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1 Adolf Hitler: New book fills in crucial blanks in early family life
2 Letters from Adolf Hitler's father give rare glimpse into dictator's upbringing
3 The Early Life of Adolf Hitler
4 Adolf Hitler's mother, Klara, shown in new light by cache of his father's letters
5 German police commissioner charged with sharing Hitler pictures
6 Hitler as Haman? Amsterdam museum holds relic of post-Holocaust Purim tradition
7 T-shirts of Biden with Hitler mustache on sale at CPAC conference
8 Adolf Hitler: The Beginning of a Political Career
9 A recipe for destroying a republic
10 Hitler quote displayed in Westside Middle School hallway
11 The Great Dictator: The film that dared to laugh at Hitler
12 CPAC 2021 Open Display of Nazi Symbols
13 Hitler as Haman? An Amsterdam museum holds a relic of that post-Holocaust Purim tradition.
14 Peaky Blinders season 6: Will Tommy meet Adolf Hitler? First-look pic in Germany
15 Andra Day compares J. Edgar Hoover to Adolf Hitler
16 Adolf Hitlers toilet seat looted by US soldier up for auction, could fetch $15,000
17 Illinois Democrats seek probe of GOP lawmaker with militia decal displayed on pickup truck at U.S. Capitol insurrection
18 Center Offers Online Holocaust Eduction for Students | Community News |
19 On fascism and communism [letter] | Letters To The Editor |
20 Letters from Adolf Hitler's dad spill all on dictator's twisted childhood
21 Hitler’s toilet seat looted by US soldier during WWII up for auction
22 Sworn to secrecy: The women from Fife and Dundee who translated Adolf Hitler's will
23 Xi Jinping`s Communism inspired by Adolf Hitler`s `National Socialism`
24 Satan Possessed Adolf Hitler |
25 Adolf Hitler's toilet seat grabbed by US soldier from his mountain hideaway sells for £13,750
26 The new "Greatest Generation" or the worst one? The 2020s will test younger Americans
27 After Lending His Name to a Stadium, Narendra Modi Joins League of Notorious World Leaders
28 A tale of two fires
29 Saddam Hussein 'acted like Hitler' during Kuwait invasion, former UK PM Thatcher said
30 A deadly duo
31 Today in History for February 27th
32 Push to change Seaman School District’s name gained over 15,000 signatures in 24 hours
33 In post-WWII Nuremberg and New York, Purim's future once hung in the balance
34 Truck parked at Capitol on day of riot belongs to husband of GOP congresswoman who quoted Hitler
35 Women in WWII Took on These Dangerous Military Jobs
36 Today in history for Feb. 26 | Opinion |
37 LETTER:Who is he?
38 Music teacher trapped in Italy during WWII
39 Thou shalt not bear false witness | PennLive letters
40 It's time to confront the dark postscript to America's role in defeating the Nazis
41 Marine posted extremist content, remained a Marine: records
42 Truth is marching on
43 Malema slams Habib for comparing tea with Zuma to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin's 'Devil's Alliance'
44 7,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to regroup in key areas, general warns
45 Husband of Hitler-quoting GOP congresswoman parked his militia-stickered truck outside Capitol Jan. 6
46 Claudette Smith makes another bid at mayor's seat
47 Adolf Hitler: Biography, Facts, Rise To Power & Photos
48 Exposed: Inside far right group Patriotic Alternative
49 Man named Adolf Hitler Uunona wins election in Namibia, says he isn’t seeking ‘world domination’
51 Hitler’s Quest for Power Was Nearly Derailed Multiple Times. But the System Enabled His Rise
52 ACTIVE AGE | 105-year-old who lived through Spanish Flu warns of difficult times to come
53 Did America Have a 'Good Relationship' with Hitler? What Joe Biden Got Right and Wrong About That History During the Debate
54 Illinois Congresswoman Says ‘Hitler Was Right on One Thing'
55 Revisiting Hitler’s Final Days in the Bunker
56 The Fuhrer's latest biographer: Hitler was 'blithely underestimated'
57 Adolf Hitler: How the Nazi dictator met his death 75 years ago and brought the Second World War to a close
58 Ramachandra Guha: Despite denouncing the Mughal and British empires, Modi is imitating their hubris
59 Hitler's prewar speeches fetch thousands at contentious auction
60 Giant globe-shaped bar from 'Hitler's yacht' to be auctioned in US
61 Is it wrong to compare Trump to Hitler? No. | Opinion
62 Jewish woman, 102, describes disturbing memory of her neighbor — Adolf Hitler
63 Kentucky state police trainer leaned on Adolf Hitler, Robert E. Lee for class material
64 Miller apologizes for statement saying Adolf Hitler was “right on one thing”
65 Hitler shot himself 75 years ago, ending an era of war, genocide and destruction
66 German police officers suspended for sharing pictures of Adolf Hitler
67 Did Winston Churchill & Adolf Hitler Ever Meet?
68 Kentucky State Police training presentation quoting Hitler is 'unacceptable,' governor says
69 Austria unveils design to turn Hitler’s house into a police station
70 ‘The Meaning of Hitler’ Review: A Look At Why the Icon of 20th-Century Hate Lives on in the 21st
71 Adolf Hitler
72 Hitler's dogs, Göring's lions: How the Nazis used and abused animals
73 This photo of Adolf Hitler was doctored
74 China's many wars
75 Mank: 10 True Hollywood Stories That Would Make Great Movies
76 President Trump equals Adolf Hitler? Not so fast | Letters
77 Hitler And Stalin: The Utopian Dreams That United The Dictators
78 Hitler's birthplace shows that confronting dark past can take decades
79 Fact check: Did Adolf Hitler defund the police in Nazi Germany?
80 Hitler and the Holocaust
81 The Hitler Conspiracies — why are Nazi myths flourishing?
82 What the Hitler conspiracies mean
83 Adolf Hitler`s globe-shaped bar is up for sale
84 Mark Kelly classmates say report on yearbook photo by right-wing media site is false
85 Fact check: Image of Hitler holding the Bible is photoshopped
86 84-year-old alligator rumored to belong to Adolf Hitler dies in Moscow Zoo
87 False claim: Hitler quote on controlling people and eroding freedoms
88 Trump: America's Hitler?
89 VERIFY: No, Hitler didn't call for defunding the police
90 'I'm Not Like Him': Namibian Politician Named Adolf Hitler Distances Self from German Dictator
91 Around 38 million Germans voted Adolf Hitler into power on this day in 1932
92 Alois Maria Ott: I Was Hitler's Psychologist
93 Why Donald Trump isn't Hitler – he poses a new threat
94 Jimmy Kimmel's Adolf Hitler Joke Zings Donald Trump But Good
95 Pre-Nazi Germany tells us the fight to save American democracy is just beginning
96 A family's story about a plot to kill Hitler leads to the unearthing of some uncomfortable truths
98 Namibian politician named after Adolf Hitler rejects comparison
99 Hitler's Last Letter from His Bunker and "Suicide Sofa" Relic Go to Auction
100 The Irishman who saved Adolf Hitler’s life