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1 Michigan's Muslims gaining political influence
2 'Teaching Beyond Stereotypes': Ways to Teach the Middle East & Islam in Schools
3 Islamic Relief is a charity, not a terrorist group. We're going to court to prove it
4 Supporting Arab & Muslim Students in the Classroom
5 How Muslims Are Grappling With Anti-Blackness and Policing | Time
6 Zoom refuses to stream university event featuring member of terrorist organization
7 Trump announces 'peace deal' between Bahrain and Israel
8 Arab-Israeli Progress Seemed Impossible. That's Because of Old Assumptions.
9 Israeli government ‘funded’ anti-Muslim hate group in US
10 POV: Winners and Losers in the Israel-UAE Normalization Pact
11 Islamophobia in the US presidential election
12 Hamas and Fatah: How are the two groups different?
13 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place': War-Weary Syrian Americans Want Resolution
14 Erdogan and Hamas: ‘He’s presenting himself as leader of Muslim world’
15 'We don’t have the white experience': Arab Americans grapple with race categories on census
16 Israel normalisation may partition Al-Aqsa: Analysts
17 Trump’s Kosovo-Serbia normalisation deal is all about Israel
18 Pakistan urges UN to act for resolution of Kashmir, Palestine issues
19 Un-HolyLand? An Arab Muslim Reckoning With Racism : Code Switch
20 How foreign policy factors for American Muslims in 2020
21 A Palestinian American activist, fearless in the face of hate
22 Blinded by the Israel-Palestine conflict, American Muslims and American Jews overlook the need for domestic unity
23 Saudi king's rare address to UN showcases monarch in charge
24 Vietnamese-Palestinian couple embrace cultural differences, get hitched
25 Opinion: A Message of Support for San Diego’s Muslim Americans During Ramadan
26 Muslim and Arab Communities: A Priority for Team Biden
27 Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas: The Annexation of Palestinian Territory is not acceptable; Israeli Human Rights violations must end in Palestine
28 In the US, silencing Muslim voices doesn’t count as ‘cancel culture’
29 Trump, Biden set to lock horns in crucial debate. Where will India figure and where does it stand?
30 Today in History | Today In History |
31 Islamophobia in the US did not start with Trump, but his tweets perpetuate a long history of equating Muslims with terrorism
32 What Is U.S. Policy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?
33 The role of Black Muslims in America's fight for racial justice
34 Can Muslim Democrat delegates leave a mark on the Biden presidency?
35 Holy Land's Reckoning Over Anti-Blackness : Code Switch
36 The Latest: Boris Johnson to Urge Global Unity Against Virus
37 Palestine and Israel: Mapping an annexation |
38 Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American activist, digs deep in new memoir
39 In Israel, a concentration camp survivor has lived her life as a Muslim
40 American Muslim Documentary Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker
41 Analysis | Why U.A.E. Struck a Deal With Israel and Why It Matters
42 Israeli and Palestinian Muslims Prep for 'Shelter-in-Place' Ramadan
43 The hidden racism of the Muslim marriage market
44 The end of the Saudi era
45 Israel bans entry to two Muslim US congresswomen over their criticism
46 Trump releases long-awaited Middle-East peace plan
47 Trump Middle East plan: Palestinians reject 'conspiracy'
48 Palestinian-American congresswoman wins primary
49 Israel and United Arab Emirates Strike Major Diplomatic Agreement
50 OPINION EXCHANGE | What do Arabs think about America and Americans?
51 U.S. Presses Other Muslim Nations to Establish Ties With Israel
52 Sanders courts Muslim voters for Michigan edge
53 Whitmer's trip to Israel draws criticism as gov seeks stronger business ties
54 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation rejects Trump peace plan
55 New Jersey Civil Rights Groups Condemn ADL for 'Smearing' Muslim Leader Who Expressed Black-Palestinian Solidarity Against Racist Police Brutality
56 Rush Darwish could be Illinois’ first Palestinian-American congressman
57 A Palestinian play comes to the Kennedy Center, offering a comedic olive branch
58 American Jews and American Muslims Have a Common Antagonist
59 How Israel and the Arab World Are Making Peace Without a Peace Deal
60 Why Did Cup Foods Call the Cops on George Floyd?
61 Alex Odeh Was Assassinated. Two Suspects Live Openly in Israel.
62 Protests For Racial Justice Bring Light To Anti-Blackness Within Communities Of Color
63 The nation’s first two Muslim congresswomen are sworn in, surrounded by the women they inspired
64 Finding common ground in human rights, pro-Palestinian activists build coalition with Movement for Black Lives
65 Muslims Near Detroit, Mich. On Faith And Politics, Part 1
66 U.S. Deports Terrorism Convict It Had Sought to Hold Indefinitely
67 Israeli PM Says Police Killing of Palestinian Is 'Tragedy'
68 'Big Tuesday' primary: Michigan Muslims rally around Sanders
69 'He's one of us': How 'Amo' Bernie Sanders won the hearts and minds of Arab-Americans
70 Muslim Americans bid farewell to Bernie Sanders, their first ever
71 Most Politicians Don’t Court Muslim Voters. Bernie Is Betting on Them in Texas.
72 Muslim-American advocates protest upcoming Army War College speaker
73 Former Palestine Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shallah dies
74 What Israeli and Palestinian Activists Had Hoped to Tell Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
75 How Arab leaders abandoned Muslim causes
76 Turkey's Erdogan criticizes Arab silence over U.S. Middle East plan
77 Views of Diversity in 11 Emerging Economies
78 How Muslims, Often Misunderstood, Are Thriving in America
79 No one can take Palestine's lands: Turkish president
80 ICE Tried to Secretly Deport Palestinian Activist to Israel
81 Beyond Bernie: Where Do American Muslim Voters Go From Here?
82 Immigrants revive a New Jersey town from its difficult past
83 How the US and Israel exchange tactics in violence and control
84 Palestinian cookbooks help preserve a culture's identity
85 As Annexation Looms, Israeli Experts Warn of Security Risks
86 The Trump plan threatens the status quo at al-Haram al-Sharif
87 The Rise of Palestinian Food
88 The 2020 Muslim vote: Are there any cultural divides among American Muslim voters?
89 A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers
90 Black Lives Matter and lessons from Palestine
91 Why many Muslims treat Bernie Sanders like a rock star
92 The Fight Over Ilhan Omar Is a Fight Over the Identity of the Democratic Party
93 Reps. Tlaib and Omar challenge the trope of modest Muslim women
94 Who is a ‘Muslim American?’
95 Congresswoman Tlaib Inspires Palestinian-Americans With A Dress And A Hashtag
96 FBI Investigated Nonviolent Pro-Palestinian Group for Terrorism
97 The political impotence of the Muslim American community
98 Abbas, Cornered by Israeli Annexation, Opts for ‘Judgment Day’ Scenario
99 Why Do So Many Americans Fear Muslims? Decades of Denial About America’s Role in the World.
100 The Palestinian American: College Changed Everything for 'Super Muslim' Sara Jampower