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1 Income tax return deadline May 15: Recovery rebate credit, other info
2 Still Didn’t Get Your Stimulus Checks? File A 2020 Tax Return For A Rebate Credit Even If You Don’t Owe Taxes
3 More about the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit
4 Still, missing a stimulus check? Here’s how to claim it
5 Still missing a stimulus check? Here's how the IRS says you can fix that
6 How to resolve stimulus payment issues at tax time | Opinion
7 People scramble to get taxes complete prior to May 17th deadline
8 Claiming an Old Stimulus on Your Tax Return? 4 Mistakes to Avoid
9 Did You Already File Your Taxes? You Could Be Missing Out On Thousands Of Dollars
10 What's the Recovery Rebate Credit?
11 IRS says missing stimulus payments can be remedied in 2020 tax filings
12 Stimulus check update: What to do if you haven’t received your third payment
13 File 2020 tax return to get missing EIP | News |
14 Susan Tompor: Tax refunds taking 6-8 weeks for some as IRS deals with tax credits, fraud
15 Claim a 'recovery rebate credit' if you missed out on a full stimulus payment
16 Recovery Rebate Credit Definition
17 Tax refund delays could continue as backlog of tax returns is growing, tax advocate says
18 How to claim missing stimulus payments with the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 tax returns
19 IRS ends up correcting tax return mistakes for Recovery Rebate Credit A lot of confusion relating
20 From stimulus checks and bitcoin to mask write-offs --- read this checklist before the tax filing deadline on May 17
21 Still missing your coronavirus stimulus check? Here’s what you should do
22 Why Some 2020 Recovery Rebate Tax Credits May Be Different Than Expected
23 Where’s my tax refund? IRS reportedly holding 30 million returns for manual processing
24 Did not get a stimulus check? Check for a Recovery Rebate Credit
25 What you need to know if you still haven't filed your taxes yet
26 'You may be entitled to a tax break': Filing deadline extended in Louisiana
27 The IRS Can Take Your Recovery Rebate Credit for Child Support or Other Debts Owed
28 IRS is holding millions of tax returns, delaying refunds
29 Recovery Rebate Credits, Economic Impact Payments, and Divorce
30 IT'S NOT TOO LATE: Claim a 'Recovery Rebate Credit' to get your stimulus checks
31 Unclaimed Tax Refunds top $138M in Texas
32 Never got a COVID-19 stimulus check? There may be another opportunity to claim when filing your taxes
33 How to claim stimulus money on your 2020 taxes
34 Keep details of American Rescue Plan in mind
35 Ask the Expert: Using the Recovery Rebate Credit
36 Missing a $1,200 or $600 stimulus check? There may still be a way to claim it
37 A recovery rebate credit is your way of getting missed stimulus money
38 Still no stimulus check? What that means for your tax return this year
39 Wheres my stimulus? How to redeem payment with IRS Recovery Rebate Tax Credit
40 ‘Where Is My Tax Refund?’ Millions of Americans Are Waiting for the IRS to Pay Up
41 Ask the Expert: The Recovery Rebate and other tax credits
42 IRS Letters Explain Why Some 2020 Recovery Rebate Credits Are Different Than Expected
43 Line 30 on your 2020 tax return could be your last chance for stimulus money
44 New Mexico taxes due Monday, Texas still has till middle of June
45 Missed the stimulus? Recovery rebate credit could bring relief at tax time
46 How Recovery Rebate Credit can help you get your stimulus payments this tax season
47 Are you having issues filing for your missing stimulus money? You're not alone.
48 Local tax filing expert explains the ‘Recovery Rebate Credit’
49 How to Claim a Missing Stimulus Check on Your 2020 Taxes
50 IRS Free File Available; Claim Recovery Rebate Credit & Other Tax Credits
51 What to Know About Stimulus Payments and Your Taxes | Taxes | US News
52 How to claim missing stimulus payments on your 2020 tax return
53 The IRS Pushed Back Tax Season. Here’s How To Get Your Refund and Stimulus As Quickly as Possible
54 Congress' Inaction Keeps Poor From Getting Stimulus Money
55 First, second Economic Impact Payments issued, eligible people can claim Recovery Rebate Credit
56 Investor Column | Didn’t get your stimulus check? Here’s how you can still get paid
57 Owe Child Support? The IRS Can Claim Your Recovery Rebate Credit
58 Tax day is Monday; Here's the major changes that could save you money
59 What to know about tax credits in the American Rescue Plan
60 VERIFY: Yes, you may qualify for a tax rebate if your stimulus check was less than you expected
61 IRS Free File available; claim Recovery Rebate Credit and other tax credits
62 In Switcheroo, IRS To Deliver Full Stimulus Payments To Those With Federal Tax Debts
63 Congratulations graduates. Now get ready to start your real world financial education
64 Can the IRS take your stimulus rebate? Here's what to know
65 The $1,100 Per Child Tax Rebate Bonus For Divorced And Unmarried Parents
66 Many people may not get promised stimulus payments in hand if they owe back taxes
67 Virginians can receive Recovery Rebate Credit if qualified, didn’t receive first two stimulus payments
68 Workers who lose income in 2021 may qualify for a third stimulus payment retroactively
69 Did you have a baby in 2020? You could be eligible for $1,100 in stimulus money
70 If you want all your stimulus money, you'll need to file your taxes
71 How to Claim Your Stimulus Check on Your 2020 Taxes
72 Here’s how college students could collect $1,800 in stimulus payments
73 Still no $1,200 stimulus check? Final deadline approaches to get your money in 2020
74 IRS stimulus check still not received? Free File could be a way to claim it
75 Why Tax Refunds Are Taking Longer Than Usual
76 IRS News Release: All First, Second Economic Impact Payments Issued, Eligible People Can Claim Recovery Rebate
77 Tax preparation season under way; people file to get stimulus recovery rebate
78 Rich Retirees Get Tax Time Surprise: 3 Stimulus Payments
79 How to claim your missing $1,200 stimulus check
80 IRS delays tax filing season -- here's what you need to know
81 Some struggling Americans won't get the stimulus payment they were promised
82 From stimulus checks to Tax Day 2021: Answers to your questions about IRS changes, COVID relief and more
83 How to Claim Missing Stimulus Money on Your 2020 Tax Return
84 MEDIA ALERT: A new bundle of joy also comes with a bundle of tax benefits
85 Third Stimulus Check: All Your Questions Answered
86 No stimulus check? You can fix that when you file 2020 taxes.
87 Kokua Line: Nonfiler who failed to register for stimulus may seek tax rebate for full amount in 2021
88 2021 tax filing season begins Feb. 12
89 Frequently asked questions about the second stimulus check
90 Stimulus checks and child tax credits: IRS may need your 2020 tax return
91 Third stimulus check: how will it affect your 2021 tax return?
92 American Rescue Plan Act passes with many tax components
93 Do I Have To File A Tax Return?
94 What is a 'plus up' stimulus check?
95 Last chance for stimulus money. E-file your taxes (even if you don't normally file)
96 Make sure you received your stimulus payments | Paul Pahoresky
97 Tax prep customers frustrated over problems getting COVID-19 stimulus funds
98 Stimulus checks: How adult dependents can claim their $1,400 payment
99 Will my stimulus check affect my 2020 tax return?