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1 German police officers suspended for sharing pictures of Adolf Hitler
2 Hitler’s Quest for Power Was Nearly Derailed Multiple Times. But the System Enabled His Rise
3 Beauties who had babies for Hitler: Fuhrer ordered German soldiers to impregnate Norwegian girls
4 Nazi-Occupied Norway Offers a Glimpse of What Hitler Wanted for the Entire World
5 The long-lost Hitler sitcom that caused outrage
6 Germany's ex-royals want their riches back, but past ties to Hitler stand in the way
7 Jewish MSNBC commentator: 'What is the difference between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump?'
8 Hitler wanted to turn Norway into sick Aryan baby factory: Book
9 Why Donald Trump isn't Hitler – he poses a new threat
10 When did Adolf Hitler visit the USSR?
11 Peaky Blinders season 6: Bosses refute claims Rowan Atkinson is playing Hitler
12 Creepy waxwork models of the Queen, Henry VIII and even Adolf Hitler go on sale as museum shuts down
13 UFC star Ryan Hall claims the world should accept an apology from Adolf Hitler’s GHOST in bizarre c
14 MSNBC pundit: What is the difference between Hitler and Trump?
15 Adolf Hitler Was Obsessed With Greta Garbo, Who Wanted to Kill Him
16 The Hitler Conspiracies by Richard J Evans, review — what Adolf did next
17 Sculpture by Arno Breker—one of Hitler’s favourite artists—found buried in Berlin museum garden
18 Biden compares Trump to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels
19 Rowan Atkinson rumored to play Hitler in Netflix series ‘Peaky Blinders’
20 This is not a drill. The Reichstag is burning.
21 MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch compares Trump to Hitler, blasts Jewish Americans who support him
22 No, America is not succumbing to fascism
23 Which of your children would you lose for $12 million?
24 Ames policing report addresses use of force concerns, highlights current policies in use
25 Remembering Major Dhyan Chand: The Indian hockey wizard who stood up to Adolf Hitler
26 Police chiefs, community denounce 'hateful' video comparing Ottawa chief to Hitler
27 Rowan Atkinson reportedly roped in to play Hitler in 'Peaky Blinders'
28 Biden, Trump take differing approaches to debate prep
29 French Rapper Who Compared Himself To Adolf Hitler Under Investigation For Anti-Semitism
30 ASU investigating after Nazi posters found on Tempe campus again
31 The housewife who nearly killed Hitler | News
32 Donald Trump’s use of ‘the big lie’ with COVID echoes autocrats past and present
33 Peaky Blinders season 6: Will Rowan Atkinson star in Peaky Blinders?
34 QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
35 Animated parody video portraying Chinese President Xi Jinping as 'Hitler' goes viral
36 Russia and China: Cooperation or competition? | Daily Sabah
37 How Historians Rate the Danger Trump Poses to Democracy
38 Assaults, arson, slurs: Anti-Semitism a problem in Berlin
39 Report: Trump Paid No Income Taxes in 10 out of Past 15 Years
40 The History of Democracy: Mussolini's Rise to Power in Italy
41 Donald Trump and His Followers: Are They a Cult?
42 Three million Uyghurs detained in concentration camps by Beijing: Activist
43 Small minds try to re-make history
44 Lanka at crossroads: Reverse into dictatorship or forward to democracy
45 Black, Seattle-based ATF agent who won lawsuit naming Nazi-tattooed colleague now alleges smear campaign, claims retaliation
46 Austria unveils new design for Hitler's birthplace
47 Hitler shot himself 75 years ago, ending an era of war, genocide and destruction
48 President Trump equals Adolf Hitler? Not so fast | Letters
49 Adolf Hitler: How the Nazi dictator met his death 75 years ago and brought the Second World War to a close
50 The Fuhrer’s Latest Biographer: Hitler was ‘Blithely Underestimated’
51 Hitler and the Holocaust
52 Eco-Fascist 'Pine Tree Party' Growing as a Violent Extremism Threat
53 Hitler's dogs, Göring's lions: How the Nazis used and abused animals
54 When Democratic Senators Sided With American Nazis to Stop Hollywood from Taking on Hitler
55 How Hitler Pioneered ‘Fake News’
56 75 years after Adolf Hitler's suicide – opinion
58 In the Second Volume of ‘Hitler,’ How a Dictator Invited His Own Downfall
59 A Sobering Look at How Quickly Hitler Transformed Germany
60 Hitler's birthplace shows that confronting dark past can take decades
61 Fact check: Did Adolf Hitler defund the police in Nazi Germany?
62 Today in History: Adolf Hitler gained a stunning victory as France was forced to sign an armistice
63 How Hitler Transformed a Democracy Into a Tyranny
64 This photo of Adolf Hitler was doctored
65 False claim: Hitler quote on controlling people and eroding freedoms
66 By understanding Hitler’s rise to power, we can avoid repeating history
67 84-year-old alligator rumored to belong to Adolf Hitler dies in Moscow Zoo
68 Adolf Hitler
69 VERIFY: No, Hitler didn't call for defunding the police
70 How Hitler Took the World Into War
71 Why did women vote for Hitler? Long-forgotten essays hold some answers
72 A wealthy businessman bought up Hitler memorabilia then handed it over to a Jewish group
73 Nazi history: Hitler's world views reexamined in biography
74 How Did Hitler Gain Power And Become German Chancellor?
75 When Hitler Realised the End of the War Was Upon Him
76 These Despots Had Different National Identities at Birth
77 Hitler was scarier than a monster: he was a human
78 Why Hitler Secretly Met With a Japanese General During WWII
79 A family's story about a plot to kill Hitler leads to the unearthing of some uncomfortable truths
80 Around 38 million Germans voted Adolf Hitler into power on this day in 1932
81 Hitler's top hat donated to Israeli foundation
82 Nazi Germany No More: What If Adolf Hitler Didn't Survive World War I?
83 Amazon bans sale of most editions of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf
84 Fox Sports anchor apologizes for 'completely inappropriate' Adolf Hitler joke
85 Hitler's Birth Home In Austria Will Become A Police Station
86 Adolf Hitler
87 DeSean Jackson Apologizes for Posting Anti-Semitic Quote Attributed to Hitler
88 Does This Picture Show Hitler Holding a Bible?
89 When Hitler Tried (and Failed) to Be an Artist
90 1955 CIA Document (Now Debunked): Adolf Hitler Survived World War II.
91 When did Hitler start hating Jews? New evidence may change what we know
92 Germany: Anti-Semitism chief slams university lecture on Hitler's lover
93 Adolf Hitler had a 'micro-penis, slept with his niece and liked to be kicked during sex'
94 World War 2 history rewritten? How FOG saved Hitler's life and made invasion inevitable
95 Grand Valley State suspends OC Morris Berger for wanting meal with Adolf Hitler
96 Hitler’s Jewish neighbor lived under Nazis’ noses, is now locked down in the UK
97 Was Op-Ed by Hitler Published by New York Times in 1941?
98 Museum searching for missing Adolf Hitler portrait
99 Melania Trump or Adolf Hitler? Diet Prada calls FLOTUS out for flaunting fascist fashion at the Republican...
100 Did Hitler Defund and Eliminate Police Departments?