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Result Content Idea Research
1 Why radical Sunnis have taken to the streets against Shias in Pakistan
2 Shia Muslims take to Twitter to share how they faced harassment and hatred in Sunni-majority Pakistan
3 The Changing Landscape of Anti-Shia Politics in Pakistan
4 Iran's secular shift: new survey reveals huge changes in religious beliefs
5 Shia-Sunni rift on rise in Pakistan, but Imran Khan govt’s silence may be strategic
6 ‘Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir’: Sunni extremists of Sipah Sahaba lead anti-Shia ‘protests’ in Karachi, pelt stones
7 Beijing’s crackdown on religious minorities takes aim at 10,000 Muslim Utsuls
8 Iran’s census claims 99.5% of its population is Muslim. Our survey reveals the truth
9 Why the Indian state is now scared of the Kashmiri Shia
10 Explained: Pakistan’s emotive blasphemy laws
11 The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s declaration on human rights: Promises and pitfalls
12 Saudi Arabia says it took down ‘terrorist cell’ trained by Iran
14 Charlie Hebdo Stabbing Suspect Praised By Father in Pakistan
15 Paris knife attacker`s father applauds son; says he did `a great job`
16 Opinion: A moderate Sunni Muslim’s guide to fighting hate
17 Reisman: Peace and 'the Resistance'
18 Kuwaitis Await New Crown Prince as Arab Leaders Mourn Late Emir
19 Examining Tehran's regional strategy
20 Kuwait's Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Dies At 91
21 Johor religious department vows crackdown on Islamic hardline movement Hizbut Tahrir’s ideology
22 Lebanon's prime minister-designate quits in blow to French initiative
23 China builds new 'detention facilities' in Xinjiang: study
24 In Pakistan’s eyes Turkey leads Islamic world
25 Islam's Sunni-Shia Divide, Explained
26 Lebanon PM-designate steps down amid impasse over gov’t formation
27 Babri verdict to be challenged by Muslim Personal Law Board in High Court
28 How an illustrated Koran project led to fateful Mohammed cartoons
29 France backs Saad Hariri’s proposal to end political deadlock
30 Azhar's grand imam decries Western officials' use of 'Islamic terrorism'
31 In Pakistan, Sunni rigorists regard all criticism, including from Muslims, as blasphemy
32 Hezbollah chief tells France's Macron can't act like Lebanon's ruler
33 Seven Handed Prison Terms In Ethnic Clashes Case In Kazakhstan's South
34 Exclusive: Jurisprudence, inclusivity slow down Afghan talks
35 The return of Sunni Messianism
36 In Sunni World, Many Applaud Soleimani Killing
37 Obstacles and Opportunities on the Long Road to Peace in Afghanistan
38 What Is Trump's Next Move after the Israel-UAE Peace Deal?
39 Kosovo Indicts Pro-Iranian Radical for Inciting Terrorism
40 Proud of my son, says father of Pakistani man who stabbed 2 in Paris
41 Iran hits back at ‘delirious’ Saudi after King Salman’s UN speech
42 India's Muslims: An Increasingly Marginalized Population
43 HOUSE OF WISDOM (Rays of light)!
44 Who benefits from political crisis in Lebanon?
45 Hezbollah Brings Media to Dispute Lebanon 'Missile Site' Mapped Out By Israel
46 POV: Winners and Losers in the Israel-UAE Normalization Pact
47 Vatican cardinal hopes spin won’t spoil potential of new papal encyclical
48 Is Pakistan ready to recognise Israel?
49 In Connecticut, a House That Blurs the Boundaries of Time and Place
50 Sunni and Shia muslims pray together in Azerbaijan's Heydar Mosque
51 'Bleak' Future Seen for Iran’s Sunnis as Minority Cleric’s Detention Drags to 6 Months
52 Covid-19: Plea to order Delhi CM to stop publication of case data based on religion dismissed
53 Arab-Israeli progress seemed impossible. That’s because of old assumptions.
54 What Are the Differences Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?
55 What is the Shia-Sunni divide?
56 Beyond the myth of Sunni-Shia wars in the Middle East | TheHill
57 The differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims
58 Muslim community in US faces shortage of Sunni, Shia scholars || AW
59 The Muslim World’s Question: ‘What Happened to Us?’
60 Rather than shoring up national identity, religion creates schisms
61 What is Erdogan up to?
62 Are COVID-19 restrictions inflaming religious tensions?
63 Indians can now fly to Kenya and Bhutan under the new air bubble agreement, says Aviation Minister Puri
64 Money, influence fuel struggle within Iraq's Muslim Brotherhood over Sunni Endowments | Hammam Latif
65 At cemeteries, the Sunni and Shia say the same prayers
66 Iraq's unique place in the Sunni-Shia divide
67 Historic Afghan peace talks fraught with uncertainty
68 Is Pakistan the next Yemen?
69 In detail: Sunnis vs. Shiites
70 Worried about an Islamic State comeback? Here’s why that’s unlikely.
71 Iran's Quds Force and the Muslim Brotherhood Considered an Alliance Against Saudi Arabia
72 Sunnis and Shias – the key questions – Channel 4 News
73 Sunni vs Shia: the roots of Islam's civil war
74 Turkey may have reclaimed the leadership of Sunni Islam from Saudi Arabia
75 The Precarious Existence Of Iran's Sunni Muslims
76 What is a caliph? The Islamic State tries to boost its legitimacy by hijacking a historic institution
77 Sunni v Shia: why the conflict is more political than religious
78 Explaining the Vatican’s silence on the ‘Abraham Accords’
79 Why four important Islamic nations are angry with India
80 Muharram Day of Ashura 2020: Know how Muslims observe the tenth day of Muharram
81 'Beyond the mosque': Seeing Islam's diversity reflected in worship spaces
82 Turkey offers Alevis a Sunni state
83 5 facts about Sunnis and Shiites that help make sense of the Saudi-Iran crisis
84 ISIS has been a catastrophe for Sunnis in Iraq and Syria
85 The history of the Tablighi Jamaat and its place in the Islamic world
86 Detentions of Shiite Muslims in Malaysia fuels fears of crackdown
87 Questions Rebels Use to Tell Sunni From Shiite
88 AMCD Supports the State Department’s Efforts to Counter Iranian Disinformation
89 UCI School of Humanities welcomes nine new senate faculty
90 Why a Ban on Majidi’s Film on Prophet Muhammad Must Be Challenged
91 Was the medieval order of Assassins a real thing?
92 What makes America so great for Sunni and Shiite Muslims
93 Birmingham mosque attacks: Shia Muslim jailed
94 Muharram 2020: Know The Significance, 12 Islamic Months And Their Meaning
95 October 2020: The Next Full Moon is the Harvest Moon – NASA Solar System Exploration
96 Why Qatar should not be designated an ally of the US
97 Beirut's port explosion shattered a queer oasis, but the residents of Mar Mikhael have vowed to rebuild
98 Muslims fear backlash of India's coronavirus fury
99 Ali Hasan, the Pakistani who stabbed 2 French in 'Islamic Terrorism' – His father is proud of him
100 Muslims Largely Silent on Plight of Uighurs Because There Is No Single Islam.