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1 Turn AWS Lambda Functions Stateful with Amazon Elastic File System
2 Frictionless Instrumentation with Lambda Layers
3 Itaú Unibanco Selects AWS as Its Long-Term Strategic Cloud Provider to Accelerate Digital Transformation
4 BBC Online Going Serverless
5 How to Automate Data Labelling with Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth
6 Managing Lambdas Across Regions and Accounts
7 Exclusive with AWS chief Andy Jassy: The wakeup call for cloud adoption
8 AWS Introduces the Event Replay and Archive Capability in Its Eventbridge Service
9 AWS Plans Three-Zone Cloud Region In Switzerland For 2022
10 Persistent Achieves AWS Financial Services Competency Status
11 Multi-year migration of BBC Online to the cloud 'nearing completion', broadcaster confirms
12 Understanding Your Serverless System’s Architecture with Thundra
13 Redwood offers full-stack, serverless Jamstack
14 The Right Way of Tracing AWS Lambda Functions
15 Amazon: We're hiring software engineers who know programming language Rust
16 HashiCorp Supports AWS Lambda Extensions for Serverless Security
17 AWS outage impacts thousands of online services
18 Amazon Web Services (AWS) for pros
19 Going Serverless with AWS Lambda and API Gateway
20 How to Overcome Challenges With AWS Lambda Logging
21 What are AWS Lambda Extensions and How It will Foster Serverless?
22 Report: AWS Lambda Is Big Serverless Computing Hit, Especially with Containers
23 A Brief Introduction to Serverless Computing
24 Amazon Announces Elastic File System (EFS) Support for AWS Lambda
25 What's multi-cloud? And why should developers care?
26 Cloudflare Takes On AWS Lambda@Edge With A Cheaper And Faster Serverless Platform
27 Boost Your Cloud Computing Knowledge Today | MakeUseOf
28 The Evolution of Cloud Security Posture Management
29 Leveraging AWS, how WealthDesk is building a B2B2C SaaS platform to capture the entire investment, asset manag
30 Datadog Announces Integration with Amazon Elastic File System for AWS Lambda
31 Persistent Achieves AWS Service Delivery Designation for AWS Lambda, a Serverless Compute Service
32 An Introduction to Microservices and Serverless
33 Working with Thundra in AWS SAM
34 What Makes Serverless Hard And How Can Thundra Help
35 Thundra achieves AWS Lambda Ready designation with observability and debugging efforts for serverless applications
36 Datadog Sees Spike in AWS Lambda Serverless Adoption
37 Datadog now supports Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda on Amazon Web Services
38 Forget AWS Lambda, Kubernetes AND Fargate
39 Mono- or Multi-Repository: A Dilemma in the Serverless World
40 Intergral announces AWS Lambda support on its next-gen NerdVision debugging platform
41 Report: AWS Lambda Dominates as Serverless Adoption Grows
42 Ahead of re:Invent, Amazon Updates AWS Lambda
43 Vendia raises $5.1M for its multicloud serverless platform
44 Cloud 2030: Driving from transforming IT to transforming every business
45 The Full Guide to AWS Lambda Cold Starts – IT Business Net
46 How do I compare AWS Lambda vs. Azure Functions for serverless?
47 An overview of how AWS changed Lambda for the enterprise market
48 Experts explain how AWS Lambda works internally
49 Most Relevant Advanced Analytics And Data Science Use Cases in 2020
50 SPR Achieves the AWS Service Delivery Designation for AWS Lambda
51 Speed up AWS Lambda cold starts with these strategies
52 Publishing Applications From the AWS Serverless Application Repository
53 What is AWS Lambda?
54 Three Types of Serverless Monitoring Metrics on AWS
55 Debug Your Python Functions Locally
56 Comparing AWS, Google, and Microsoft for Serverless
57 What is Amazon cloud’s Lambda and why is it a big deal?
58 Cloudflare Wants to Eat AWS's Serverless Lunch
59 AWS serverless architecture drives SBA's Lender Gateway for PPP loans
60 How AWS Lambda Serverless Works
61 AWS Lambda Makes Serverless Applications A Reality
62 AWS announces a slew of new Lambda features
63 Yan Cui on Serverless, Including Orchestration/Choreography, Distributed Tracing, & More
64 The AWS Serverless LAMP Stack: the Future of PHP or Vendor Lock-in?
65 Serverless Days 2020 Looks at Future of Serverless Architecture
66 7 open source tools that make AWS Lambda better
67 AWS warms Lambda devs' hearts, promises end to cold starts
68 Datadog Announces Distributed Tracing for AWS Step Functions
69 Whats the point: AWS extends savings to Lambda, Azure drills on costs, Travis goes large, OAS goes 3.0.3
70 The Comforts of GraphQL with AWS AppSync
71 AWS Lambda, a serverless computing framework: A cheat sheet
72 Cloud developers are falling in love with serverless computing
73 How to use AWS
74 Stackery lets AWS Lambda developers debug their serverless programs locally on a laptop
75 AWS Step Functions – Doing Serverless is Easier Than You Think
76 What’s new in AWS Lambda
77 Breaking Down Serverless Anti-Patterns
78 Change to AWS Lambda Networking Reduces Cold Start Time for VPC Customers
79 Adopting Observability to Pull Yourself Out of the Pits of Serverless Anti-Patterns
80 AWS Lambda tutorial: Get started with serverless computing
81 AWS Lambda v Amazon ECS – two paths to one goal, which is best?
82 AWS Lambda (Amazon Web Services Lambda)
83 Why the Serverless Revolution Has Stalled
84 Using Serverless Backends to Iterate Quickly on Web Apps
85 news digest: Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes 2.0, Stackery achieves AWS Lambda Ready Designation, and DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud
86 Amazon Launches Lambda, An Event-Driven Compute Service
87 How AWS Lambda’s serverless functions work
88 AWS Serverless Application Model Supports Step Functions State Machines
89 Securing Serverless: Attacking an AWS Account via a ...
90 Modern development
91 Forget AWS Lambda, so long Kubernetes
92 Review: AWS Lambda redefines 'on demand'
93 Google Cloud Development Updates: Functions Service, Container Building
94 Datadog Announces Support for Streaming Logs with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
95 Compare serverless tools and services in the public cloud
96 Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Gains Delivery to HTTP Endpoints
97 TriggerMesh brings AWS Lambda serverless computing to Kubernetes
98 AWS Lambda alternatives for flexible cloud workloads
99 Increasing serverless capabilities are pushing architecture to market maturity
100 Using confidential computing to protect Function-as-a-Service data