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1 ACLU appeals dismissal of lawsuit over voting rights for Minnesota felons
2 Attorney General, ACLU official address Supreme Court census apportionment case
3 ACLU of North Carolina executive director Chantal Stevens on the fight for civil rights and civil liberties
4 ACLU, Black student sue officials at Indiana school over T-shirt dispute
5 ACLU files federal lawsuit against Nebraska meatpacking plant over “treacherous COVID-19 conditions”
6 Montana ACLU announces settlement of Havre border patrol profiling case
7 ACLU of Iowa, unions file complaint saying state OSHA failed to do its job, protect workers against COVID-19
8 Federal judge denies ACLU request to halt Missouri eviction proceedings
9 Henrico County student suspended after protesting in virtual classroom, seeks to appeal with help of ACLU
10 Michigan softens restaurant contact-tracing rule after ACLU complaint
11 Putting Rap Lyrics on Trial is a Violation of Free Speech
12 ACLU seeks records of Trump administration COVID-19 response in immigrant detention centers
13 ACLU demands Milwaukee's next police chief end systemic racism and bias in policing
14 Does the ACLU Want to Ban My Book?
15 U.S. Border Agency Settles With 2 Americans Detained for Speaking Spanish
16 The ACLU reach settlement agreement with DPD
17 Women detained for speaking Spanish in Montana store settle lawsuit with U.S. border agency
18 ACLU of Indiana sues school officials over dispute
19 Democracy Persists
20 ACLU calls Tosa PD discussion of high records fees 'unlawful'
21 The ACLU’s Betrayal of Athletic Girls
22 ACLU files injunction to end 'torturous' conditions of first female death row inmate in decades | TheHill
23 Attempt to “Weaponize the Census” Gets SCOTUS Hearing
24 ACLU sues Manchester schools over T-shirt dispute
25 Securing Tenants' Right to Counsel is Critical to Fighting Mass Evictions
26 A Change in Administration Is Just A Starting Point For LGBTQ Justice
27 2 women detained in U.S. for speaking Spanish settle border patrol lawsuit
28 Doctors Beg to be Heard, Omaha City Council Okays New Police Union Contract, ACLU Sues Meat Processor and More Local News for Wednesday, November 25
29 Trump's Last-Ditch Census Move Could Shape the Electoral Map for the Next Decade
30 The Affordable Care Act — and With It, Our Civil Rights — Are Under Attack
31 ACLU sues over federal death row conditions as execution nears for killer who strangled pregnant mom, carved baby from womb [UPDATE]
32 Criminal Justice Reform Takes Another Big, Messy Step Forward in 2020 Elections
33 If He's President, Catholic Biden Can't Let ACLU Destroy Religious Liberty
34 'It can spread so quickly': 300 Nebraska inmates with COVID-19
35 Disparate Impact Claim Fails Against Welfare Program
36 How the ACLU is Flexing its Political Muscle in the 2020 Elections
37 As Cities Curb Surveillance, Baltimore Police Took to the Air
38 How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Got Her Start at the ACLU
39 The ACLU created an app to help people record police misconduct
40 How the ACLU is Responding to the Pandemic, Visualized
41 A.C.L.U. Sues Minneapolis, Claiming Police Tactics Violated Freedom of Press
42 ACLU suing city of Omaha, OPD alleging 'excessive force' in protester arrests
43 Is the Traditional ACLU View of Free Speech Still Viable? Ira Glasser Speaks Out.
44 In Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020)
45 ACLU files lawsuit against border coronavirus restrictions
46 'See you in court': ACLU files nearly 400 cases versus Trump
47 The ACLU sues Clearview AI, calling the tool an 'unprecedented violation' of privacy rights
48 'The Fight' casts the ACLU as David versus the Trump administration Goliath
49 ACLU alleges ‘systemic patterns of non-compliance’ in COVID-19 prison lawsuit
50 ‘The Fight’: How the ACLU vs. Donald Trump Documentary Turned Into a High-Stakes Thriller
51 Know Your Rights While Protesting Police Brutality
52 ACLU Demands DOJ Name Special Prosecutor to Investigate Lafayette Square
53 ACLU, law firm sue to get Michael Cohen released, saying he was sent back to prison over book
54 A new film goes inside the war on civil rights, and this time ACLU lawyers are the stars
55 Parents of 545 kids separated at border still haven't been found: ACLU
56 Victory: After Three Years of Battling in Court, the Trump Administration Abandons its Policy of Banning Abortion for Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors
57 ACLU Adds Federal Agencies To Lawsuit Against Portland Police
58 ACLU warns 500 Texas school districts to revise discriminatory dress codes
59 This may be America's first known wrongful arrest involving facial recognition
60 An Indigenous Woman Made it to Safety in the US DHS Won't Let it Go.
61 ACLU Calls Prop 24 "Fake Privacy," Warns About its "Pay for Privacy" Provision
62 ‘See You In Court’: The ACLU Has Filed Nearly 400 Cases Against Trump
63 COVID-19 Pandemic Response | News & Commentary
64 Sex Work is Real Work, and it's Time to Treat it That Way
65 ACLU Interactive Map Shows Alleged Police Violence Incidents
66 ACLU Oregon sues Portland, federal officers in defense of volunteer protest medics
67 We're Ready for the Election
68 Instagram CEO, ACLU slam TikTok and WeChat app bans for putting US freedoms into the balance
69 Coronavirus pandemic didn't curb fatal police shootings, ACLU report finds
70 Reimagining the Role of Police
71 The ACLU is suing Los Angeles over its controversial scooter tracking system
72 Supreme Court Says Firing Workers Because They Are LGBTQ Is Unlawful Discrimination
73 ACLU, National Women's Law Center, TIME'S UP and The Leadership Education Fund Join Forces to Produce "A Read-In for RBG," a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Celebrity Tribute Video Calling on Viewers to Vote to Honor Her Legacy
74 ACLU, Sierra Club take border wall lawsuit to the Supreme Court
75 Defunding the Police Will Actually Make Us Safer
76 Federal judge suggests ACLU authorize press covering protests
77 ACLU files complaint against LMPD for 'militaristic response' to protests
78 ACLU Calls On Tech Companies to End Their Alliance with ICE and CBP
79 What You Need to Know About Orleans Parish District Attorney Candidates
80 Federal judge rejects ACLU-backed lawsuit against Title IX rule
81 ACLU sues Palo Alto over residents-only park
82 ACLU renews push to free immigrant detainees after COVID-19 outbreak at Calhoun County Jail
83 Coronavirus 'Immunity Passports' are not the Answer
84 How Conservatorship Threatens Britney Spears' Civil Rights
85 The Trump Administration is Banning Talk about Race and Gender
86 ACLU Demands Information From Boston Police on Use of Force and Surveillance
87 Let People Vote: Our Fight for Your Right to Vote During 2020
88 How is Face Recognition Surveillance Technology Racist?
89 ACLU San Diego Questions Law Enforcement For Keeping Protesters' Cellphones
90 Lawsuit filed by ACLU-MN to protect people in Minnesota prisons from COVID-19
91 Incarcerated People are Still Dying of COVID-19, and We're Still Fighting to Save Them
92 The ACLU Loses Its Way
93 5 Questions With ACLU of Connecticut Legal Director Dan Barrett | Connecticut Law Tribune
94 Apple and Google Announced a Coronavirus Tracking System. How Worried Should We Be?
95 ACLU calls for dissolving of Department of Homeland Security | TheHill
96 ACLU files class-action federal lawsuit to lower CT’s prison population during COVID-19
97 ACLU, Survivor Advocate Groups Sue Dept. of Education
98 Four Myths About Trans Athletes, Debunked
99 ACLU launches website detailing what voters need to know before Election Day
100 Decarceration and Crime During COVID-19