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1 Schiff: Intel belongs to American people, not Trump
2 Media Help Adam Schiff Rehabilitate the Image of His Latest Whistleblower
3 Congressman Adam Schiff on Senate Russia Report, Federal COVID-19 Response
4 DHS slams Adam Schiff for unfairly broad probe after whistleblower complaint
5 Schiff says it is possible House could subpoena intelligence officials to testify on election interference
6 US Rep Adam Schiff, DNC Takeaways, Women Voting and Political Power
7 Schiff: Barr flat-out misled with 'blatantly false statement'
8 DHS asks Schiff to reconsider expanded probe after whistleblower complaint, declines additional interview requests | TheHill
9 ‘Grave Importance’: Reps. Adam Schiff, Jimmy Gomez Want Updates On Investigation Into Mail Dumped At Glendale Spa
10 Schiff says FBI hasn't probed national security risks of Trump's foreign financial ties
11 Schiff reveals new whistleblower complaint alleging suppression of Russian election interference intel reports
12 Rep. Adam Schiff Talks Voting by Mail, Trump's Character
13 Rep. Adam Schiff calls for an IG investigation on Barr after a top deputy resigns from Russia probe
14 Schiff: lawmakers trust tech over Trump on election meddling intel
15 Chaffetz rips Schiff, says House Intel chair should 'lose his security clearance' for leaking classified info
16 Rep. Adam Schiff Speaks About $2-Trillion Relief Plan
17 Haim Saban’s Fundraiser For Joe Biden Raises $4.5 Million
18 Adam Schiff: Trump's 'Willfully Fanning the Flames' of Violence in Cities
19 Homeland Security whistleblower delays House testimony
20 Congressman Adam Schiff on Joe Biden’s DNC speech, Kamala Harris’ potential open Senate seat, Steve Bannon’s arrest and the fight to restore the Postal Service
21 Apparent Dumping of Mail Prompts Investigation – Outlook Newspapers
22 Nunes says Schiff's DHS protest response probe focusing on Trump, not looters
23 Rep. Adam Schiff on USPS, election security, and COVID economic relief
24 Vindman media tour obscures key fact about impeachment
25 Rep. Adam Schiff on what USPS needs to deliver ballots, when Congress might extend unemployment aid
26 COLUMN: Vindman media tour obscures key fact about impeachment
27 In Reversal, Intelligence Panels to Get Election Briefings
28 House Dems call for an ‘emergency’ DOJ watchdog review of Durham probe
29 BYRON YORK: Vindman media tour obscures fact about impeachment
30 Letters from Tribune Readers | Letters To Editor
31 Schiff asks intel officials to brief House panel on election security threats | TheHill
32 Report: WH Scrapped USPS Plan to Send Americans Face Masks
33 Trump best president in 35 years | Opinion |
34 Glendale Arts Celebrates Successful Telethon for Alex Theatre's 95th Birthday
35 Congressional Candidates Eric Early, Joe Collins Holding Vigil For Wounded LA Deputies
36 Another battle over intelligence and Russia pops up
37 From Russia (to Biden) With Love
38 Los Angeles officials say it is a miracle the two deputies who were shot in Compton survived
39 Looking back at a crazy Jewish year of politics
40 Goldberg: Trump's shredding of civil liberties won't stop with antifa
41 Fact check: Boasting and attacking Biden, Trump makes at least 25 false claims at Wisconsin rally
42 Look who’s being divisive (letter to the editor)
43 Trump shifts the focus back on GOP in relief talks
44 Divisive Democrats accept Biden and his family ties
45 As Lead Impeachment Manager, Adam Schiff Brings Experience and Controversy
46 Early Edition: September 17, 2020
47 GOP targets Democratic-run California in election gamble
48 The Next Senator from California?
49 How Adam Schiff became Democrats' impeachment star
50 Rep. McCarthy: What has Pelosi, Democrat majority solved in the House?
51 Trump impeachment: Who is Democrat Adam Schiff?
52 Poisonous Adam Schiff has damaged us all
53 Byron York: Vindman on anti-Trump media tour
54 Leading the House impeachment managers is not where Adam Schiff expected to be
55 Rep. Adam Schiff blasts GOP for failing to stand up to Trump, not defending the 'rule of law'
56 Los Angeles deputy saved partner’s life after Compton shooting while bleeding from a wound to her face
57 All the Adam Schiff Transcripts
58 Rep. Adam Schiff on Stopping the Spread of Pandemic Misinformation
59 6 Things To Know About Adam Schiff, The Man Taking On President Trump
60 Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Rep. Adam Schiff
61 Adam Schiff is a traitor!
62 Emotional Schiff Speech Goes Viral, Delighting the Left and Enraging the Right
63 Schiff blasts 'sheer nerve' of Bolton for refusing to testify before House Democrats' impeachment probe
64 Schiff sets tone of impeachment case, says 'right matters'
65 Adam Schiff: What Barr has done to DOJ is reprehensible
66 Why Democrats are sure Adam Schiff is the perfect person to take on Trump
67 'Atrocious': Schiff reacts to attempt to discredit Fauci
68 Joe Biden Just Brought in $4.5 Million with the Help of a Hollywood Mogul
69 Schiff flexes party muscle with strong fundraising for Biden
70 Adam Schiff: Why We Need a Coronavirus Commission to Investigate What Went Wrong
71 Factcheck: Adam Schiff’s ‘parody’ and President Trump’s response
72 What Are the Consequences for Adam Schiff’s Lies?
73 Jackie Lacey v. George Gascon: Do Angelenos want a progressive new district attorney?
74 Adam Schiff Helped Impeach Trump. Now What?
75 Schiff: Trump thinks higher voter turnout is bad for him
76 Sanctions, Charges And Disclosures Whirl In U.S. Bid To Defend 2020 Election
77 Prosecutor quits Durham probe of Trump-Russia investigation over concern about political pressure, report says
78 Adam Schiff takes on Trump, calling him an 'erratic hothead.' Now he's feeling the heat
79 Adam Schiff: Mixed Messages From Leaders Are “Deadly”
80 READ: Adam Schiff letter to lawmakers laying out path forward for impeachment inquiry
81 'Body Blow To Rule Of Law': Rep. Adam Schiff On Trump Commuting Roger Stone's Prison Sentence
82 Adam Schiff: House Dems Investigating How Trump Handled Coronavirus Intelligence
83 Fight Fire with Fire: We Can't Breathe, But We Can Speak
84 Rep. Adam Schiff defends his impeachment inquiry against charges that Democrats committed malpractice
85 Adam Schiff’s speech reviews are in: It was ‘dazzling.’ Or was it ‘disjointed’? How about ‘second best’ ever?
86 Lead Impeachment Manager Rep. Adam Schiff On The Trial Ahead
87 House Intelligence Chair Rep. Adam Schiff says he wasn't informed before al-Baghdadi operation
88 Greece man admits to threats to kill Senator Schumer and Congressman Schiff for impeachment
89 Adam Schiff accuses social media companies of misinformation negligence
90 Adam Schiff Accused of Protecting a Suspected FBI Surveillance Dragnet
91 Adam Schiff poisoned impeachment
92 Adam Schiff, a Trump Punching Bag, Takes His Case to a Bigger Ring
93 Rep. Adam Schiff pushes YouTube and Twitter on coronavirus misinformation
94 Q's With Amy Madrigali, In-House Talent Buyer For The Troubadour
95 The Atlantic Politics Daily: Democrats Are Still Searching for a Savior
96 Op-Ed: Adam Schiff is the new Nancy Pelosi. Just ask Trump
97 Schiff ‘has not paid the price’ for impeachment, Trump says in what appears to be veiled threat
98 How Rep. Adam Schiff Got To A Place Where He's Leading The Impeachment Inquiry
99 Congressman Adam Schiff Drops Endorsement Of LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey
100 Liz Peek: Anti-Trump attacks grow uglier but president gains in these critical states