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1 Two weeks to fiscal snapshot, Liberals see credit rating downgrade
2 Prince Harry and Meghan left Canadian taxpayers with security bill of over $40000 after stay at $18M mansion
3 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's visit to Canada cost taxpayers $40K
4 Megxit cost Canadian taxpayers more than $55,000 in security detail
5 Canada taxpayer £33000 Duke and Duchess of Sussex security costs
6 Going their separate ways: Scrutiny grows on bond between William and Harry
7 Letters July 4: Less LRT, more street clearing
8 Don't be so quick to judge CERB recipients as fraudsters, experts say
9 Aaron Wudrick: 14 things to keep the same in Canada — like FOI requests, taxi price wars and (lack of) question period decorum
10 Aaron Wudrick: Greedy political parties shouldn't be dipping into the wage subsidy fund
11 Harry and Meghan's security cost Canadians over £30k during first half of their stay
12 Aaron Wudrick: Time for MPs to take a pay cut
13 France's digital services tax is a cautionary tale for Canada
14 Government must crack down on horses committing CERB fraud, says head of Canadian Taxpayers Federation
15 World to Canada: You’re raising your carbon tax during a global pandemic?
16 Aaron Wudrick: Frequent government sick days are an unhealthy development
17 Here's a radical idea: Slash or temporarily eliminate business taxes if you truly want to juice the economy
18 PressProgress
19 Bombardier is finally behaving like a normal business after endless subsidies from taxpayers
20 Accountability reforms needed in wake of SNC-Lavalin affair
21 National federation asking federal government to freeze the carbon tax increase
22 Taxpayers Federation launches petition opposing taxpayer support for Duke and Duchess of Sussex
23 WUDRICK: Bombardier cashes out while taxpayers get stiffed
24 Do the math: Lower taxes and Trans Mountain pipeline are two promises Trudeau can keep
25 Petition launched to stop taxpayer money funding royals in Canada
26 The Duke and Duchess of Sussex face backlash as Canadian taxpayers face prospect of paying millions of pounds for their security
27 Two thirds of Canadians believe MPs should take a pay cut during pandemic
28 WUDRICK: To begin unifying Canada, start by scrapping the carbon tax
29 Sorry Brits, we Canadian taxpayers will never foot the security bill for Harry and Meghan
30 WUDRICK: Time to tear down 24 Sussex
31 Andrew Scheer is right. It's time to end corporate welfare in Canada
32 WUDRICK: Conservatives get it right with universal tax cut pledge
33 Aaron Wudrick
34 OPINION: Ottawa’s carbon tax dealt a huge blow in Alberta
35 Why won't Ottawa do anything to rein in equine identity theft?
36 Liberals ready to fulfil promises in 2020 budget
37 Carbon tax not taking a break during pandemic
38 Canadians don’t mind if Harry and Meghan stay a while. But they don’t want to pay for them.
39 EDITORIAL: The carbon tax – it’s still not necessary
40 'Clock is ticking': feds should release fiscal update, recovery plan soon, says Page
41 WUDRICK: Morneau needs to lay out a plan to balance the budget – and stick to it
42 Why the Liberals might scrap their carbon tax plans (no, really)
43 COMMENTARY: As COVID-19 hits Canada’s bottom line, MPs should share the pain
44 Feds spent $118K on event tickets in 6 months including $10K for Cirque du Soleil, Bryan Adams
45 Taxpayers on hook for PM's travel on trips that included campaign-style events
46 Canadians count the cost of hosting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
47 Canadian Taxpayers Fed calls on MPs to cut pay during COVID-19 crisis
48 ‘Victory!’ Tax campaigner welcomes Trudeau decision on Meghan and Harry security costs
49 CTF Calls On Ottawa To Postpone Tax Hikes
50 WUDRICK: Trudeau’s broken promises cost $100 billion and counting
51 An end to taxpayer-funded subsidies, under NAFTA
52 Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for a freeze on carbon tax during Covid-19 crisis
53 Council salary increase could 'annoy' taxpayers, says expert
54 The Yukon government has won an award it probably didn't want to win
55 Monarchy on the brink: Meghan and Harry could kill off royals in Canada, expert warns
56 Should Parliament take a pay cut?
57 The annual government waste awards announced – RCI | English
58 WUDRICK: Frequent government sick days are an unhealthy development
59 Ottawa hiked carbon tax during crisis, other nations reduced theirs
60 Even with empty roads, northern gas prices are still rising
61 Harry and Meghan: The big question Canadians have about move
62 Canadian Taxpayers Federation criticizes City of Winnipeg’s handling of Omand’s Creek bridge fracas
63 Federal agents instructed to ignore dubious EI, CERB claims: report
64 Canadian taxpayers to face biggest deficit in history
65 WUDRICK: A pop tax is a bad idea
66 Time for MPs to take a pay cut
67 Outgoing West Van MP to get $98K severance
68 Canadian taxpayers hail 'victory' as country confirms it won't fund Harry and Meghan's security
69 Aaron Wudrick: A carbon tax solves nothing
70 The good, the bad and the ugly: 3 tax changes coming to Canada in 2020 you should know about
71 Demand grows for Harry and Meghan to reimburse Canadian taxpayers who footed million-dollar security bill
72 Survey Supports MP's Pay Cut
73 Canadian taxpayers will reportedly pay Prince Harry and Meghan's huge security bill
74 Taxpayers footed bill for $4.5M in trips by MP spouses, partners over last 4 years
75 WUDRICK: Imagine if we treated all rich people the way we treat Kawhi
76 GUEST COLUMN: Trudeau has a short memory when it comes to the fate of Ontario Liberals
77 Should politicians take a COVID-19 paycut? – RCI | English
78 Ottawa extends tax deadline to June 1 due to coronavirus
79 Federal agency spent thousands on Cirque du Soleil, Canucks tickets
80 Tax advocate, heritage expert agree: Don't let 24 Sussex fall into further disrepair
81 Labour Day Reality Check: Federal bureaucrats take 77% more sick days than private sector workers
82 Canada govt receives flak for allowing pay hike for MPs amid Covid-19 outbreak
83 Misleading Trudeau 'joke' video demonstrates the political power of editing
84 FUREY: Trudeau refuses to scrap carbon tax hike during COVID-19 crisis
85 Court of Appeal sides with Loblaw in $368 million tax evasion case involving Barbados bank
86 Taxpayers to reportedly fund $1.9 million Megxit bill
87 OPINION: Supporting Bombardier, aerospace industry: A profitable investment for Canada
88 Sweetgrass residents protest over-budget housing project
89 LILLEY: Trudeau hands MasterCard a gift of your money
90 Juice the recovery by cutting taxes, getting out of the way
91 Prince Harry warned against ALIENATING Canadians with climate change campaign
92 Queen risks being undermined in Canada over Governor General's expenses scandal
93 Time for politicians to take a pay cut
94 Justin Trudeau tops Canadian Taxpayers Federation Teddy Awards for government waste
95 Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan to Chrysler, plus interest, docs show
96 PM shrugs off 'few' CERB fraudsters, saying Ottawa didn't want to 'paralyze' payments program with checks
97 WUDRICK: The CRA fails Canadians in more ways than one
98 Double-edged ruling for offshore banks
99 There will be no such thing as painless national pharmacare
100 Canadians need help now – so cut their taxes