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1 Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump -- Once and future king?
2 Trump impeachment trial: Live updates
3 OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Do manners matter? | Thanks for my shots | Believing in Big Lie
4 OPINION: Trump -- once and future king? | Columnists |
5 LePage: Rolling Back DeVos's Title IX Guidance on Sexual Harassment Won't Be Easy. But It's the Right Thing to Do to Protect the Victims
6 Rep. Greene Ousted from Education Committee After Lawmaker's Embrace of Conspiracy Theories About School Shootings
7 US Senate acquits Trump over Capitol violence following impeachment trial
8 GOP’s Mitch McConnell votes to acquit Trump then condemns him for U.S. Capitol attack
9 Church, State and Choice: Wednesday Supreme Court Hearing Could Affect Debate on Public Funding of Religious Schools and Inclusion of Gay Students
10 Was “science” on the ballot?
11 Trump sends second email announcing new impeachment legal team
12 Biden's Immigration Plan Would Be a Boon For Undocumented Kids. But the Proposal Faces A Steep, Uphill Battle
13 Free Press reporter blasted for allegedly calling Trump 'disgraced' — but it wasn't him
14 Re-impeachment of Donald Trump wastes Washington’s time | Bill Cotterell
15 S.F.’s Lowell isn’t the only selective school to come under fire. Here’s a look at others across U.S.
16 Barrett's SCOTUS Confirmation Would Give Conservatives a Supermajority on Education Issues From Race-Based Admissions to School Choice but Could Create a 'Desert for Equity,' Experts Say
17 Christine Flowers: It's not humane to make a mockery of death
18 In 5-4 Espinoza Ruling, Supreme Court Allows Public Funding for Religious Schools
19 Spotify adds 10 million paid subscribers in Q4
20 Murphy: Supreme Court Ruling Was a Huge Win for School Choice, but Schools of Choice Are in Jeopardy From COVID-19. The Feds Must Step In
21 Opinion | Here’s Why 74 Million Voted for Trump
22 With Barrett Poised to Join Conservative SCOTUS Majority, Lower Courts Weigh Granting More Students Access to Private and Religious Schools
23 Battle Over Private School Choice Returns to States After Court Ruling, but Education Groups Pledge to 'Protect' Public Schools
24 Federal Judge Dismisses Rhode Island Students' Suit for Right to Civic Education
25 Disney Plus nets 74 million subscribers, parent company still loses $2.8 billion
26 DeVos on the Docket: With 455 Lawsuits Against Her Department and Counting, Education Secretary is Left to Defend Much of Her Agenda in Court
27 With DeVos Out, Movement for Private School Choice Shifts to State Legislatures
28 Michigan Agrees to Aid Detroit Schools With $100 Million in Dedicated Literacy Funds After Courts Agree With New Legal Theory That Students Have Right to Read
29 Cardona's Role in Connecticut's Complex School Desegregation Efforts Becomes Focus: Will He Give Integration a National Platform as Ed Secretary?
31 The old guard and Trumpism are at war. Can the GOP survive?
32 Trump impeachment trial Day One: live updates, watch online
33 Why is the US obsessed with smearing Xinjiang through gimmicks?
34 ‘The investment banking profession will sell ‘sh*t’ as long as ‘sh*t’ can be sold:’ Charlie Munger on SPACs
35 Trump Administration Versus Supreme Court in Justice Department Tug-of-War Over Census Citizenship Question
36 Monthly QuotED: 7 Notable Quotes That Made Education Headlines in June, From 'Red Flag' Laws to Reopening Schools — and a Supreme Court Reprieve for 'Dreamers'
37 Archbishop: Villainizing 74 million voters does not unify the country
38 Letters: Don’t discredit 74 million voters
39 Supreme Court Could Hear Arguments From Students Claiming That School Policies Protecting Transgender Rights Violate Their 'Bodily Privacy'
40 Scalise: Focus on peaceful transition of power, not impeachment
41 What We Know About the Presidential Election Entering This Weekend
42 Dems implore senators to use ‘common sense’ in impeachment vote
43 All eyes on Supreme Court in Texas fight | TheHill
44 How Montana's Ruling Against Tax-Credit Scholarships Could Push the Supreme Court to Revisit the Religious Schools Issue
45 After Walking Out and Sitting In, Student Activists File Civil Rights Complaint Against Selective Admissions at NYC Schools
46 Supreme Court Sets New Standard for Special Ed, Unanimously Rejects Minimal School Progress
47 ObamaCare faces Supreme Court test with new conservative majority | TheHill
48 Wisconsin Supreme Court Ends Another One of Trump’s Lawsuits on Day Electoral College Finalizes Defeat
49 Teachers Unions Prepare for Thousands of Lost Members as New Case Moves Toward the Supreme Court
50 Israel’s High Court judges are playing dumb about the nation-state law
51 Wisconsin Supreme Court tosses Trump election lawsuit
52 46 Years After Divisive Court Order, Boston Schools Still Struggle to Hire Black Teachers
53 Federal appeals court panel rejects Trump request to block certification of Pennsylvania’s election results
54 Biden Widens Lead Over Trump; 1st Case Goes To Supreme Court
55 Breaking down what the ten-year treasury note moving higher means for investors
56 Nationwide outage hits Fed Reserve banking system
57 Briefs in Key School Choice Case Present Dueling Religious Freedom Arguments Ahead of January Supreme Court Hearing
58 New Effort Pairs Educators and Housing Advocates to Tackle School Segregation
59 Rep. Jim Jordan: Cancel culture biggest threat to freedom
60 Brett Kavanaugh, Son of D.C. Teacher, Nominated for Supreme Court; Has Praised Efforts to Allow Religious Schools' Participation in Publicly Funded Programs
61 74 Million White Supremacist, Authoritarian-law & Order Americans Jilted | Scoop News
62 Cruz tells 'Hannity' he'd argue Pennsylvania election case before Supreme Court
63 A Time of Reckoning for Race & Education in America: 5 Case Studies in How Students and School Leaders Are Pushing for Culturally Relevant Curriculum Amid the Pandemic
64 Israel's High Court says hospitals can't bar visitors from bringing bread during Passover
65 High court hears 15 petitions against controversial Nation-State Law in live broadcast
66 In video, Trump recycles unsubstantiated voter fraud claims
67 Liberal High Court justice announces early retirement in a surprise move
68 Donald Trump is acquitted by Senate; right time for Democrats to move on
69 Newfoundland and Labrador reports fifth COVID-19-related death, eight new cases
70 Lara Trump Says 74 Million People 'Don't Feel' Election Accurate, Cites Campaign Rally 'Enthusiasm'
71 Parents File Lawsuits to Halt School Face Mask Mandates as Districts Impose Health Rules to Slow Pandemic
72 On thorny nation-state issue, Israel's High court faces a tragic dilemma
73 Is America’s Soul Beyond Redemption?
74 ‘An Indelible Stain’: How the G.O.P. Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy
75 Brown v. Board at 65: The Untold Stories of the Plaintiffs & Families Who Changed America's Schools | Series
76 The Spin: Trump to tap Barrett for Supreme Court: reports | President’s anti-lynching law proposal comes months after U.S. Rep. Rush’s measure stalls | ‘Dreadhead Cowboy’ to Lightfoot, ‘Lori come help me.’
77 Ugandan Jews not eligible to immigrate to Israel, state informs High Court
78 The 11 Best Education Articles From July: How States Are Crafting Reopening Policies, Why Parents Are Bracing for a Chaotic Re-entry, When the Preschoolers Disappeared & More
79 Supreme Court Will Hear Key School Choice Case Challenging Ban on Religious Schools Participating in Montana Tax-Credit Scholarship Program
80 Supreme Court Won't Hear Case of Praying Football Coach, but Conservatives Open Door for New Challenge
81 High Court to hear petitions demanding PM is probed for submarine affair
82 Presidential envoy John Kerry, Canada's Wilkinson discuss shared climate priorities
83 Who Says 74 Million People Can't Be Wrong?
84 Biden has set sky-high expectations. Can he meet them?
85 A Year After High Court Janus Ruling, New Survey Shows Most Teachers Still Don't Know They Can Opt Out of Union Membership, Dues
86 Has America Lost Its Soul? by Peter Singer
87 Israel’s attorney general against High Court intervention in contentious nation-state law
88 Integrating Schools is Not Just About Student Diversity; It's About the Power of Whiteness
89 Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue: How Wednesday's Supreme Court Arguments Could Shift the Country's School Choice Debate to Private Schools
90 Whitmire: With DACA in Danger at the Supreme Court, The Against-All-Odds Success of These Undocumented College Grads Deserves Its Own Hearing
91 Attorney general throws conflict of interest dispute with Netanyahu to High Court
92 Joe Biden Has Set Sky-High Expectations. Can He Meet Them?
93 2020 Election Live Updates: Electoral College cements Biden’s win as nation’s 46th president
94 Darin LaHood: Why I signed on to Supreme Court brief
95 Democrats need an autopsy to figure out why 74 million Americans voted against them
96 How Missing Zoom Classes Could Funnel Kids into the Juvenile Justice System — And Why Some Experts Say Now is the Time to Reform Truancy Rules
97 Top court green lights Israel land claim in ruling that could pave way for legalizing West Bank outposts
98 Appeals court sends lawsuit over House subpoena for Trump records back to lower court | TheHill
99 High Court delays controversial sale of rare Islamic artifacts by Israeli museum
100 Exclusive: Ahead of a Key Supreme Court Decision, America's Largest Teachers Union Slashes Budget by $50 Million, Projects That 300000 Members May Leave