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1 AWS introduces Proton container management service
2 AWS Expands EKS, ECS 'Anywhere,' Proffers Proton Platform
3 AWS re:Invent Day 1: Top 5 announcements include machine learning, storage innovations, and container capabilities
4 Container Workloads on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms
5 How AWS is computing the future of the cloud
6 Instana Announces its Automated Application Monitoring and Observability Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
7 Docker Releases Plugin for Simplified Deployments into AWS ECS and Fargate
8 RBL Bank selects Amazon Web Services for cloud service
9 Containers Running on EKS and AWS Fargate Can Now Use Amazon Elastic File System
10 Containers Running on ECS and AWS Fargate Can Now Use Amazon Elastic File System
11 The challenges of keeping a strong cloud security posture
12 AWS Adds Direct Storage to ECS, Fargate
13 Threat Stack Announces Availability of Container Security Monitoring for AWS Fargate
14 The ALB Ingress Controller Is Now the AWS Load Balancer Controller
15 McAfee MVISION CNAPP enhances cloud-native security by integrating with AWS
16 AWS Announces AWS Fargate for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)
17 Exclusive with AWS chief Andy Jassy: The wakeup call for cloud adoption
18 Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform extends security observability to AWS Fargate tasks
19 Q&A on Container Scaling with Fargate
20 Threat Stack Announces Support for AWS Fargate
21 Sysdig announces automated inline image scanning for AWS Fargate containers
22 Fintech startup YeLo Bank wins AWS Startup Architecture Challenge of the Year 2020 India finals
23 What's the point: AWS Fargate hits 1.4, Sysdig gets deeper into IBM Cloud, Google's SRE tome, Nomad and Go updates
24 Building Kubernetes-Ready Applications: Docker on AWS Fargate
25 Forget AWS Lambda, Kubernetes AND Fargate
26 What is AWS Fargate?
27 AWS makes Amazon EKS generally available on Graviton2
28 Sysdig Boosts AWS Security with the First Automated Inline Scanning for Fargate
29 McAfee Announces Native AWS Integrations
30 AWS opens the Fargate to Kubernetes
31 Software Engineer
32 AWS to Meld Containerd and Fargate
33 AWS Fargate: What It Is, and Why It Matters
34 Docker Collaborates with AWS to Help Developers Speed Delivery of Modern Apps to the Cloud
35 A short guide to AWS Savings Plans, and how this impacts system integrators
36 AWS Bottlerocket Now Generally Available
37 The 12 Coolest AWS Tools Of 2020 (So Far)
38 Amazon Announces New Command Line Interface Tool AWS Copilot
39 AWS Announces Two New Container Capabilities—Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) and AWS Fargate
40 AWS Fargate lets you run containers without managing infrastructure
41 Containers 101: AWS, Docker and how to choose a container service
42 From Docker Straight to AWS
43 How AWS Fargate fits into Amazon's container offerings
44 Amazon Announces AWS Firelens – a New Way to Manage Container Logs
45 With Fargate, AWS wants to make containers more cloud native
46 AWS Brings ECS, EFS Service Closer
47 Docker Collaborates with AWS To Streamline Container Workflow
48 Datadog Announces Support for AWS Fargate for Amazon EKS
49 Docker Announces Open Source Compose for AWS ECS & Microsoft ACI
50 Trend Micro integrates with AWS to enhance agility and automation in cloud security
51 AWS preps its own library of public Docker container images
52 CloudPassage Moves Halo Cloud's Fully-containerized Microservices Architecture to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
53 Create Serverless Containers in AWS
54 AWS uses Firecracker to blow-up Fargate price list • DEVCLASS
55 GitLab 12.10 adds requirements management, Jira integration & more
56 AWS Takes Graham’s News Channel Production from Ground to Cloud
57 Amazon Teases Image Registry to Duck Docker
58 How do I apply ECS auto scaling to my containerized apps?
59 Qualys Adds Runtime Defense Capabilities and Automated Enforcement to its Container Security Solution
60 Securing and Protecting Containers in AWS Fargate
61 CloudPassage Expands Cloud Security Capabilities for Docker, Kubernetes, and Container-related Services on AWS
62 A cloud services cheat sheet for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
63 Cloud experts weigh in on AWS container capabilities
64 Whats the point: AWS extends savings to Lambda, Azure drills on costs, Travis goes large, OAS goes 3.0.3
65 Forget AWS Lambda, so long Kubernetes
66 AWS rolls out unique cost-control option, but vendor remains pricey
67 Containers have peaked – brace yourself for the serverless takeover
68 Threat Stack Announces Two Key Executive Hires Amid Strong Growth in 2020
69 CodeGuru, AWS’s AI code reviewer and performance profiler, is now generally available
70 AWS gets API with HTTP Gateway
71 Deepfence announces support for securing workloads running in AWS Fargate
72 Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit Sneak Peek
73 Why the Serverless Revolution Has Stalled
74 An Exploratory Guide to the Service Mesh Platforms – The New Stack
75 Trend Micro's AWS Integration Adds Security to DevOps Toolbox
76 EKS vs GKE vs AKS
77 Implement serverless architecture on AWS without Lambda
78 Cisco Buys Kubernetes Security, DevOps Startup Portshift
79 How Liberty Mutual is transforming its IT using serverless computing
80 Compare serverless tools and services in the public cloud
81 Sysdig Extends Prometheus Monitoring to Amazon CloudWatch
82 Q&A with Amazon's Deepak Singh Regarding Bottlerocket, Containers and EC2
83 Hands On: AWS Bottlerocket vs Google Container-Optimized OS
84 AWS Savings Plans: What they are and why you should care
85 AWS Firecracker: 10 things every tech pro should know
86 AWS CEO Andy Jassy's 'Very Ambitious Plan' To Keep AWS On Top
87 Recap of AWS re:Invent 2019
88 Deploying Microservices on AWS
89 Docker's developer pivot is hitting the mark, executives say
90 Deploying Docker Containers Using an AWS CodePipeline for DevOps
91 Amazon Introduces Saving Plans for AWS Compute Services
92 AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry Available for Public Preview
93 Former rivals at OpenTelemetry lock in tracing specification, to focus on metrics next
94 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 01 October 2020
95 CloudPassage Granted Patent for Container Security
96 Amazon Announces the Preview of AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK)
97 Intuz is Strengthening Cloud Computing with the Strong Evolvement in IoT
98 Review the top sessions from recent cloud conferences
99 OpenNebula 5.12 "Firework" Release: Bringing Serverless Computing to the Enterprise Cloud
100 How can Serverless technologies Benefit DevOps?