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1 Brad Garlinghouse: XRP Will Continue Trading Even if Ripple Goes Away
2 Kraken looking for new board member—'yes men' only please
3 Harvest Protocol increases bounty to $1 million
4 Kraken CEO Jesse Powell: New York is hostile to crypto, AG is tone deaf
5 Black Swan author loves crypto but says goodbye to Coinbase
6 Alleged Chinese cryptocurrency scam may have driven down the price of bitcoin
7 Kraken up in arms over proposed crypto regulation in Canada
8 Kraken Granted Approval for “America's First Crypto Bank”
9 Kraken CEO Says SF Is Overrun With “Crack Zombies” Who Are “Effectively Wild Animals”
10 Tidbits: Jesse Powell Criticizes Custodial Ownership, Simon Dixon Slams the Banking System – Bitcoin News
11 13 fun Bitcoin and blockchain tweets that epitomize this wild industry
12 Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong defends contract with Secret Service
13 Bitcoin Community Goes Kawaii
14 Kraken Appoints Pierre Rochard As a “Bitcoin Evangelist”
15 FBI requests threaten to cripple Kraken exchange
16 PayPal to Enable Cryptocurrency Transactions: What This Means for Adoption, Price, and Reputation
17 Kraken CEO: Bitcoin Won’t Stop Until BTC Hits $100K – $1 Million
18 Kraken Admits ‘Scams Are Rampant’ and Manipulation ‘Doesn’t Matter to Most Crypto ...
19 Notorious Bitcoin Exchange QuadrigaCX May be Sold to Compensate Crypto Victims for $150m Loss –
20 New York Just Granted Its 18th BitLicense
21 20 Crypto Jokes Collection: Marching Forward
22 Kraken CEO: Bitcoin will eventually surpass gold’s $10 trillion market cap
23 Kraken CEO Warns: Don’t Keep More Coins Than Needed on Exchanges
24 Justin Sun joins host of other blockchain execs losing bank account access
25 Wall Street Refuses to Bank Crypto Businesses, and Here's Why
26 CoinInsider Cartoon: When the Bear breaks up with the Bull
27 Kraken Exchange says traders don't care about market manipulation
28 Is Cryptocurrency Inheritable? Yes, Here is How it Works
29 Is this the best way to prevent the next massive crypto flash crash?
30 Brace Yourselves: A Wave of Global Regulation is Headed for Crypto
31 The Neutrino Debacle Is an Important Ethics Lesson for Coinbase
32 How High Could Bitcoin Go $20K, $75K, $100K, $1 Million, or $1 Trillion?
33 Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Holds $9k, Ethereum DeFi Gains Traction, Trump Talked BTC in 2018
34 Trouble in Paradise? TRON’s Sloppy Mistakes are Adding Up
35 Crypto Companies’ Banking Hardships: Breaking the Vicious Cycle
36 Is QuadrigaCX the New Mt Gox?
37 QuadrigaCX Gets Temporary Reprieve From Creditors as $180M ‘Floating Around’
38 QuadrigaCX Wallets Found Empty, Mystery of $150 Million Missing Crypto Deepens –
39 Kraken CEO: Tether Is Not Driving Bitcoin Price
40 Release the Kraken: US Cryptocurrency Exchange Slams “Troubling” Tether (USDT) Allegations
41 Bitcoiner Pierre Rochard joins Kraken as Bitcoin Evangelist
42 Kraken, cryptocurrency, and a decline in New York's power?
43 ShapeShift Aided 60 Law Enforcement Inquiries in 2018, Erik Voorhees Reveals
44 Russia’s ‘Gold-Backed Crypto’ Would Lose to Bitcoin, Says Kremlin Economist
45 Ethereum Classic Completes Hotly-Anticipated Atlantis Hard Fork: ETC to Increase ETH Compatibility
46 Bitcoin Exchange QuadrigaCX "Loses" Access to Cold Storage Funds
47 Kraken Publicly Asks: Is It XRP or ‘Ripples’?
48 Venezuela Finds Out the Hard Way That Only Bitcoin is Unconfiscatable
49 Alleged Bitcoin Ponzi scheme Plus Token could be liquidating billions of dollars in stolen crypto, says VC
50 EY Report: QuadrigaCX Sent $500K in Bitcoin to Dead CEO's Wallets
51 Justin Sun’s Tron controversies: plagiarism, Teslas, Warren Buffett, kidney stones, and a deleted apology
52 Coinbase Welcomes New York Virtual Markets Integrity Report but Refutes Findings
53 Why Does Crypto Giant Coinbase Keep Shooting Itself in the Foot? –
54 LocalBitcoins Users Scammed of Bitcoin in Phishing Attack
55 Analyzing bitcoin’s break above $4200, is it a trap?
56 Exchanges Delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV) Is Not Censorship, It's A Wake-up Call
57 ‘I Don’t Want This Billion Dollars’: Ex-CEO Mark Karpeles Shuns Mt. Gox Windfall
58 Is this the correction Bitcoin sideliners have been waiting for?
59 Fundstrats Tom Lee Explains How Its Been Confirmed That Crypto Winter Is Over
60 EXPOSED: Kraken CEO Jesse Powell Slams The Block for Publishing Fake News
61 Kraken CEO Says Platform Receives ‘Frivolous’ BSV-Related Lawsuit
62 ‘Bitcoin Will Save Us’ Posters Amidst Riots, Binance CEO Calls BTC Peaceful Protest
63 Jesse Powell Says When Tether Supply Increases US Dollars Enter To Kraken