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1 BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report: Are Hackers Increasingly Targeting MSSPs?
2 AZORult Variant, Other Malware Payloads Delivered by Multi-Pronged Attack Campaign
3 AZORult Trojan Uses Fake ProtonVPN Installer to Disguise Attacks
4 Malicious coronavirus map hides AZORult info-stealing malware
5 Chrome 80 encryption change blocks AZORult password stealer
6 Password and credit card-stealing Azorult malware adds new tricks
7 Backdoored cryptocurrency software found serving AZORult malware
8 Azorult Trojan Steals Passwords While Hiding as Google Update
9 Leading Game Publishers Hit Hard by Leaked-Credential Epidemic
10 Hackers impersonate top VPN to steal cryptocurrency
11 The AZORult Legacy Lives On. Hello AZORult++!
12 AZORult Trojan Serving Aurora Ransomware by MalActor Oktropys
13 Fake Windows PC Cleaner Drops AZORult Info-Stealing Trojan
14 Chrome 80 update cripples top cybercrime marketplace
15 Cybercriminals leveraging coronavirus outbreak to execute ransomware attacks
16 Fake BleachBit Website Built to Distribute AZORult Info Stealer
17 Cybercriminals taking advantage of the Coronavirus
18 Fake Pirate Chick VPN Pushed AZORult Info Stealing Trojan
19 Infostealers Already Cracking Chrome’s Latest Updates
20 Beware of Spam with Fake Invoices Pushing Hermes 2.1 Ransomware and AZORult
21 Hacking hospitals: ransom notes and dark web chatter from health-care extortionists
22 Malware Unfazed by Google Chrome's New Password, Cookie Encryption
23 STOP Ransomware Installing Password Stealing Trojans on Victims
24 Major BEC Phishing Ring Cracked Open with 3 Arrests
25 Updated AZORult info stealer/downloader used to spread ransomware shortly after appearing on dark web | SC Media
26 Sales of CEO email accounts may give cyber criminals access to the "crown jewels" of a company
27 Phishing in the Time of COVID-19: How to Recognize Malicious Coronavirus Phishing Scams
28 Global shipping industry attacked by coronavirus-themed malware
29 Hackers revive years-old malware to exploit mass remote working
30 A look at the top threats inside malicious emails
31 Zorab Ransomware Disguised as Ransomware Decryptor
32 Business Executives’ Logins Sold on Russian Hacking Forum; Accounts Can Be Used for BEC Scams
33 Analysis of 92 billion rejected emails uncovers threat actors' motivations
34 Hacker claims to be selling C-suite executives' Microsoft credentials
35 Interpol Arrests 3 Nigerian BEC Scammers For Targeting Over 500,000 Entities
36 Interpol Arrests Three in BEC Scam | Decipher
37 Coronavirus map used to spread malware • Graham Cluley
38 Nigerian hackers behind extensive BEC scams arrested
39 Coronavirus scams to watch out for
40 Coronavirus Scams: Phishing Websites & Emails Target Unsuspecting Users
41 SonicWall Research Team Flags off 5 top Cyberattacks in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic
42 Raccoon Malware Capable of Stealing Information From Nearly 60 Applications
43 Cyberthreats target COVID-19 opportunities, according to Nokia
44 News Authorities Warn of Fake COVID-19 Map That Contains Malware
45 Hacker selling hundreds of CEO, CFO email passwords on dark web
46 Spamhaus Botnet Threat Update: Q1-2019
47 Scammers Use Coronavirus Map To Spread Malware
48 Warning: Coronavirus outbreak map will allow hackers to infect your PC with malware
49 Hackers are using Covid-19 disruption to infiltrate corporate networks
50 Malware gang uses .NET library to generate Excel docs that bypass security checks
51 Bitbucket Abused to Infect 500,000+ Hosts with Malware Cocktail
52 Hack Of C-Suite Email Addresses Portends Surge In BEC Fraud
53 Fileless Malware Tops Critical Endpoint Threats for 1H 2020
54 Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques: COVID-19 Puts Attackers in Overdrive
55 Emotet Reigns in Sandbox's Top Malware Threats of 2019
56 Coronavirus tracking app locks up Android phones for ransom | SC Media
57 Power Company Has Security Breach Due to Downloaded Game
58 Researchers find a new malware-friendly hosting site after a spike in attacks
59 Cybercriminals prey on healthcare panic to spread malware
60 Spamhaus Botnet Threat Update: Q2-2020
61 Cyber-Criminals Mimicking Global Brand Domain Names to Launch Scams
62 Nasty phishing scams aim to exploit coronavirus fears
63 Number of Botnet Command & Control Servers Soared ...
64 Cybercriminals flooding the web with coronavirus-themed spam and malware
65 Hacker Uses Drake's "Kiki Do You Love Me" In Malware Attack
66 Hackers Launch Widespread Botnet Attack on Crypto Wallets Using Cheap Russian Malware
67 New Malvertising Campaign Launched by Domen Social Engineering Toolkit
68 The most popular brand websites that hackers use for typosquatting campaigns
69 Malicious site poses as global coronavirus map, officials say
70 New Loader Variant Behind Widespread Malware Attacks
71 Malvertising Campaign Delivers Vidar Information Stealer and GandCrab Ransomware
72 War on the Rocks Paging a Joint Task Force: Cyber Defense of Pandemic Medical Infrastructure
73 Summer dip in malware attacks credited to World Cup drama
74 How hackers are exploiting the coronavirus—and how to protect yourself
75 Beware! YouTube Tutorials Offering Counter-Strike, PUBG and Rust Game Cheats Inject Data-Stealing Malware
76 Odix is disarming the growing malware threat
77 On the dark web everything sells for less, including email account details of CEOs and CFOs
78 Delroy McLean | Dealing with cybersecurity | Commentary
79 A dozen US web servers are spreading 10 malware families, Necurs link suspected
80 Coronavirus outbreak used by hackers to spread malware
81 Previous More Phishing Campaigns Tied to Coronavirus Fears
82 8 ways attackers are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis
83 Fake CS: GO, PUBG, Rust Cheats Push Password-Stealing Trojan
84 Google Issues Bug Fixes For Chrome, Thwarts Cyber Crime Store
85 Microsoft Office is more dangerous than you think: Docs deliver 45% of all malware
86 SilverTerrier BEC scammers target US govt healthcare agencies
87 Three Nigerians Arrested for Cybercrime Operation Targeting 150 Countries
88 Scammers capitalizing on coronavirus pandemic to target people in Delaware, police warn
89 Dridex’s Bag of Tricks: An Analysis of its Masquerading and Code Injection Techniques
90 Threat Group Uses, BlogSpot, Pastebin to Deliver Trojans, RATs
91 Emotet’s Central Position in the Malware Ecosystem
92 Chinese hackers and others are exploiting coronavirus fears for cyber espionage
93 500,000+ computers compromised by malware hosted on Bitbucket
94 The Impact of Coronavirus on Cybersecurity
95 Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Emotet: Filling inboxes with infected XML macros
96 A new Equation Editor exploit goes commercial, as maldoc attacks using it spike
97 Gone phishing! Organizations don’t have to be reeled in to malicious attacks
98 How Corporates Can Reduce Risk Of Cyber Threats For Work From Home Employees?
99 RiskIQ Assesses Cybercriminal Threats in Wake of the Coronavirus
100 SmokeLoader malware downloader enters list of most wanted malware