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1 At Least 100 Shot over Father's Day Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago
2 11 Shot in Under 12 Hours in NYC, Violent Attempted Rapist in Bronx Arrested
3 Right-wing media praise St. Louis couple who pointed guns at peaceful protesters
4 Right-wing and pro-gun media selectively highlight recent gun violence incidents to dismiss calls to “defund the police”
5 Florida Alert! West Virginia AG: Coronavirus Does Not Erase 2nd Amendment Rights
6 Florida Alert! Gun Control Group Launches Voter Registration Campaign
7 Inside the Beltway: Evangelical pastors determined to rally 25 million faith voters
8 Florida Alert! Johns Hopkins Study: No Evidence 'Assault Weapon' Bans Reduce Mass Shootings
9 Bill Galvano defends 2018 Mike Bloomberg contributions from Don Jr. attack
10 FBI: More People Killed by Hammers, Clubs than with Rifles of Any Kind
11 “Stand Your Ground” Benefits The Vulnerable In Society
12 CA Democrat Lawmakers Releasing Violent Criminals From Prison, While Imposing Gun Control Laws on Citizens
13 New Study Shows How Gun Control Has Not Slowed Violence in Mexico
14 When Gun Control Fails
15 Anti-Gun Politicians: Blocking Out The Facts About Suppressors
16 Campus Carry: Nearly 15 Years With Zero Crimes By Concealed Carriers
17 Where Would We Stand Without Heller?
18 CCX2 S01E17: Live With Jordan Stein, Gun Owners Of America
19 NRA: Coronavirus Lockdowns Show Danger of Waiting Periods on Gun Purchases
20 Guns & Public Safety
21 Universal Background Checks Unenforceable Without Gun Registry
22 ATF Associate Deputy Director: Time To Reconsider Regulations On Suppressors, “Assault Weapons”
23 Broken Research: Stanford Professor Claims RTC Laws Increase Violent Crime
24 American Sniper Fans Are Upset Bradley Cooper Attended the DNC
25 Death rates from guns, traffic accidents converging
26 Kamala Harris Says She Would Use Executive Action to Take Gun Dealers' Licenses Away
27 Navy Yard Shooting: Clinton Blamed for Bush-Era Military Gun Order
28 The Bubble: Hillary 'never misses a chance to exploit a tragedy,' conservatives say
29 159 Times More Likely Struck, Killed By Car Than Shot, Killed In Mass Shooting
30 Crying on TV doesn't qualify Kimmel to set nation's gun agenda | TheHill
31 China Knife Attack Shows Gun Control Makes the Vulnerable More Vulverable
32 Protest Planned as Crossroads Gun Show Returns to Del Mar Fairgrounds
33 WikiLeaks and undercover sting ‘uncover’ a Clinton gun plan that’s been public for months
34 Tim McGraw’s Sandy Hook Show Sparks Controversy, Billy Currington Bails
35 Toby Keith Was For Guns Before He Was Against Them
36 Store Owner in Gun Battle Manages to Shoot, Kill Suspect Armed with Shotgun
37 Hypocrite Mark Kelly Testifies in Favor of Gun Control, Then Goes Shooting
38 If 2nd Amendment Doesn't Protect AK-47s, 1st Amendment Doesn't Protect Modern Media
39 Giffords' Gun Control Group Targets Another Female Military Member
40 Cartoonist Murphy Attacks NRA Americans w/ Crucifixion Toon
41 Jack in the Box Would 'Prefer' Guests Not Bring Guns Inside Restaurants
42 CNN: Blame Failed Mental Health System for Mass Shootings, Not NRA
43 NRA To GA Elections Supervisor: Lift Ban On NRA Hats In Polling Places 'Immediately'
44 Variety: By Bypassing Congress, Gun Control Lobby Can Bypass The NRA
45 Washington Post Insists: Private Gun Ownership Makes Police Less Safe
46 Georgia Voters Told To Remove 'Offensive' NRA Hats Before Voting
47 Black Friday Gun Sales Boom: Nearly Three Background Checks Every Second
48 Joe Biden Schedules First Gun Control Talk Trying to Restoke Gun Control Fires
49 Democrats Run As Pro-Gun To Get Elected, Then War Against Guns/Freedom
50 NRA's American Rifleman Replaces Maxim in Magazine Top 25
51 Restaurant Workers Hide In Freezer from Open Carry Activists
52 Sandy Hook Report: Adam Lanza Broke Laws to Acquire Guns, Broke More Laws Using Them
53 Gun News of the Week: Credit-Card Sized Pistol Gives Your Wallet More Bang with Your Bucks
54 Today in Conservative Media: Stop Using Grieving Kids to Do Your Anti-Gun Dirty Work
55 Gun Control Proponent: Addressing Sexual Assault Shouldn't Be Tied to Arming Women
56 US Military Launching 'Strike Team' To Deal With Ebola Cases In America
57 Chart of the day: More guns, less gun violence between 1993 and 2013
58 Why Donald Trump’s dramatic swing on gun control won’t last
59 Pentagon To Destroy $1.2 Billion in Ammunition Amid Widespread Shortage
60 Juan Williams Wife Robbed & Now Wishes She Had a Gun
61 Natural Rights vs Human Rights
62 Obama Meets With Gabby Giffords, Praises Her Gun Control Efforts
63 SC gun store sells ‘No Beto’ AR-15 part, targeting presidential candidate
64 Papa John's Pizza Delivery Woman With Gun in Her Face, Shoots Bad Guy in The Head
65 Opposing the UN Arms Trade Treaty is a Winning Campaign Issue for Romney
66 Gun News of the Week: Defect Could Affect 500000 Sig Sauer P320 Handguns in U.S.
67 Democrats Ask Mike Bloomberg to Back Off Gun Control Push
68 Right-wing media outlets call Parkland survivor David Hogg a Nazi
69 Nation Invokes Truman for Gun Control, But He Loved Guns & the NRA
70 Gabby Giffords Is A "Human Shield"
71 Moms Demand Action Harasses Alan Jackson & Jeff Foxworthy
72 Obama Knew About Fast And Furious In May 2010
73 Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Convicted on 20 Counts of Corruption
74 Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possible
75 Turning Point USA advisory council member pushes QAnon smear
76 Should the Assault Weapons Ban Be Reinstated?
77 Hoplophobes Forced Duke to Pull Photo of Basketball Team Holding 'Laser Guns' at West Point
78 Concealed Carry Proves Guns Are The Solution To Gun Violence
79 Armed Robber Killed by Concealed Carry Permit Holder VIDEO
80 Air Force Pilot Martha McSally Targeted & Harassed by Gabby Giffords Gun Control Group
81 California Gun Owners Pushing For Open Carry Of Firearms In State
82 Gun Stories of the Week: New Jersey Gun Laws Turn Legal M1 Carbine Owner into Felon
83 Gun, Ammo Sales Surge Higher After Boston Marathon Bombing
84 Chechen President: America to Blame for Actions of Bombers
85 Parolee Escapes from Police, Gets Shot by Armed Female Homeowner
86 Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Says Company Destroyed $5 Million Worth of Assault Rifles to Take Them 'Off the Street'
87 Ruger Firearms Being 'Forced' Out of California Due to Microstamping Boondoggle
88 Santa Deliverers 1.5 Million Firearms For Christmas
89 Conservative media is coming out against banning 'bump stocks' used in Las Vegas shooting
90 Give Us Your Guns, We'll Give You A Flu Shot
91 Jesse James Launches Firearm Manufacturing Company Featuring AR's & 1911's
92 Sen. Manchin: Pro-Gun in 2010, Pro-Gun Control in 2012, Strangely Silent Now
93 When CBS Guest Says Ar-15 Norah O'donnell Hears 'Full-Auto'
94 Gun-Homicide Rate Decreased as Gun Ownership Increased
95 Two Guns For Plinking & Self Defense
96 Gabby Giffords: My Pledge
97 McAuliffe Worries Virginians Buy 'Mail Order Guns' to Avoid Background Checks
98 Oregon School Board: Teachers with Concealed Licenses Can Carry in Classrooms
99 Biden: Four Senators Want To Change Their Vote & Support Gun Control
100 'Duck Dynasty' Ratings Reveal USA's Appetite for God, Guns, Family