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1 Back In the Air: Flight Attendants on Coming Off Furlough
2 FAA Adopts Zero Tolerance Policy on Unruly Airline Passengers
3 Airlines and flight attendant unions concerned about security when pro-Trump rioters leave DC
4 US lawmaker urges authorities to place rioters on national no-fly list
5 Biden’s mandatory mask rule backed by US airlines
6 American Airlines responds to video of pilot threatening to 'dump' passengers in Kansas
7 United's Flight Attendants On Collision Course With Boss Scott Kirby Over "Temporary" Reprieve to Mass Furloughs
8 US lawmaker wants mob of rioters added to No-Fly List
9 US Airlines Finally Get Their Hands On Another $15 Billion Federal Bailout
10 Capitol Rioter Spotted Throwing A Tantrum After Being Put On The No-Fly List (VIDEO)
11 Swarming Solidarity: How Contract Negotiations in 2021 Could Be Flashpoints in the U.S. Class Struggle
12 What Is the No Fly List, Who's On It and Will It Be Used for Capitol Rioters?
13 Man Crying over Being Kicked off Flight and Called a 'Terrorist' Viewed 15 Million Times
14 Airlines welcome back thousands of furloughed workers after Congress passes stimulus bill
15 Flight Attendants President Calls on Airlines To Coordinate on Safety Issues
16 FAA Chief Issues Stern Warning to Travelers After Politically Motivated Flight Disruptions
17 FAA Threatens to Fine, Jail 'Unruly Passengers' After Capitol Rioters Cause Chaos on Flights
18 Man filmed crying after being kicked off flight ‘for refusing to wear a mask’
19 Delta’s Flight Attendants Are Organizing
20 Sara Nelson Won't Stop Fighting for Flight Attendants: Women Who Travel Podcast
21 Two largest U.S. airline flight attendant unions endorse Biden
22 United's Flight Attendants Claim Management Are "Intent On Dividing" Them; Will Resist Foreign Base Closures
23 Flight Attendants Tell Airlines: Don't Even Think About Concessions
24 AFA-CWA leader Sara Nelson calls for a new American labor movement
25 Fighters for democracy target Trump and his enablers
26 FAA warns travelers can face fines of up to $35,000 for unruly behavior
27 President of Flight Attendant Association Shares Photo of Packed Plane
28 Flight Attendants warn layoffs could end any hope of economic recovery
29 Flight Attendants Call for CDC Relaxation in Quarantine Rules Not to Apply to Them
30 United Airlines flight attendants raise alarm on crew quarantine protocols
31 Sara Nelson: Our Airline Relief Bill Is a Template for Rescuing Workers Instead of Bailing Out Execs
32 United Flight Attendants Union Reaches Compromise Over Closure of Foreign Crew Bases
33 United Airlines Given Go-Ahead to Close Flight Attendant Bases in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Frankfurt
34 United Airlines Saves Just 3,500 Flight Attendant Jobs Through Voluntary Measures; Proposes Last-Ditch Plan
35 United Airlines sending 'gut punch' furlough warnings to 36000 workers
36 United is latest to back union-led effort to extend coronavirus employment protections
37 Flight-Attendant Union Head Nelson May Take Off for AFL-CIO Top Job
38 Delta Flight Attendant Uniforms Found to Contain Toxic Chemicals in Levels 10x Higher Than What's Permitted by H&M
39 Starbucks is Offering Flight Attendants Free Coffee in US Stores in December
40 United Only Needs 3000 Out of 25,000 Flight Attendants in June... But is it Even Newsworthy?
41 ‘Hot bargaining’ brings in president of national flight attendants union for Hawaiian Airlines contract talks
42 Houston Airline Workers Rally For Congress To Extend Relief, Prevent Layoffs
43 Biden, Harris certified as winners of 2020 election: A timeline
44 Delta flight attendants organize labor union drive with AFA
45 Flight attendants rally for COVID-19 relief package as stimulus talks continue
46 Flight Attendants Say United Airlines Quarantine Protocols Are Unsafe
47 Flight attendants urge feds to limit leisure travel due to coronavirus | TheHill
48 America's Most Powerful Flight Attendant Weighs In On Slaying of George Floyd: "An Injury to One, is an Injury to All"
49 HIGHLIGHTS-Reactions to the U.S. approving the Boeing 737 MAX to fly again
50 Flight attendant in Hawaiian Airlines training cluster dies of coronavirus
51 Highlights: Reactions to the U.S. approving the Boeing 737 MAX to fly again
52 United Airlines Plans to Extend Pre-Flight Rapid COVID-19 Flight Attendant Testing
53 Delta Fired A White Flight Attendant After Asking Whether She Was “Racist” Toward White Men
54 Airlines, unions laud passage of CARES but more aid might be needed
55 United Airlines Chief Executive "Hopeful" of Second $32 Billion Federal Bailout
56 AFL-CIO recommends actions to end police racism
57 United Airlines Asks Passengers to Stop Drinking Their Own Alcohol Onboard its Flights
58 American Airlines Flight Attendants Are Calling for Hazard Pay to Fly During the Coronavirus Pandemic
59 Flight Attendants Warn: Leisure Travel Needs To Stop Now
60 America's Most Powerful Flight Attendant Warns Wildcat Strikes Could Hit Airlines if They Push Their Workers Too Far
61 Airlines Will Burn Through $300,000 Every Single Minute for the Next Six Months
62 Southwest Airlines Needs Passenger Numbers to Triple if its to Avoid Involuntary Furloughs
63 The Green New Deal Just Won a Major Union Endorsement. What's Stopping the AFL-CIO?
64 Delta Tells Sick Flight Attendants: “Do Not Post” on Social Media or Notify Fellow Crew
65 White House weighs help for airline workers if no stimulus deal
66 Layoffs loom for beleaguered US airline industry
67 Layoffs expected when pay support ends for US carriers
68 6 Flight Attendants On How Their Jobs Have Changed Since Coronavirus
69 US Airline Bailout Looks Uncertain as President Trump Stops Negotiations on $2.4 Trillion Stimulus Bill
70 Mobile Phone Calls On US Planes Won't Be Permitted for the Foreseeable Future
71 NTSB Accepts AFA-CWA Recommendation for Flotation Devices on All Aircraft
72 American, United say flights to small cities are at risk unless Congress extends payroll program
73 National labor groups mostly close ranks to defend police unions
74 US Airlines Approach White House For Six Months More Funding
75 This is Why United Express Flight Attendants Can't Go On Strike Despite Authorising a Walkout Nearly 18-Months a Go
76 Airline workers brace for layoffs as congressional relief stalls
77 US Airlines Tell Crew They Have No Power to Enforce Mandatory Face Mask Rule According to Leaked Memos
78 Southwest Flight Attendants Now Urge Passengers to Report "Unwelcome Behavior" in Onboard PA's
79 Miami Air International to liquidate, no CARES Act payroll support
80 Airline unions ask US lawmakers for more payroll money
81 Sara Nelson's Art of War
82 United's Plans to Reassure Customers Over Safety of 737MAX Remain "Unrefined"
83 American Flight Attendants Told Not to Wear Clothing That Identifies Them as a US Citizen or Crew Member
84 Flight Attendants Less Likely to be Infected with COVID-19 Claim Airlines CEO's Touting New Safety Processes
85 Sara Nelson on What's at Stake for Travelers in the Election
86 American Airlines Sends Redundancy Warnings to 25,000 Employees, Flight Attendants Worst Affected
87 The Fight to Save Jobs in the Airline Industry
88 United Airlines Will Largely Become a Domestic Only Airline by End of March
89 Nation's largest flight-attendant's union makes another run at Delta
90 Lawmakers voting to keep government going, workers need action to survive
91 Five jetBlue Flight Attendants Have Now Died from COVID-19
92 The Risky Battle to Keep Masks on When the Plane's Wheels Go Up
93 How to Make the Airline Bailout Work for Workers, Not Just CEOs
94 United Airlines Offers Last Chance for Employees to Take Voluntary Redundancy or Face the Threat of Furlough
95 Airline workers have lower rates of COVID-19 than the general population — and airline CEOs say it's proof that flying is safe
96 How COVID-19 Impacts Transportation Workers Across The US | Time
97 Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants hold first major union protest in 20 years
98 Airline execs seeking $58 billion warn Congress 'time is running out'
99 Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendants Picket at Big Island Airports
100 NFL Player Sues United Airlines Alleging Flight Attendants Failed to Protect Him from a Predatory Female Passenger