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1 Former Portland Police Explosion Detection K9 Trixie will be laid to rest Friday
2 Military dog who tackled an al-Qaeda gunman in Afghanistan and saved lives has been awarded medal for heroism
3 Hero dog honoured for braving Al Qaeda gunfire
4 Glasgow K9 Officer receives bullet and stab proof vest from non-profit
5 Award winning K9 trainer brings skills home
6 Vote for TSA's Top K9 2020! – Homeland Security Today
7 Canines in the Service of Maritime Security
8 REDDI | Regional Explosives Detection Dog Initiative Program From: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)
9 OIG Suggests Passenger Screening Canine Teams Are a Waste of Money
10 US Stops Sending Trained Explosives Detection Dogs to Jordan and Egypt Following Deaths
11 COVID-19 canines: How dogs may help sniff out the coronavirus in humans
12 Search-and-Rescue K9 Protection in Radiological-Nuclear Environments
13 COVID-19-sniffing canines could be game changer in detecting virus in humans
14 Zomedica Sets March 30, 2021 as Expected Commercialization Date for TRUFORMA™
15 Sonora dog trainer is teaching dogs to detect Covid-19
16 COVID-19 Detection Dogs in the Workplace: A Viable Option for Employers?
17 Four-legged narcotics officers bark out alerts to shipments containing meth at Northern Kentucky port
18 Dogs detect coronavirus fast and reliably — why not use them everywhere?
19 Training working dogs – Winters Express
20 DHS S&T Studies How K9 First Responders Can Join the Team in Active Shooter Scenarios
21 COVID-19 Dogs Arrive at Helsinki Airport – Able to Identify the Virus Earlier Than Laboratory Tests
22 The Army Is Training Dogs to Detect COVID-19
23 Riverchase Galleria implements security measures to detect weapons
24 CHP announces new canine units
25 This very good girl was awarded a medal at her retirement ceremony at NAS Key West
26 From sniffer dogs to sewage testing, scientists are finding new ways to detect COVID-19
27 Trained Dog Sniffs Out Massive Cache of Illegal Rhino Horns and Lion Parts
28 Special paws for a special forces dog | News
29 CHP to 'unleash' California's newest canine teams
30 Five Canine Teams Complete MTA Anti-Terrorism Training and Begin Active Service
31 K9 Police Dog Mourned by Delaware County Sheriff's Office After Passing Away
32 Corning's police dog, Blaze, gets body armor | Corning Observer
33 Joel Freedman: Protect Americas explosive detection dogs in countries that mistreat them
34 Officer in training | News, Sports, Jobs
35 Legal pot brings changes for K-9 cops | News, Sports, Jobs
36 Plainfield K9 slated to get protective vest
37 'Rex' officially sworn in as part of Manteca Police canine unit
38 U.S. airlines need more bomb-sniffing dogs in a hurry
39 MSA Security® Explosive Detection Canines Deliver Air Cargo Screening to DHL Global Forwarding
40 How K-9 Programs Are Force Multipliers | 2020-01-06
41 Top Dogs: The Superhero Canines Saving Our Skins – Homeland Security Today
42 Did You Miss Our “A K9 Nose Best For Facility Security” Webinar?
43 How to Make Millions Selling Dogs to the Government
44 Dogs can sniff out COVID-19
45 Conservation dogs can track individual beavers by the scent of their anal secretions
46 New K9 joins St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office force
47 ICTS and the benefits of canine security
48 TSA Canine Training Specialist Joins MSA Security – Homeland Security Today
49 Texas' First TSA Passenger Screening Canine Evan Crosses Rainbow Bridge
50 Dogs in Demand for Explosives Detection Work in US
51 CHP to unleash newest canine teams
52 Help Fund a Drug Dog…He'll Be Used for 'fugitive apprehension, deputy protection' also
53 Innovative hearing protection may safeguard military working dogs
54 Body armor donated to four North Port Police Department K-9s
55 Customs agents catch concealed canaries coming through Dulles
56 Could sniffer dogs be trained to discover if someone has coronavirus?
57 Dogs on duty: K-9 work explained | News, Sports, Jobs
58 OP-ED | Do Our Black Students Matter?: A Call to End Drug Sniffing Dogs at Schools
59 No longer just a male dog's job as Clarkstown PD adds first female bomb-sniffing canine
60 Connecticut State Police Celebrate Grads of 210th Explosive Detection Class
61 First-of-its-Kind Study Shows 1 in 5 Dogs Visiting Dog Parks in Major U.S. Cities Tested Positive for Intestinal Parasites
62 How trained dogs could make schools safer
63 Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office announces passing of former K-9 partner ‘Doc’
64 Calling All K9 Teams: US Dog Detect-ion Conf (Learn More, Multi-Video)
65 Disease detection just one way dogs are beneficial to humans
66 K-9 Handler Protection & Subject Apprehension Pt. 1
67 Failing the sniff test? Narcotics searches spurred by drug dogs often come up empty
68 Rüdiger Foundation welcomes Ranger
69 America Is Running Out of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs
70 TSA Loses First Employee to COVID-19 – Homeland Security Today
71 A New Breed of Anti-Terrorism Security: Meet the Patented Pups Supporting the NYPD's Anti-Terrorism
72 Kingston Police welcome Bask to the Canine Unit – Kingston News
73 Airmen and K-9s at Barksdale AFB: Partners in Protection
74 Marijuana K-9s are still on job in Michigan but newbies won't be trained on the drug
75 CHP: 7 K-9s to graduate from training school
76 Alabama's Ugly Secret: Police Dog Attacks
77 TSA Wants Your Vote for National Dog Day – Homeland Security Today
78 Canine Protection Donated to Sheriff's Department – Douglas County Herald
79 From soup to markers, drug-sniffing airport dog's nose knows narcotics
80 New K-9 officer provides safety and support for patients at ProMedica Toledo Hospital
81 Cincinnati CBP K9 Finds Meth Concealed In Religious Paintings
82 Williamson County K-9s competing on ’America’s Top Dog’
83 URI Police Department's explosives detection dog to receive body armor donation
84 COVID-19 dogs could be sniffing out cases in months
85 Sheriffs' Office Graduates Six New Canine Teams
86 'Brave' police dog given Speaker's chair during House of Commons sweep
87 Coronavirus-sniffing dogs dispatched at Dubai Airport
88 Here's Why So Many Canine Employees at U.S. Airports Are Beagles
89 Our duty is to keep them until their death
90 Canine test kits: Dogs being trained to detect Covid-19
91 K-9 puppies in training receive Tiger Giving Day funding
92 Cincinnati professor creates innovative hearing protection for military dogs
93 Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? – American Kennel Club
94 Infection of dogs with SARS-CoV-2
95 This Spaniel's Nose is the Key to Stopping a Serious Human Health Threat
96 Washington Dulles CBP Seize Narcotics in Air Cargo Shipments
97 A dozen K9s aid, protect Eugene-Springfield with unique enforcement skills
98 Kolkata Police to get dog breed that tracked bin Laden: Why security forces pick Belgian Malinois
99 Hyperactive hound Ryker overturns wheelchairs as he spectacularly flunks service dog training
100 Border, Disasters & More: Critical K9 Contributions to DHS (Multi-Video)