Discussed in New 343 Industries Video
68 343 addresses ‘confusion’ over Halo Infinite’s new customisation system and microtransactions
69 343 Industries Will Not Showcase Any Halo Infinite News This Week
70 Halo Infinite multiplayer will be available at launch, 343 Industries confirms
71 Halo 3 on PC set to begin test flighting in June, says 343 Industries
72 Halo Infinite News May Come Soon, but 343 Doesn't Need to Rush
73 343 Industries Shows Two New Images From "Halo Infinite"
74 Halo: MCC Is Finally Complete On PC, But 343 Promises More To Come
75 Halo Infinite Toy Leak Doesn't Spoil Game's Plot, Says Developer 343
76 Halo Infinite – What is 343’s Vision for the Series?
77 343 Industries share progress on Forge for Halo: Reach, Halo 3, and Halo 2 Anniversary
78 Jens Hauch, former ArenaNet and 343 Industries technical artist, has passed away
79 343 Industries flooded with pizza deliveries as fans react to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC
80 343 Industries Added HALO 3: ODST to THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION on PC and It's Incredible
81 Halo Infinite Director Chris Lee Has Departed 343 Industries
82 343 shows off Forge 2.0 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
83 Halo: Outpost Discovery will not be returning in 2020, says 343 Industries
84 343 Industries Plans to Share More About Halo Infinite Soon
85 How 343 Industries is capturing bullet noises for ‘Halo: Infinite’
86 New Halo 5: Guardians concept artwork revealed by 343 Industries artist
87 343 Industries teams up with Hasbro to release Halo Infinite Nerf blasters later this year
88 Halo 4 joins The Master Chief Collection fully remastered next week for PC
89 Some Halo Infinite sound effects are sampled from the original Xbox's electromagnetic fields
90 343 Industries Has Started PC PTO Work On Halo 2 Anniversary
91 ‘Halo: MCC’ update: 343 Industries dev says yelling won’t help
92 343 Industries recreates Master Chief's Mjolnir armour
93 343 Industries Talks About Developing Halo and COVID-19
94 Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries Loses ANOTHER Project Lead
95 343 Industries Delivers A Community Update, Discussing Progress And Future Of Halo: Master Chief Collection
96 343 Industries' Acquisition Of Halo From Bungie Came With "Growing Pains"
97 Two Halo veterans join the Halo Infinite team
98 'Halo 5' developer donating microtransaction revenue to fight racism
99 Halo Infinite loses its Lead Producer; 343 Industries says not to worry – KitGuru
100 Halo Infinite adds another pug to its voice acting roster