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1 Academia Sinica receives trove of diplomatic files
2 Academia Sinica team finds potential curb to fatty liver
3 Nobel Prize Summit virtual event to discuss climate change
4 Retired diplomat donates 40 years' worth of diplomatic files to Taiwan
5 Earthquakes in Taiwan are linked to seasonal changes in water levels
6 The 'good luck' snack that makes Taiwan's technology behave
7 Effects of Asthma on the Pulmonary Function and Obesity | JAA
8 Taiwanese researchers suggest new treatment for COVID-19: study
9 Taiwan headline news
10 Cabinet hears plans to bolster Taiwan's semiconductor industry
11 Researchers suggest new treatment for COVID-19
12 6 FDA-approved drugs show promising results against COVID-19
13 Astronomers image magnetic fields at the edge of M87's black hole
14 Ministry panned over vaccine injury policy
15 Taiwan's Academia Sinica, A Vibrant Hub with Over 100 Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships
16 Residence hall names honor McClintock, Hu, Cayuga Nation | Cornell Chronicle
17 Test of endurance
18 Academia Sinica chief 1st Taiwanese to get major Israeli award
19 Taiwan's manufacturing activity remains in expansion mode
20 Why Vietnamese youth are not in the #MilkTeaAlliance, for now
21 Academia Sinica launches network to track SARS-CoV-2 variants
22 Taiwan's Academia Sinica, Japan launch massive Chinese character database
23 Taiwan's Academia Sinica uses cluster analysis to identify dominant SARS-CoV-2 strain
24 Academia Sinica predicts Taiwanese COVID-19 vaccine unavailable before mid-2021
25 Fan Yun reiterates call for Academia Sinica name change
26 Academia Sinica highlights problems in Taiwan's digital ID scheme
27 Taiwan finds 5 pharmaceuticals effective at suppressing COVID
28 New images of M87’s supermassive black hole reveal magnetized ring around it
29 Scholar at Taiwan's Academia Sinica explores early Spanish-Japanese relations
30 Academia Sinica members raise citizenship issue
31 Academia Sinica and Polish counterpart hold talks on virus control
32 Former Taiwan Academia Sinica professor exposed for faking data
33 Head of Taiwan's Academia Sinica resigns
34 Study identifies a host of agents with anti-SARS-CoV-2 potential
35 Analysis of genomic distributions of SARS-CoV-2 reveals a dominant strain type with strong allelic associations
36 4 Taiwan Academia Sinica scholars confirmed with coronavirus
37 Taiwan's Academia Sinica finds powerful inhibitor to fight Wuhan coronavirus
38 Taiwanese scholar enters semifinals in post-quantum cryptography competition
39 Taiwan's Academia Sinica creates 'social distancing logo'
40 Taiwan's economy to grow by more than 3% in 2021: Think tanks
41 Virus Outbreak: Antibody testing, medicine advance: Academia Sinica
42 Taiwan's CPC sets up Advanced Catalysis Center amid falling fuel demand
43 'Academia Taiwanica' among name changes proposed by DPP for institute
44 Chinese bullying will only increase support for Taiwan: Scholar
45 ForaCare Suisse AG Releases Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test USA
46 Taiwanese researchers say continual mutation of coronavirus 'inevitable'
47 Law Expert Featured in World Media on US Relations with China and Taiwan
48 What Can We Learn From Taiwan’s Quarantine Experience?
49 Five potential treatments found, research team says
50 Study identifies new 'hidden' gene in COVID-19 virus: Overlapping gene in SARS-CoV-2 may have affected its biology and ability to spread
51 Usp11 controls cortical neurogenesis and neuronal migration through Sox11 stabilization
52 Academia Sinica member elected to prestigious American body
53 Taiwan researchers reveal pros, cons of urban wildlife
54 Academia Sinica president barred from leaving Taiwan
55 EU teams up with Taiwan's Academia Sinica against coronavirus
56 Taiwan aims high with quantum technology investment
57 Could Listening to the Deep Sea Help Save It?
58 Violent cosmic explosion revealed by ALMA: The merging of massive protostars?
59 Taiwan ex-Academia Sinica head found not guilty of graft charge
60 Biden softer on China: academic
61 NIA announces awards to foster healthy longevity innovations in low-income settings
62 Fungi have unexpected role to play in fight against climate change: Taiwanese researcher
63 Screening for Lung Cancer in Never-Smokers 'Feasible'
64 Team develops antibodies for rapid virus screening
65 Taiwan may face fewer typhoons
66 Massive stars in the early universe may have been progenitors of super-massive black holes
67 Chen Chien-jen becomes Taiwan's first vice president to give up pension
68 EMBO welcomes thirty Young Investigators
69 Taiwanese scientists develop decoy antibody to fight COVID-19
70 Former Taiwan Academia Sinica professor resigns at OSU for falsifying data
71 Methanol-converting bacteria developed
72 Taiwan and Russia develop real-time object detection system
73 Beetles can tell us much about human biodiversity
74 Researchers heal burns with fish peptide
75 Philippines to take part in 2 Taiwanese clinical trails for coronavirus vaccine
76 Bioluminescent tag to detect DNA break repair
77 SARS-CoV-2 Genome Study Reveals Dominant Strain
78 Taiwan government to support companies in quantum era
79 Expert lists reasons behind Taiwan's negative population growth
80 Taiwan might be China's next target, academic says
81 Can We Still Speak of Civilization?
82 Taiwan identifies new Covid drug more effective than remdesivir
83 Taiwanese researcher reveals insights into China's propaganda
84 Taiwan to be more vulnerable than thought to marine debris: study
85 Do gigantic stars from the past hold secrets to black holes? Scientists say so!
86 DNA-induced 2′3′-cGAMP enhances haplotype-specific human STING cleavage by dengue protease
87 Taiwan dispatches its first volcano drill alert
88 Taiwan's AI success difficult to replicate elsewhere: Academia Sinica expert
89 CES 2021 Jun Zhi integrated Taiwan's top research teams to develop SAA Cancer Screening Services
90 'Corals are being cooked': A third of Taiwan's reefs are dying
91 James Liao named as new candidate to helm Taiwan's Academia Sinica
92 Hong Kong Bankers Recruited by Taiwan After Security Law
93 More Taiwanese against China: poll
94 Study reveals key genetic mutations of nonsmokers
95 Taiwanese biochemist cleared of corruption
96 Taiwan vice president thanks citizens week before leaving office
97 Number of Hongkongers seeking residency in Taiwan reaches record high
98 CORONAVIRUS/Taiwan researchers tout effects of common herb against COVID-19
99 TIE 2020 Will Show a Path to a Smarter Future Forged by Taiwan's Resilience
100 Sensory cilia as the Achilles heel of nematodes when attacked by carnivorous mushrooms