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1 USS Gerald R. Ford making progress, completes latest phase of post-delivery testing, trials
2 USS Gerald R. Ford closes out evolutionary 18-month PDT&T for first-in-class aircraft carr
3 As USS Gerald R. Ford Nears Shock Trials, Carrier Remains Busy With Testing, Fleet Support
4 Sixth Advanced Weapons Elevator certified aboard USS Gerald R. Ford
5 Navy Carrier Ford Now Has 6 Working Weapons Elevators
6 Newport News Shipbuilding forms one team for Ford-class weapons elevators
7 USS Gerald R. Ford Making Steady Progress Ahead of Deployment
8 NSWC IHD Systems Engineering Department Team Part of a “LIFT-E,” Recognized for Efforts
9 USS Ford Exits Post-Delivery "Test and Trials" Shakedown
10 Carrier Ford Will Likely Have Only Two Weapon Elevators Ready When it Leaves Shipyard
11 The Navy’s $13 billion supercarrier still doesn’t have working weapons elevators and aircraft launching systems
12 Navy Building Test Site for Ford-Class Weapons Elevators
13 Supercarrier Ford Could Soon Have More Than Half of Its Weapons Elevators Working
14 Ford's Advanced Weapons Elevators Closer to Certification
15 Navy Secretary Modly: there's been progress on Ford weapons elevators
16 Fifth Advanced Weapons Elevator certified aboard USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)
17 USS Ford's First Lower-Stage Elevator Nears Operation
18 Navy Says More Experts Coming to Work Ford Carrier Elevator Delays
19 Why the once-maligned flattop Ford is finally getting a lift (or 11)
20 The Navy's new plan to fix Ford's elevator failures
21 Ford Weapons Elevators Set for Completion by Summer 2021 Shock Trials
22 The Navy's Next Generation Of Weapons Elevators Was Designed Here In Cincinnati
23 America’s Newest Carrier Isn't Very Good at Actually Being a Carrier
24 SECNAV to Trump: Ford Carrier Weapons Elevators Will be Fixed by Summer, or 'Fire Me'
25 Here's when the US Navy thinks the carrier Ford will be ready to deploy
26 USS Gerald R. Ford Weapons Elevator Certifications Will Extend Past October
27 Report: Navy still struggling with USS Gerald R. Ford
28 Huntington Ingalls wins $175 million Navy contract for aircraft carrier maintenance work
29 Aquilino Says Nine Of 11 Ford Elevators Finished
30 News
31 Fifth CVN-78 Weapons Elevator Finished Testing, All Ready By Summer 2021 Shock Trials
32 The Navy's Troubled New Carrier Still Only Has Two Working Weapons Elevators
33 USS Ford Will Set Sail With Only 2 Out of 11 Weapon Elevators
34 US Navy Completes Certification of Sixth USS Ford Weapons Elevator
35 US Navy reports progress on key carrier Ford systems
36 After Carrier Ford's Elevators Failed, the Navy Is Building a New Test Site
37 Geurts: Weapons Elevator Experts Being Assembled for Ford Class Carriers
38 Navy Finally Has One Weapons Elevator Working on Its Newest Carrier
39 Carrier Ford May Not Deploy Until 2024, 3rd Weapons Elevator Certified
40 Navy certifies 6th weapons elevator on Ford
41 Building, testing of 5th Ford weapons elevator finished, Navy says
42 Navy Full Court Press on USS Gerald R. Ford Weapons Elevators
43 Testing continues on USS Ford's weapons elevators
44 As Supercarrier Ford Launches Largest-Ever Flight Ops, Leaders Try Out New Ways to Fight
45 PEO announces certification of fifth AWE aboard USS Gerald R Ford
46 Navy's new carrier Gerald R. Ford may deploy sooner than expected
47 U.S. Navy's priciest carrier ever struggles to get jets on and off deck
48 USS Gerald R. Ford accepts first advanced weapons elevator
49 For the US Navy, it's 'all hands on deck' to fix the Ford
50 Navy aircraft carrier Gerald Ford has first weapons elevator installed
51 Navy's Priciest Carrier Ever Struggles to Get Jets On, Off Deck
52 Why Is US Navy’s Whooping $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier Stuck In The Garage For Last 15 Years?
53 Navy Tackling Ford-Class Weapons Elevator Challenges; Decision on 2-Carrier Buy Still Pending
54 Gerald R Ford-class
55 US Navy shakes up the carrier Ford program after latest setback
56 USS Gerald Ford Delivery Delayed Due to Extensive Nuclear Propulsion, Weapons Elevator Repairs; Carrier Won't be Ready Until October
57 Once beleaguered by critics, the Ford gets a lift
58 Triumphs and travails of US Navy's $12bn supercarrier
59 Despite pandemic, USS Gerald R. Ford crew has next milestone in sight
60 Visiting the USS Gerald R. Ford: November 17, 2020
61 A Virtual Tour of the USS Gerald R. Ford: Episode 3
62 U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford: Ready for Action?
63 Navy turns to outside experts to fix Ford carrier's elevator problems
64 USS Ford Munitions Elevators Miss Another Deadline in HII Setback
65 USS Ford's Cost Breaks Past $13 Billion
66 The U.S. Navy's New USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier Is Getting Close to Combat Ready
67 Carrier Air Wing Eight, Gerald R. Ford Announce Cyclic Operations with Ordnance
68 USS Ford Takes a Key Step Towards Functionality
69 The U.S. Navy's New Aircraft Carrier Is Preparing for 'Shock Trials'
70 Amid the latest Ford controversy, a green workforce is making rapid progress on its sister ship
71 Building Blocks on the USS Ford: Reshaping the Flight Deck and Ops Tempo
72 A power problem aboard the Navy’s $13 billion supercarrier left it unable to launch aircraft for days
73 USS Gerald Ford Flight Deck Now Certified; Can Conduct Carrier Qualifications
74 Top Stories 2020: US Navy Acquisition
75 USS Gerald R. Ford Holds Change of Command
76 US Navy's top official says its new, first-in-class carrier is improving and sailors don't want to get off
77 USS Gerald R. Ford's troublesome weapons elevators making progress, Navy says
78 Ford Prepares to Integrate Carrier Air Wing
79 Navy reassigns captain overseeing embattled Gerald R. Ford supercarrier
80 The Most Expensive Ship In The World Is Broken. The U.S. Navy Secretary Should Be Held Accountable.
81 The Navy is still trying to figure out exactly why the aircraft launch system on its $13 billion supercarrier failed
82 Navy's Plans to Counter China May Be Doomed by Shipbuilding Disasters
83 Sailors Work to Bring the USS Ford to Life — and Fix Its Remaining Glitches
84 Navy Still Struggling with Ford Aircraft Carrier
85 Watching the USS Ford in Action Is a Beautiful Thing
86 JUST IN: Navy Secretary Defends Ford Carrier Following Criticism from Lawmaker
87 Top Navy Official Lashes Out Over Troubled New Carrier That May Not Be Ready Until 2024 Now
88 SECNAV: Ford Issues Due To Cost Cap, Explains Timeline
89 Navy May Need More Money for Ford Carrier Fixes
90 EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: $13B USS Gerald Ford Underway After More Than a Year of Repairs
91 Navy Removes Ford Carrier Program Manager, Citing Performance Over Time
92 USS Gerald R. Ford will lack most working elevators when delivered
93 The Navy’s new supercarrier arresting gear can now recover all of the service’s aircraft — except the F-35
94 U.S. Navy's Costliest Carrier Was Delivered Without Elevators to Lift Bombs
95 CSG 12 assumes control of USS Gerald R. Ford as flight deck certification preparations begin
96 US Navy's Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier Delayed Again
97 Latest developments on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford
98 How the problems on the US Navy's new supercarrier helped it build the next one cheaper and faster
99 Navy, Huntington Ingalls 'In a Better Place' After Criticism of USS Ford: Navy Secretary
100 RELATED Navy Shelves Review That Might Have Cut Ford Class Production To Build Smaller Carriers The