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1 Bay Area Politicians Pay Tribute To Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg
2 Rep. Swalwell cancels Super Bowl visit to host Oscars: joke
3 Did Eric Swalwell break wind in TV interview? East Bay congressman claims “EXONERATION!”
4 Swalwell calls for creation of presidential crimes commission to investigate Trump when he leaves office | TheHill
5 Trump Campaign Flack Gets Dragged on Twitter After Mocking Joe Biden As He Visits His Son’s Grave
6 CNBC host Jim Cramer apologizes for calling Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' during interview
7 ‘Show Us the Flynn Tapes or Buzz Off’: Dem Rep. Swalwell Destroys Trump’s Former DNI in Epic Twitter ‘Bloodbath’
8 Romney Denounces Trump's 'Unthinkable and Unacceptable' Refusal to Commit to Accepting Election Results
9 Cicilline on Fox News Sunday draws Trumps ire
10 The Success of Donald Trump's Election Coup is Not Inevitable
11 Swalwell on flatulence allegation: Total exoneration | TheHill
12 Trump Operative Brennan Tweets 'Biden Just Keeps Meandering Along' At Graveyard: VIDEO
13 Rep. Swalwell Mistaken for Actor Jerry O'Connell
14 Kansas congresswoman makes Super Bowl wager
15 Democratic Congressman Slammed for Comparing Trump Loyalist to Nazi Propaganda Minister
16 Rep. Eric Swalwell Thinks Gun Confiscation Will Work Out Fine Because Government Has Nukes
17 2020 Candidate Eric Swalwell: Gun Violence Would Be 'My Top Priority As President'
18 Eric Swalwell: Everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidate
19 Crenshaw calls out California congressman who claimed NRA advocated violence against Dems
20 ‘Huge Big WTF’: Experts Scorch CDC for Deleting New Guidance Revealing Coronavirus Is Airborne
21 Retiring Cedar Park Principal Takes Parting Shots at Trump
22 Congressman's Viral Yearbook Photo Is a Hilarious Reminder of Everyone's Ill-Advised High School Decisions
23 Eric Swalwell roasted after flunking basics of Constitution, getting outraged 'woman' not mentioned in foun...
24 Trump, Cicilline swap barbs on Twitter
25 Analysis after Alexander Vindman, Jennifer Williams, Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison 's impeachment testimony
26 Swalwell calls out Trump after video of president during national anthem | TheHill
27 Twitter Drags Conservative Who Criticized Kyrsten Sinema's Wig
28 Louie Gohmert Says Treatment Should Be 'Between My Doctor and Me—Not by Government Bureaucrats'
29 Bay Area Congressman Eric Swalwell Makes a Jab at Trump With NYC Coffee Tweet
30 Rep. Eric Swalwell reminds Republicans as they throw Sondland 'under the bus': 'He is your guy!'
31 People Mistook A California Congressman For Jerry O'Connell During The Comey Hearing
32 Rep. Eric Swalwell under fire for comparing Grenell to Nazi propaganda chief
33 Comey, Schiff to be interviewed by Fox's Chris Wallace | TheHill
34 NASCAR bans display of Confederate flag from events and properties | TheHill
35 Trump’s impeachment is former prosecutor Eric Swalwell’s biggest case yet
36 Swalwell Welcomes First Child
37 Watch: Powerful Viral Video Highlights How Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal ‘Got It Right’ and ‘Destroyed’ Bill Barr
38 Rep. Eric Swalwell spends the day as a Southwest baggage handler, Starbucks barista
39 How Rep. Eric Swalwell became the Snapchat king of Congress | TheHill
40 Swalwell jokes about 'bad decisions' after bleached-hair yearbook photo resurfaces | TheHill
41 Did Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell 'Suggest Nuking' Gun Owners Who Resist Confiscation?
42 Dem rep apologizes for tweet downplaying threats against Collins' office
43 Eric Swalwell mocks 'good guys with guns' after Texas shooting
44 Republicans block Democrat attempt to subpoena Trump interpreter
45 Alameda County sheriff’s deputy dies of COVID-19 complications
46 Swalwell: We are ‘less safe’ with Mattis leaving | TheHill
47 Rep. Eric Swalwell: Democratic convention spotlights party united by shared values, this common goal
48 Trump Caught on Camera Pretending to Conduct Band During National Anthem
49 Full transcript of "Face the Nation" on November 10, 2019
50 This new immigration rule is un-American
51 In Maryland, he was known as 'Bahama Bob.' Now Rep. Eric Swalwell says he may challenge Donald Trump for president
52 DiGiorno's 'The Last Dance' tweet is the GOAT
53 Paul Ryan deletes tweet touting $1.50 pay hike after backlash
54 Swalwell shares voicemail of caller threatening to kill him | TheHill
55 Need a shoelace? Eric Swalwell has $7,000 worth
56 Florida Man Arrested for Threatening, Racist Phone Calls to Democrat Legislators
57 More men with babies are running for president, but few face questions about parenting
58 Alyssa Milano Slams Tomi Lahren on Twitter Over Australia's 'Strict Gun Laws'
59 Swalwell: Why Trump can't be trusted on Iran
60 Rep. Eric Swalwell: Kamala Harris will be a great VP and help Biden undo harm Trump has caused
61 Eric Swalwell's gun control Twitter poll blows up in his face
62 NEWSOM, GARCETTI feel the heat — BECERRA's new Trump lawsuit — LAPD officer claims sexual harassment by GARCETTI aide — TRUMP drops plans to deport foreign students
63 Democratic Congressman Clowns Trump Jr.'s Witch 'Hunt' Halloween Costume
64 Pete Stark, Congressman With Passion for Health Care, Dies at 88
65 Eric Swalwell Dares Donald Trump to Sue Him After President's Campaign Slams Congressman's Collusion Claim
66 2020 Dem hits back at Trump for giving 'firefighting advice' to Paris: 'Do your own damn job' | TheHill
67 RNC Official Deletes Tweets Trying to Dunk on Joe Biden With Loving Photo of His Baby Son
68 House Democrats Will Unveil Two Impeachment Articles Against Trump: Abuse of Power, Obstruction of Justice
69 Charleston church massacre: 5 years on Confederate debate rages
70 Kansas City area lawmakers make Super Bowl wagers with California counterparts
71 National Archives Apologizes for Censoring Photos of Anti-Trump Signs: 'We Made a Mistake'
72 Rep. Eric Swalwell: On coronavirus spending, Trump wrong to oppose congressional oversight
73 House Judiciary Committee passes 2 articles of impeachment
74 House Republicans Lash Out at Trump For Well-Wishes to ‘Depraved’ Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘Unacceptably Obtuse’
75 Trump impeachment: Key witness confirms "quid pro quo" arrangement
76 Mueller report: Trump 'tried to get special counsel fired'
77 Rep. Eric Swalwell: Trump improperly deploys fed law officers to cities as his political storm troopers
78 With at Least Three Members of US Congress Infected With Coronavirus, Calls for Remote Voting Grow
79 JOE BIDEN returns to CA, but where's he been? — PROTESTERS target PADILLA — BUTTIGIEG gets $100K boost — TRUMP wins court fight on sanctuary city funds — KATIE HILL to publish memoir — SIREN: CA CORONAVIRUS case?
80 Lawmaker With COVID: My Health Choices Are Up To Me. Critics: That's What Women Assert.
81 DiGiorno Responded To Michael Jordan Claiming The ‘Flu Game’ Was Due To Food Poisoning From Delivery Pizza
82 Mockery Ensues After Trump Gaffe Claims ‘1917’ Pandemic — Which Actually Took Place in 1918 — Ended World War II
83 Voting by mail should be made available for all Americans
84 California Rep. Eric Swalwell is First Democrat to Drop Out of Presidential Race
85 'This already exists': Democrats seize on potential Trump executive order on preexisting conditions | TheHill
86 Social media reacts to the death of former President George H.W. Bush
87 Eric Swalwell on assault weapons: 'Just take the 15 million that are out there and buy them back'
88 The State Of California: Attorney General Barr's Testimony
89 Swalwell: 'Days of Presidential Immunity are OVER' | TheHill
90 Brave: Eric Swalwell avoids Trump coffee shop to own the cons
91 Here's How the 2020 Candidates Reacted to Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Gerrymandering
92 Chris Evans' Twitter Proves He's Real-Life Captain America
93 Swalwell racked up credit card debt despite pay increase joining Congress in 2013
94 Why the GOP shouldn’t give in to the president’s tantrum
95 Dems mock Trump's pitch for Fourth of July celebration | TheHill
96 Sen. Kamala Harris Calls Barr Press Conference On Mueller Report a 'Stunt'
97 Easter in the time of coronavirus: How people around the world marked the festival during COVID-19 lockdowns
98 Pac-12, Big Ten Conferences Scrap Fall Seasons Over COVID-19 Pandemic Concerns
99 Barr's Power Grab Amidst the Pandemic is Unconstitutional—and Unnecessary
100 Record at a glance: Rep. Eric Swalwell supports Iran deal, two-state solution; opposes BDS