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Result Content Idea Research
1 ETSU College of Public Health deserving of recent national magazine feature
2 A Century Later: Rural Public Health's Enduring Challenges and Opportunities
3 AJPH Embargoed October Issue
4 July AJPH Issue
5 Embargoed Access AJPH January 2020 Issue
6 Marriott CEO Supports "Hygiene Theater" Concept
7 Grassroots Colorado Movement Takes 'Floyd Rights' Message to Washington
8 Suicide Prevention Month summary of data on LGBT suicide
9 ETSU College of Public Health experts featured prominently in national journal issue focusing on rural health
10 Health Care Leader Perspectives on State Government–Sponsored Accountable Care for Public Employees
11 Embargoed AJPH research: SNAP participation, HIV testing, transgender health and more
12 ETSU's Michael Meit featured on American Journal of Public Health podcast
13 Colonial Neglect and the Right to Health in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
14 Rural Legal Deserts Are a Critical Health Determinant
15 'To Opioid or Not to Opioid'
16 Embargoed AJPH research: Lead in NYC public housing, Hurricane Maria deaths, Ohio refugee lead levels, political economy and public health
17 A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Hurricane Katrina: When Disasters, Environmental Health Threats, and Disparities Collide
18 Water and Sanitation in Urban America, 2017-2019
19 Family Values @ Work Issues Public Comment on Labor Department Notice
20 New AJPH Research: NYC Smoking Age, Opioids Up 500% in Brazil, Defense Dept. Policies and Traumatic Brain Injury, Medicaid Expansion and Opioids
21 Training to reduce emergency responders' perceived overdose risk from contact with fentanyl: early evidence of success
22 Mass Incarceration, Climate Change 'Intertwined': Journal
23 Use of diet pills, laxatives for weight control linked with later eating disorder diagnosis
24 New Vaccines in the Pipeline 2020
25 JUUL sales bounced back within weeks of self-imposed flavor ban
26 Russian trolls on Twitter polarized vaccination during 2016 election cycle
27 EMBARGOED AJPH Research on Traumatic Brain Injury Laws, Gun Violence, and Abortion
28 Sharp declines in melanoma mortality 'unprecedented in cancer medicine'
29 Study: Community-driven Ceasefire weekends effective in reducing violence in Baltimore
30 Sanders’s flawed statistic: 500,000 medical bankruptcies a year
31 How we can improve public health messaging about COVID-19
32 How to treat Marion County's newest public health crisis: Racism
33 Embargoed AJPH Research: Bike Share Programs and Head Injuries, U.S. Traffic Fatalities, Smoking and Lung Cancer
34 Homelessness, Health, and At-Risk Populations During COVID-19
35 BU researchers argue against the claim that pornography is a public health crisis
36 Embargoed AJPH Research: Firearm Ownership and Suicides, Young People’s Views on Marijuana, Academic Dysfunction After Concussion
37 The future of minority health and health disparities research is here
38 Separating children from their families must be last resort
39 Highlights From the Am Jrnl of Public Health: Feb. 2013 Issue
40 Study looks at Russian trolls that polarize vaccination efforts
41 Black-White Differences in Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: A Prospective US Study, 2003-2017.
42 American Journal of Public Health Highlights: May 2010
43 Steffanie A. Strathdee, PhD, on Preventing HIV Among People who Inject Drugs
44 Gender conversion efforts linked to 2x odds of attempted suicide
45 Diet pills linked with eating disorder diagnosis in young women
46 Embargoed AJPH Research: School Connectedness and BMI, Health Benefits of Green Homes, HPV Vaccine Completion
47 Drs. Oz & Roizen: Do your juice drinks contain any fruit?
48 The Development of a Patient-Reported Functional Limitations Index
49 'Causes' vs. 'contributes to': Strong causal language on product warning labels more effective
50 Public Health Professor Remembered As Top Of His Field
51 Injection drug use: a new study shows a mixed Canadian portrait
52 Death Toll in U.S. Virgin Islands From 2017 Hurricanes Likely Higher Than Thought
53 Is Bernie Sanders right about medical bankruptcies?
54 How misinformed vaccine beliefs affect policy views
55 Prehospital racial disparities in healthcare, pain management
56 COVID Data Failures Create Pressure for Public Health System Overhaul
57 What marijuana legalization did to car accident rates
58 Fake Twitter accounts politicized discourse about vaccines
59 Am Jrl of Public Health: March 2011 Highlights
60 Official estimates of public health spending are significantly overinflated
61 This Valentine's Day, Demand Better Sex Education For Kids
62 Nearly 1 in 7 Trans People Have Been Subjected to Conversion Therapy
63 Half of Canada's prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests
64 Dramatic ACA Effect Seen in Insurance for Adults with Diabetes
65 Life expectancy may now predict American partisanship
66 How people with disabilities benefited from the ACA
67 How Medical Bills Bankrupt Hundreds of Thousands of People Every Year
68 Sanders Campaign Demands Washington Post Retract 'Fact Check' of Medical Bankruptcies Remarks
69 As The Coronavirus Spreads, Americans Lose Ground Against Other Health Threats
70 Economic Outcomes of Insurer-Led Care Management for High-Cost Medicaid Patients
71 Health Disparities in U.S. Still Persist According to Report
72 Russian trolls targeted Americans with vaccine tweets
73 Millions left uninsured due to COVID-19 pandemic-related unemployment
74 Scientists Want to Know More About Using UV Light to Fight COVID-19 Spread
75 Prescriptions more affordable with Obamacare, Medicare D
76 Patients Seek Better Exchange of Health Data Among Their Care Providers
77 Roy Oman | School of Community Health Sciences
78 Effect of High-Deductible Insurance on Health Care Use in Bipolar Disorder
79 There should be open public discussion about vaccine safety
80 The Basic Facts About Women in Poverty
81 Universal background checks and gun permits: What the research says
82 To Your Health: Reducing HIV Infection and Prep
83 June Medical Services v. Russo
84 Healthy Habits Create A Happy Brain
85 Using Applied Machine Learning to Predict Healthcare Utilization Based on Socioeconomic Determinants of Care
86 Black men 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police
87 Foreclosures may be driving the rise in suicides
88 Unequal Access to Healthcare: Civil Rights Act
89 ACA’s Pre-Existing Condition & Age Clauses Had Immediate Impact on People with Diabetes
90 Health Literacy in African-American Communities: Barriers and Strategies
91 Black Lung Disease Making a Comeback in the United States, Study Finds
92 Mayors' views on health disparities documented in new study
93 Strengthening Our Commitment to Help End Tobacco Use
94 The Invisible US Hispanic-Latino HIV Crisis: Addressing Gaps in the National Response
95 Food as Medicine: Impact on Diabetes Management
96 School climates, suicide and gay and lesbian students: Research on LGBT and youth education
97 Pandemic Perspectives: Jack Turban, MD, on LGBTQ Mental Health
98 PCPs 'integral part' of oral health care
99 Dialysis Moonshot Revisited: A Funding Idea
100 Re: Preventing a covid-19 pandemic: Can vitamin D supplementation reduce the spread of COVID-19? Try first with health care workers and first responders.