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1 Great apes at the San Diego Zoo got coronavirus vaccines: ‘These animals are incredibly precious’
2 Critically endangered ape born at Audubon Zoo
3 Covid-19: U.S. Vaccination Pace Increases to 2 Million Doses a Day
4 Commission to examine polar bear's death at the Detroit Zoo
5 Veterinary medicine and COVID-19: 'A lot of lessons here'
6 Opinion | When Covid Spread to Gorillas
7 Italy says blocking vaccine shipment to Australia not a hostile act
8 News Death of Veterinary Conservation Pioneer Dr John Lewis Announced
9 Oskaloosa News Recap For March 5th, 2021
10 Colchester Zoo pays tribute to vet John Lewis of Wildlife Vets International | Gazette
11 Yemen’s Houthi rebels claim missile hits Saudi oil facility
12 Folsom zoo announces death of beloved 25-year-old black bear
13 Caring for world wildlife one exotic animal at a time
14 Breaking down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's net worth
16 Doctor: ‘We may be reaching that critical point of herd immunity’
17 'He Will Be A Happier Elephant': Vet Describes What It Was Like To Rescue Kaavan
18 'World's loneliest elephant' OK'd to quit zoo for new life
19 February's job report ‘showed something we could hang our hat on’: strategist
20 GigaZone Gaming Championship set to return online
21 Notable deaths in conservation in 2020
22 Vets visit Welsh Mountain Zoo in lockdown to perform cataract surgery on Roonie the California Sea Lion
23 Cher in Pakistan for resettlement of 'loneliest elephant'
24 Gorillas at Zoo in San Diego Test Positive for Coronavirus
25 San Diego gorillas recovering from COVID-19, zoo says
26 UC Davis partners with government agency to treat animals injured by wildfires
27 'I'm Just For Animals': The Veterinarian Who Rescues Animals From Conflict Zones
28 Tiger at NYC's Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus
29 UPDATED! Audubon Zoo Welcomes Critically Endangered Gorilla Baby
30 Cher helps Kaavan the lonely elephant find a new life, and maybe even love, after a grim 35 years
31 Niabi Zoo says goodbye to African lion, Nala
32 What's the difference between the animal health, biology and conservation degrees?
33 Audubon Zoo welcomes critically endangered gorilla baby
34 With the departure of the world’s loneliest elephant, Islamabad’s zoo has closed — but its empty cages hold clues to its animals’ suffering
35 San Diego Zoo gorillas close to full recovery from COVID-19
36 'Devastating' virus killed 2 Indianapolis Zoo elephants. Their deaths may save others.
37 Helping to protect the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world
38 Tigers at Zoo Knoxville released from quarantine after fully recovering from COVID-19
39 Though COVID-19 cases rare in pets, testing is available
40 More dogs, cats infected with SARS-CoV-2
41 Saving Africa's wildlife: cattle, conservation and collaboration | Cornell Chronicle
42 Veterinary labs continue to support COVID-19 testing
43 They're a 'scientific marvel': World's first in vitro cheetah cubs born at Ohio zoo
44 Obituaries
45 Life under COVID-19 for the animals and zookeepers at the Maryland Zoo
46 Oklahoma City Zoo's Asian elephant Asha pregnant with her fourth calf
47 Marcellus Adi Riyanto: The Indonesian vet who lived for the Sumatran rhino
48 California zoo reports 2 birds stolen, need special care
49 Mountain lions saved from Zogg fire delivered to new home
50 Columbus Zoo euthanizes 4-year-old cheetah with Achilles tendon injury
51 Tiger at zoo in Tennessee tests positive for COVID-19
52 Zoo Atlanta giant panda celebrates birthday with unusual item
53 Wildlife World Zoo | encouraging an appreciation of nature | blooloop
54 Zoo featured in Netflix's 'Tiger King' closes: 'Target of every nutjob and animal rights loon'
55 Utah Mink Becomes First Wild Animal to Test Positive for Coronavirus
56 Top Thai zoo official shot dead amid missing wildlife scandal
57 UK’s oldest polar bear dies, aged 22
58 Wanna hear complaints about the San Diego Zoo?
59 Gators helping Gators: Massive 660-pound Gator being treated by UF Vets
60 The Battle To Save The World's Rarest Species From Extinction Following Mauritius Oil Spill
61 Popular endurance figure Brian Sheahan dies at 69
62 27-day-old elephant with developmental impairments dies at St. Louis Zoo
63 San Diego Zoo scientists clone endangered Przewalski’s horse
64 Endangered rhino pregnant at OKC Zoo
65 With coronavirus money issues, zoos struggle to feed animals
66 Here's how to protect endangered species from COVID-19
67 Four lions test positive for Covid at Barcelona zoo
68 Birth of panda cub brings 'joyous news' to the National Zoo
69 Researchers call for worldwide biosurveillance network to protect from diseases
70 Baby François' langur, or leaf monkey, born at Philadelphia Zoo
71 April the Giraffe's calf, Azizi, dies unexpectedly at East Texas Zoo
72 Sessions to explore aspects of this pandemic and the next
73 Zoo Miami cares for newborn anteater
74 Q&A: Director Sid Thakur on How NC State's Global Health Program is Changing the World
75 Beloved Dudley Zoo orangutan dies
76 Thailand zoo director shot dead at illegal-wildlife trade meeting
77 New emergency hospital for pets planned in Wolverhampton
78 BioRescue two new northern white rhino embryos created at Christmas
79 Barco® Uniforms Partners With The Living Desert Zoo And Gardens To Become The Official Scrubs Provider For Its Renowned Veterinary Team
80 Pandemics: Beyond “women and children first”-dvm360
81 Animal activists put San Diego Zoo Global on annual list of 'Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants'
82 One tortoise at a time: Q&A with zoo veterinarian Justin Rosenberg
83 Honolulu Zoo wins back accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums
84 Queen of the jungle: Memphis Zoo’s top vet takes us inside her animal kingdom
85 Tiger that undewent rare hip replacement surgery has setback
86 Pygmy hippo born at Franklin Park Zoo for the first ever
87 SeaWorld, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and University of Florida Establish Health Markers for Dolphins to Support the Health of the Species around the World
88 Public’s help sought in search for 2 birds stolen from Fresno Chaffee Zoo
89 World wildlife plummets more than two-thirds in 50 years: index
90 Without visitors, the Denver Zoo faces an uncertain financial future
91 Sustaining the mission: Zoos and aquariums in the age of COVID-19
92 The Alaska facility giving aquatic animals a 'second chance at life'
93 Oakland Zoo faces permanent closure if it doesn't reopen this month
94 Surgeon General, Trump sound alarm as U.S. cases top 300,000
95 Animal Doctor: Halloween cruelty toward black cats | Pets |
96 Rescued mountain lion cub recovers her roar
97 A sick penguin in isolation is binge-watching TV shows about other penguins so he doesn't feel lonely
98 Baby gorilla injured at Woodland Park Zoo reunited with mom, doing well
99 Fashion brands had thousands of exotic leather goods seized by U.S. law enforcement
100 Wildlife conservationists rescue 8 stranded giraffes from flooded island in Kenya