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Result Content Idea Research
1 Industry News: Advanced catalysts for biomass transformation
2 Sinocompound expands range with new advanced high-quality Buchwald ligands and pre-catalysts
3 First nanoscale look at a reaction that limits the efficiency of generating hydrogen fuel
4 Sinocompound Expands Range with New Advanced High-Quality Buchwald Ligands and Precatalysts
5 Nonlinear infrared polaritonic interaction between cavities mediated by molecular vibrations at ultrafast time scale
6 Improved Catalyst May Translate to Petrochemical Production Gains
7 Enhanced Zeolite Catalyst Could Increase Petrochemical Production Profits
8 Global Advanced Carbon Materials Market Report 2021: Industry Developments 2020-2021 & Global Ton Forecasts 2018
9 Global Advanced Carbon Materials Market Report 2021 with Profiles of 300+ Players
10 Energy on demand: Learning from nature's catalysts
11 First nanoscale look at a reaction that limits efficiency of generating clean hydrogen fuel
12 New methods: Faster, safer, greener
13 Kronos Advanced Technologies Announces Direct Selling Division with GreenTechDirect
14 Third time's a charm: ERC Advanced Grant for Marc Koper
15 Run, process, run!
16 Unifrax Introduces FlexCat™, a New Custom High-Performance Specialty Catalyst Material
17 Rein Ulijn receives Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship
18 ARPA-E Launches Program to Abate, Prevent Methane Emissions
19 Polytechnique Montréal leads an R&D project with Québec's support to convert CO2 emissions into aviation fuel
20 Taiwan's CPC sets up Advanced Catalysis Center amid falling fuel demand
21 Proposed green ‘gas tax’ bill draws criticism and praise
22 Technical University of Denmark: ERC Advanced Grant to understand enzyme stability
23 Mesoporous Silica Market Report 2021-2026 | Industry Trends, Market Share, Size, Growth and Opportunities – FLA News
24 Imagining how “synthetic topology” could reform carbon dioxide catalysis
25 Discovery about emission control catalysts moves engineers closer to cleaner, more efficient fuels
26 Microenvironment modulation of single-atom catalysts and their roles in electrochemical energy conversion
27 Tandem catalysis at nanoscale
28 New catalyst can make natural gas burn cleaner: Lowering the combustion temperature for methane
29 Controlling chemical catalysts with sculpted light
30 Using 3D printing to develop advanced catalysts for environmental and energy applications
31 Thanks to machine learning, the future of catalyst research is now
32 Catalysis researcher John M. Thomas dies
33 University of Oregon scientists dissociate water apart efficiently with new catalysts
34 Researchers simulate car emissions dynamic using gold nanoparticles for catalysis
35 New method for asymmetric N,N-acetal synthesis promises advances in drug development
36 Dynamic metal-polymer interaction for the design of chemoselective and long-lived hydrogenation catalysts
37 Surface chemistry discovery points way to cheaper water splitting
38 Clariant opens catalyst China R&D centre in Shanghai
39 New Catalyst Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases from Burning Natural Gas
40 n-Alkanes to n-alcohols: Formal primary C H bond hydroxymethylation via quadruple relay catalysis
41 “Swiss Army Knife” Nanoparticle Catalyst Can Make Natural Gas Burn Cleaner
42 High-precision solid catalysts for investigation of carbon nanotube synthesis and structure
43 Structural tuning of heterogeneous molecular catalysts for electrochemical energy conversion
44 Ohio is in good position to be a fuel-cell leader, company founder says
45 Highly active dry methane reforming catalysts with boosted in situ grown Ni-Fe nanoparticles on perovskite via atomic layer deposition
46 An unprecedented insight into the catalytic mechanism of copper nitrite reductase from atomic-resolution and damage-free structures
47 Light-driven, heterogeneous organocatalysts for C–C bond formation toward valuable perfluoroalkylated intermediates
48 Newswire & Press Release / BASF and Umicore Enter into A Patent Cross-license Agreement
49 Unraveling CO adsorption on model single-atom catalysts
50 Important advance in research on future drugs
51 Catalyst transforms plastic waste to valuable ingredients at low temperature
52 Electric field–catalyzed single-molecule Diels-Alder reaction dynamics
53 Improving Catalyst Performance and Longevity with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
54 How directed evolution reshapes the energy landscape in an enzyme to boost catalysis
55 A new technique to enhance the catalysis of nobel metal aerogels
56 Elucidation of nanostructures in practical heterogeneous catalysts
57 Rationally designed indium oxide catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol with high activity and selectivity
58 12th-international-colloids-conference
59 Researchers develop bi-metallic catalyst for thermocatalytic decomposition of methane: H2 with low or no CO2
60 Catalytic asymmetric and stereodivergent oligonucleotide synthesis
61 Unifrax Introduces New Catalysis Product Eco-lytic™ — a Cleaner, Lower Weight, and More Efficient Solution for Reducing Vehicle Emissions
62 New nanomaterial supports enhanced and stabilized hydrogen production from methanol
63 Surrounded catalysts prepared by ion-exchange inverse loading
64 Cathleen Crudden named editor in chief of ACS Catalysis
65 How to make catalysts more efficient
66 Metalmark launches to make clean air affordable for all
67 Catalysis and chemical bonds that make us stronger
68 An artificial metalloenzyme for catalytic cancer-specific DNA cleavage and operando imaging
69 Hybrid light–matter particles offer tantalising new way to control chemistry
70 Research Breakthrough Could Transform Clean Energy Technology
71 Access to forbidden rings with autocatalysis
72 Nanocrystal Market by Business Overview, Challenges, Opportunities in 2027 – BeverageManager .Net
73 Solar chemicals and fuels in the dark
74 New Catalyst Process Recycles Plastic Waste into Useful Materials
75 Advancing carbon dioxide catalysis
76 Tailored quinones support high-turnover Pd catalysts for oxidative C–H arylation with O2
77 NREL: New catalytic process produces diesel biofuel blendstock |
78 In sight: A paradigm shift in materials characterization
79 Catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol: Low temperature, high efficiency, and long working time
80 Engineering catalysts with ALD
81 Au catalysis-control release NO in vivo and tumor growth-inh | IJN
82 Thomas H. Epps III and LaShanda Korley have teamed up to envision a more sustainable plastics industry
83 Nitric Oxide to Fight Viral Infections
84 Ultra-small hollow alloy nanoparticles for synergistic hydrogen evolution catalysis
85 Rowan researchers find cost-effective method to cut greenhouse gas
86 Challenges of Electrifying Heterogeneous Catalysis
87 Researchers develop sustainable catalysis process
88 Researchers Discover Nanoscale Catalyst to Efficiently Convert CO2 Into Ethylene
89 Late-stage stitching enabled by manganese-catalyzed C H activation: Peptide ligation and access to cyclopeptides
90 Nanoengineered catalysts can upcycle polyethylene
91 Catalysts: worth taking a closer look
92 Computationally aided, entropy-driven synthesis of highly efficient and durable multi-elemental alloy catalysts
93 Multicomponent catalytic system efficiently converts carbon dioxide to methanol
94 New Nano-Confinement Method Helps Form Sub-Nanometer Reactors for Electrocatalysis
95 Catalyst deconstructs polyethylene, producing valuable alkanes
96 Researchers Achieve Low Temperature, High Efficiency Conversion of CO2 to Methanol
97 A CRISPR-Cas autocatalysis-driven feedback amplification network for supersensitive DNA diagnostics
98 Global Aerospace Carbon Nanotube Market
99 U Oregon team advances effectiveness of catalytic water dissociation in bipolar membranes
100 Beyond Haber-Bosch: Non-Equilibrium Photocatalysis