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1 A Project In Baltimore Aims To Close The Neuroscience Research Gap : Shots
2 African American State & Local Government Employees Have Higher Concerns About Health and Financial Risks of COVID-19
3 Why more African Americans should participate in COVID-19 research studies
4 Aiming for No Less than Success: 30 Organizations that are Boosting African American Educational Achievement
5 Historical markers highlight contributions of African Americans to El Paso’s history
6 US Diversity Group Launches First African American-Owned Hotel Investment Fund
7 A Neuroscience Project Pushes To Include More African Americans In Brain Research
8 Trump Admits African Americans Being Hit Hard by COVID-19
9 Central Coast Voices: The State of the African American community in Santa Barbara County
10 11th-Annual Root 100 List Announced: Most Influential African Americans of 2020
11 Discrimination, high blood pressure, and health disparities in African Americans
12 The Case for Black American Self-Defense
14 Down on the Old Plantation African Americans and their Progeny | The Crusader Newspaper Group
15 Cost Of Racism: U.S. Economy Lost $16 Trillion Because Of Discrimination, Bank Says
16 POV: It's Time for Reparations and Transitional Justice for African Americans
17 Archaeological dig of cabin reveals African American history
18 ADHD Study Reveals Unique Genetic Differences in African American Patients with the Condition
19 The history of Paris as a haven for African-Americans
20 Archaeological dig of Hagerstown cabin reveals African American history
21 NAACP president calls Trump 'racist,' urges African Americans to vote in November
22 Local African American leaders call for increased government representation, economic development
23 Role of African-Americans in 1920s and ’30s culture topic of virtual program
24 Why supermarkets are powerful flash points in racial politics
25 Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and stories of other Black Americans killed by police
26 Online magazine names Colin Kaepernick one of 2020's most influential African Americans
27 Trump called him 'my African American.' His life hasn't been the same since
28 Black Americans Worry Postal Changes Could Disrupt History Of Secure Jobs
29 Why black Americans are more likely to be vegan
30 Trump called an Oakland native ‘my African American.’ His life hasn’t been the same since.
31 THE INVISIBLE BLACK WALL | The Crusader Newspaper Group
32 Black physicians group to independently vet safety of COVID-19 vaccines
33 'Make Farmers Black Again': African Americans Fight Discrimination To Own Farmland
34 Study: African Americans have highest rates of colorectal cancer in the US
35 'Myth of a Colorblind France' Review: Artistry Abroad
36 New Center for Black Excellence and Culture will be a cultural space to celebrate and advance Madison's Black community
37 Covid-19 death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharply
38 Onward Search Announces Partnership with the African American Marketing Association
39 For Black Americans, Cardiovascular Risks in Adolescence... : Neurology Today
40 Criminal charges in police killings of Black Americans
41 Africans Americans and Hispanics must be a part of vaccine trials, and it’s up to doctors and researchers to earn their trust | COMMENTARY
42 OPINION: What is systemic racism, anyway?
43 As Pandemic Deaths Add Up, Racial Disparities Persist — And In Some Cases Worsen
44 Trump’s Pitch to African-Americans Needs Some Fine Tuning
45 Study finds that young Black voters hold less trust in political establishment than older Black voters
46 Wealth gap: Examining the root causes of poverty among African Americans
47 MEN'S BASKETBALL: James Jones, hoping to encourage African American history course requirements, joins board at ABIS
48 She’s Providing First Class Services to Seniors in the African American Community
49 Why coronavirus is hitting Black seniors especially hard
50 Blood drive donation for rare blood disease that primarily affects African Americans
51 Are African Americans truly warming up to Trump?
52 Incarceration of family members negatively impacts mental health outcomes for African American women
53 Activists want an African American horse owner to boycott the Kentucky Derby. Here's why he won't do it
54 Viral pro-Trump tweets came from fake African American spam accounts, Twitter says
55 African Americans have a greater risk of getting and dying from colon cancer
56 African Americans have long defied white supremacy and celebrated Black culture in public spaces
57 Racial Disparities In Death Rates Transcend The Pandemic : Shots
58 Voters' Attitudes About Race and Gender Are Even More Divided Than in 2016
59 How racism in US health system hinders care and costs lives of African Americans
60 Full Transcript: Mike Pence’s R.N.C. Speech
61 A Debate Over Identity and Race Asks, Are African-Americans ‘Black’ or ‘black’?
62 'I'm leaving, and I'm just not coming back': Fed up with racism, Black Americans head overseas
63 Full Transcript: President Trump’s Republican National Convention Speech
64 Not all black people are African American. Here's the difference.
65 Where are the African American leaders?
66 Black communities account for disproportionate number of Covid-19 deaths in the US, study finds
67 African Americans struggle with disproportionate COVID death toll
68 America set up black communities to be harder hit by COVID-19
69 For many cautious African Americans, the move to reopen America is not a 'black friendly' campaign
70 George Floyd: How far have African Americans come since the 1960s?
71 Being Black In America: 'We Have A Place In This World Too'
72 Surprisingly Many African Americans Hold Nigerian Heritage
73 For African-Americans, a Painful Economic Reversal of Fortune
74 COVID-19 Killing African Americans at Shocking Rates
75 Why African American communities are being hit hard by COVID-19
76 Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate
77 NIH study links cigarette smoking to higher stroke risk in African Americans
78 COVID-19 Hitting African Americans More Because Of Misinformation And Distrust : Coronavirus Live Updates
79 George Floyd: How are African-Americans treated under the law?
80 Why Coronavirus Is Killing African-Americans More Than Others
81 Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection in Some States
82 African Americans Face Systematic Obstacles to Getting Good Jobs
83 Many Black, Asian Americans Say They Have Experienced Discrimination Amid Coronavirus
84 African American Genomes Yield Insight into Slavery Practices
85 The vulnerability of African Americans to the coronavirus is a national emergency
86 NAACP | New Poll Reveals COVID-19's Impacts on African American Communities
87 Coronavirus wreaks havoc in African American neighbourhoods
88 African American holidays, like Aug. 1, deserve national attention
89 Growing Data Show Black And Latino Americans Bear The Brunt Of COVID-19 : Shots
90 13 books on the history of black America for those who really want to learn
91 African American Workers Built America | CLASP
92 Why so many African Americans have Nigerian ancestry
93 Opinion | These numbers show that black and white people live in two different Americas
94 As U.S. coronavirus deaths cross 100,000, black Americans bear disproportionate share of fatalities
95 Why are more Black people hospitalized for COVID-19? Views differ by party, race
96 How American descendants of slavery are connecting with an ancestry shrouded by history
97 Black Americans dying of Covid-19 at three times the rate of white people
98 Race and policing in America: 10 things we know
99 A poll finds African Americans and Latinos are more worried about the coronavirus; a public health expert explains why
100 Imprisonment rate of black Americans fell by a third from 2006 to 2018