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1 Eliminating AFFH, the Obama-era housing rule: What it really means
2 GUEST COLUMN: Controversial AFFH rule deprived local communities of control
3 HUD officially repeals 2015 AFFH rule, weakens ‘disparate impact’ standard
4 Five things you should know about President Trump's 'suburb destruction' claim — and a fair housing rule he eliminated
5 With Rule Changes, Trump Launches ‘an Attack on Fair Housing From All Sides’
6 Housing Saves Lives
7 HUD Secretary Carson Discusses Government's Actions to Address Housing Issues
8 Trump’s fair housing repeal roils multifamily developers
9 Why the suburbs should be a topic during this election
10 HUD's proposed fair housing rule should be withdrawn, say Catholic leaders
11 What is the fair housing rule and how will its repeal affect Philly?
12 What Is the AFFH? Why Overturning This Law Could Be a Huge Deal for Fair Housing
13 HUD to abolish Obama-era AFFH fair housing rule
14 CLPHA and others voice opposition to elimination of AFFH rule and reject its new substitute
15 HUD's Carson Discusses End of AFFH Rule
16 What Is The AFFH Rule Trump Has Moved To Rescind?
17 Federal housing rule is a step backward
18 What is the Obama-Biden AFFH rule and why did Trump rescind it?
19 Report accuses Trump of 'systematically undermining' fair lending regs
20 Here is where Trump and Biden stand on housing issues
21 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH): HUD can use housing market data to inform fair housing accountability
22 Opinion | Fair housing is key to economic equity
23 HUD Issues Final Rule Repealing 2015 AFFH Rule | Weiner Brodsky Kider PC
24 Trump administration rolling back controversial Obama fair housing rule
25 How would a Biden presidency impact housing policy?
26 An emerging battleground: Housing in the 2020 presidential election
27 Trump digs at Booker, again, over low-income housing
28 NAREB's Donnell Williams on AFFH rule termination and the housing industry's legacy
29 ASU expert: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing act important for socially diverse neighborhoods
30 HUD Publishes Proposed AFFH Rule Changes
31 Housing is still wildly discriminatory. Joe Biden has a plan to change
32 Trump says suburban women back him as they 'don't want projects being built next to their houses'
33 President Donald J. Trump Is Protecting Our Suburbs and Preserving the American Dream for All Americans
34 Star Parker | AFFH rule is left-wing war on America's suburbs
35 Waters Requests Review of Disparate Impact Rule
36 The 'suburban lifestyle dream' we all deserve
37 Trump tweet about AFFH enrages fair housing advocates
38 Battle For Suburban Votes Take Ominous Tone In 2020 Presidential Election
39 Readers Write: Would suburban housewives approve of AFFH mandated zoning changes?
40 Expert calls rescinding fair housing rule a step in the wrong direction
41 Trump: I have rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule
42 News News: Is HUD's latest policy move racist?
43 Trump rescinded a fair-housing rule: What that means for Oregon
44 New Trump rule could repeal Obama effort to promote housing desegregation
45 Donald Trump's attack on housing policy in suburbs called 'racist' by advocates
46 6 Ways the Trump Presidency Has Impacted the Building Industry
47 HUD Publishes New Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule
48 Stanley Kurtz on Trump's latest 'tremendous accomplishment' and why media largely overlooked it
49 No, Trump Has Not Ended Obama’s War on the Suburbs
50 HUD's new rule discriminates against those with disabilities, advocates say
51 Trump Misrepresents Obama-Era Fair Housing Rule
52 LETTER: Kimberly Fiorello Will Fight Urban Sprawl
53 Bogus Fact Checks on Suburban Zoning Issue
54 HUD's fair housing policies could promote further racial discrimination, experts say
55 What Secretary Carson Should Know about Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)
56 Governor Cuomo Launches Statewide Fair Housing Initiative in Opposition to Federal Government's Ongoing Efforts to Weaken Fair Housing Act
57 Despite repeal of fair housing rule, local organizations committed to continuing fair housing practices
58 Trump Attacks on Fair Housing Will Hurt Marginalized Communities the Most
59 Poison Policy: An Unfair Housing Regulation Leftover from the Obama Era Creates Unnecessary Chaos
60 Analyzing HUD's Proposed Revisions to Fair Housing Rule
61 3 Ways HUD Is Using Regulatory Attacks to Dismantle Fair Housing Protections
62 Fair housing rules and the left-wing war on America's suburbs
63 Trump Says Democrats Will Abolish the Suburbs. Maybe That’s a Good Idea
64 Letter: Trump's axe to AFFH follows court-approved code words
65 'Abolish suburbs': Donald Trump mentions Westchester in attack on Joe Biden housing plan
66 Mark Levin: Life & Liberty
67 COMMENTARY: Suburbs hold the key to the 2020 presidential election
68 Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs
69 How the pandemic is magnifying structural problems in America's housing market
70 How Trump is rolling back housing desegregation rules, explained
71 HUD Issues Proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule
72 O'Toole: Trump right to kill federal scheme against single-family housing
73 Regressive Federal Rules Would Set Back Decades of Progress
74 CommonWealth Magazine
75 Freer housing is 'fairer housing' — HUD should tie funding to looser zoning | TheHill
76 Carson hosts roundtable on new fair housing rule | News by Edition
77 Trump pitches fair housing repeal to 'suburban housewife' with racist tropes | TheHill
78 My View: A War on Fair Housing That Could Put Millions of People at Risk
79 STAR PARKER: The Left-Wing War on America’s Suburbs
80 The Week Ahead: The First Presidential Debate
81 Will Biden’s War on the Suburbs Become a Campaign Issue?
82 Letter: Let's take a closer look at the Fair Housing Act
83 In Late-Night Tweet, Trump Threatens To End 'Not Fair' Fair Housing Rule
84 Team Trump just called a halt to the Obama-era war on American suburbs
85 Trump’s ham-handed attempt to scare white suburbanites would have worked better 50 years ago
86 Senate panel grills housing regulators on racial bias, pandemic
87 Eradicating Visible and Invisible Racism in Housing
88 HUD Secretary Ben Carson Hosts Roundtable with Pennsylvania Elected Officials on the Removal of the 2015 AFFH Rule
89 New Trump housing rule to increase discrimination against minorities, say advocates
90 Trump Moves Forward With Ending 'Not Fair' Fair Housing Rule
91 Trump Continues to Highlight Zoning Issue
92 AFFH Has No Basis in the Fair Housing Act
93 HUD Proposal Could Reduce Protections Against Discrimination, Housing Advocates Say
94 CAR statement on HUD's roll back of rule that would weaken fair housing laws
95 AP FACT CHECK: Clean air, dirty ballot claims not so clear
96 Trump Tells Suburban Homeowners To 'Enjoy' Repeal Of Fair Housing Rule
97 Marin Voice: Proposed fair housing rule fights segregation in our community
98 New HUD rule will actively increase housing insecurity and discrimination
99 The fair housing rule Ben Carson’s HUD wants to delay, explained
100 How Would A Second Trump Term Impact Major Housing Issues?