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1 Greens push OECD to reject Mathias Cormann's leadership bid
2 Deputy PM Michael McCormack slams Greens' Adam Bandt
3 It's not that there's no time for a federal Icac. There's simply no will
5 Adam Bandt says gas is just as dirty as coal. Is he correct?
6 Queensland election: party insiders say minority government is increasingly likely
7 Qld votes: Greens leader Adam Bandt eyes federal election on ‘surging’ swing
8 Adam Bandt will 'sell out Australia to impose his philosophy'
9 Federal government gives environmental approval to controversial $3.6bn Narrabri gas project
10 Australia's wealthy to benefit most from next round of Coalition tax cuts
11 Dipping into super for first-home deposit gains crossbench support
12 Greens bring in Parliament's toughest bonk ban
13 People want an ICAC, Government offers them a sham: Bandt
14 Scott Morrison won't take action over Christian Porter and Alan Tudge inappropriate conduct allegations
15 Adam Bandt is well-placed to boost the Greens’ electoral fortunes
16 Kevin Rudd’s News Royal Commission Petition Has Reached A Record 500,000 Signatures
17 2 Articles by: Adam Bandt
18 Queensland Election: from ripple effect to shockwaves, look out
19 Inside the fight to control the climate agenda in the next parliament
20 Adam Bandt will be a tougher leader, but the challenge will be in broadening the Greens' appeal
21 Showdown looms over Jobmaker scheme
22 Adam Bandt: the Greens must provide hope there is an exit strategy from climate catastrophe
23 Coronavirus: iso hotel workers face ban on second jobs
24 Scott Morrison flags shift on Kyoto climate change carry-over credits
25 The Mocker: Greens leader Adam Bandt postures, virtue-signals as party slides to irrelevance
26 Politics with Michelle Grattan: Adam Bandt on Greens' hopes for future power sharing
27 Greens leader Adam Bandt says ‘years of cutting away’ at public service could have contributed to the bungled virus response
28 Sydney WorldPride Appoints Adam Zammit As Director, Partnership & Revenue
29 Letter of intent: Adam Bandt bids to woo big business
30 Adam Bandt urges another Labor-Greens coalition for climate action
31 The Australian Greens Must Democratize Their Party Structures
32 Adam Bandt's rise to political leadership
33 Greens renew call for Green New Deal, describe Morrison’s climate policies as “criminal”
34 'A leader for the times': Will voters get on the Bandtwagon?
35 Adam Bandt Wants To Form Government With Labor, Just Not This Labor
36 The Unbidden Missive: a Hercule Blairot Mystery
37 Adam Bandt condemns Liberals 'channelling Trump' after MP Sarah Henderson criticises Victoria's pandemic 'mistakes' on Q+A
38 Where are the Greens? As Di Natale leaves, Bandt must find a spotlight for his party in a pandemic
39 Greens leader Adam Bandt ‘not surprised’ by 3 per cent drop in primary vote
40 ‘ACT gain a Greens power pointer’
41 Australian Greens want power-sharing agreement with Labor if there's a hung parliament
42 Greens MP Adam Bandt defends senator who called major party politicians 'arsonists'
43 Greens leader Adam Bandt slams $270 billion defence plan saying Australia can't 'outgun China'
44 Change is possible: Australia needs a Green New Deal
45 ‘Appalling’: Adam Bandt rips Victoria’s public housing lockdown
46 'People are angry and anxious': Adam Bandt introduces climate emergency bill
48 Greens push for $3 billion aged care funding boost
49 Experts say it's unlikely Melbourne businesses are breaching the law by barring entry to maskless patrons
50 Greens warn Clean Energy Finance Corporation overhaul a 'Trojan horse for coal and gas'
51 Greens leader Adam Bandt calls for $3bn aged care funding investment plus investigate privatisation
52 LETTERS: Deforestation disaster to blame for climate crisis
53 Adam Bandt’s beverage leverage for Middle East peace
54 Adam Bandt Has Come Out Swinging, Calling Scott Morrison Our #1 Climate Enemy
55 As former Greens leaders, we ask members not to shut the party room out of leadership votes
56 Greens urge $300bn more debt as they seek to outflank Labor on Covid-19 recovery spending
57 Michelle Landry has offered to accompany Adam Bandt on a Qld tour
58 Greens push for more 'daddy' pay as a way out of the pink recession
59 Greens' mammoth investment plan to prevent a 'lost generation'
60 Greens to direct preferences to Labor in Eden-Monaro byelection
61 ‘Genuinely free public education’: Greens leader Adam Bandt wants fees scrapped in public schools
62 Adam Bandt elected unopposed as Greens leader
63 You’ve probably heard of the Green New Deal in the US — is it time for one in Australia?
64 Greens seek inquiry into privatisation | Guardian News | Nambucca Heads, NSW
65 Greens announce ambitious new emissions targets in line with Paris
66 Greens MP Adam Bandt blasted for using the deadly bushfires to rant about climate change
67 ‘No barrier’: government has power to provide coronavirus financial support now
68 Greens lead Senate push to block JobKeeper rate cut, hit out on income tax
69 Adam Bandt is an 'inner city far left activist' who is more about 'attacking corporations'
70 Greens to propose Bernie Sanders-style youth jobs guarantee
71 Bandt insists he wants to work with Labor
72 Public housing for all: Greens pitch home building boost to offset coronavirus
73 Legalising cannabis is way overdue: An interview with Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt
74 Greens demand job guarantees and free education for young people in coronavirus recovery plan
75 Labor exposed on climate, and Bandt not helping
76 Nothing to fear but climate fearmongers
77 Lidia Thorpe: Victoria's first Aboriginal senator urges end to deaths in custody and mass incarceration
78 The Greens Have Savaged Tuesday’s Budget As Good For The Rich, Catastrophic For The Planet
79 Anthony Albanese says public wants 'practical' action on climate change – as it happened
80 Workers could get access to pandemic leave | The Star | Newcastle, NSW
81 Morrison’s lack of transparency is undermining green recovery, MPs say
82 Young Australians face 'bleak future' if Federal Government pursues budget repair too soon, Greens say
83 Build new projects instead of speeding up personal tax cuts, say Greens
84 Greens leader Adam Bandt calls for ramped-up Latrobe Valley transition as part of plans for 100 per cent renewables by 2030
85 Greens want coal levy to fund more paid firefighters
86 Adam Bandt elected Greens leader unopposed
87 Pressure grows for anti-corruption monitor
88 Australia: Alice Springs group condemns silence of “Bring Assange Home” parliamentary group
89 Lidia Thorpe named as new Greens senator for Victoria
90 If Adam Bandt 'ruled the world' there would be a lot more power outages
91 Greens announce new party room lineup to push for Green New Deal and compassionate pandemic recovery
92 Sarah Hanson-Young and Labor MP Penny Wong billed taxpayers to fly to Sydney for the Mardi Gras
93 Politics with Michelle Grattan: Former Greens leader Richard Di Natale on COVID, climate and his successor
94 Heath Shaw, Belle Gibson and George Calombaris consider SAS TV turn
95 Old Greens wounds reopen as members vote on directly electing leader
96 Adam Bandt ‘Nazi’ post latest in pattern of anti-Semitism: James Paterson
97 Federal Election: Greens Adam Bandt takes fourth term as member for Melbourne
98 PM weighs in on battle over Captain Cook's legacy
99 4 countries where legislators tweeted about George Floyd, 'Black lives matter'
100 Support for land tax becomes tri-partisan