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1 African Americans account for outsize share of use of force cases in Phoenix
2 Lifetime discrimination may increase risk of hypertension among African Americans
3 Not all black people are African American. Here's the difference.
4 Teaching kids about African American history by visiting local Charleston landmarks
5 A Debate Over Identity and Race Asks, Are African-Americans ‘Black’ or ‘black’?
6 Black Patriotism Can Mean Reconciling National Pride With Systemic Racism
7 African Americans Are Woefully Underrepresented in Cancer Trials
8 How racism in US health system hinders care and costs lives of African Americans
9 Virginia could require teachers to be certified in African American history
10 For Black Americans, Discrimination May Increase Risk of High Blood Pressure
11 How George Floyd’s death united Africans and African-Americans
12 George Floyd: How far have African Americans come since the 1960s?
13 Trump To African Americans: 'If You Don't Understand Your History, You Will Go Back To It'
14 ABC Unite: Artist paints Biblical scenes featuring African-Americans
15 Where are the African American leaders?
16 Shelby County surpasses 10,000 coronavirus cases, African Americans account for more than half
17 NIH study links cigarette smoking to higher stroke risk in African Americans
18 Data: In Fairfax, men and African-Americans more likely to be arrested
19 Now Open: Waterfront Art Reflects African American History in Alexandria
20 How will African-Americans gain from the sale of the Coleman Mill?
21 County Promises To Address Inequalities In Foster System, Especially Among African Americans
22 Loop Capital CEO says diversifying his workforce has been easy: 'I focus on talent'
23 Report: Richland County Black residents 'struggling significantly'
24 Couple restores old African-American church
25 My Turn: We need to live up to our Declaration of Independence
26 “The journey and value of the African American experience”
27 African-American businesses need more than “buy black” campaigns
28 Viewpoint: What it's like to be an African in the US
29 PolitiFact: Protests renew call for reparations for African Americans
30 'Somewhere to share our voices': African American Chamber of Commerce launches this month
31 How wage and wealth gaps are hurting African Americans
32 13 books on the history of black America for those who really want to learn
33 Africa, African-Americans, and the Coronavirus Vaccines
34 Oklahoma “promise land” for African Americans
35 COVID-19 trials need minorities, by Dr. Asefa Mekonnen
36 State should boost inclusion of Black New Mexicans
37 Complaint alleges that Facebook is biased against black workers
38 Excellence in education is paramount
39 Preservation group saves piece of African American history in Charlotte
40 Racism Against African Americans: Does The World Give A Hoot?
41 Bishop Deshotel: Move Mouton statue, which reminds African-Americans about slavery
42 Racism and African American health
43 Pain reverberates with racism, deaths of African Americans
44 How cycling could help drive racial equality
45 Listen: How Racism Kills Black Americans
46 Saint Augustine's University football player encouraging African Americans to learn to swim with free lessons
47 COVID-19, Racism Are Dual Crises for Black Americans
48 A brief history of 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'
49 Ghana has a message for African Americans: Come home
50 Petition pushes for African-American representation among state Capitol statues
51 African-Americans, Asians object of slurs during coronavirus pandemic: poll
52 Inequality amplifies African Americans' COVID-19 risk | UNC-Chapel Hill
53 George Floyd: Ghana message to African Americans: "Come home"
54 Going to Ghana: Black Americans explore identity living in Africa
55 US needs monuments celebrating African American history, not Confederate statues
56 African Americans Know More COVID-19 Victims
57 The sin of racism — and a solution: Reparations for African Americans
58 Muskegon rally highlights coronavirus disproportionate impact on African Americans
59 OPINION EXCHANGE | Counterpoint: Change for African-Americans is about more than sheer will
60 Opinion | These numbers show that black and white people live in two different Americas
61 If you barbecue on July 4th, you’re building on a Black American legacy
62 Commentary: An insider's viewpoint on race, Black Lives Matter
63 Where are all the black leaders during protests?
64 What A 1968 Report Tells Us About The Persistence Of Racial Inequality
65 Being a white ally of African Americans means more than just protesting
66 Coronavirus Obliterated Best African-American Job Market on Record
67 Under fire from civil rights groups, Facebook highlights Black stories, pledges to hire more African Americans
68 Health Justice Is Racial Justice: A Legal Action Agenda For Health Disparities
69 Baby bonds can help close the wealth gap for Black Americans
70 George Floyd: What has Trump done for black jobs, poverty and crime?
71 African Americans point to racial biases in economics
72 12 African Americans you should know
73 Open Letter: NNSA should celebrate African American History
74 Health Insurance for All African Americans
75 From AppleTV+ to Netflix: Stories Focus on African-Americans Chasing the American Dream
76 Struggles of African-Americans in the US
77 Black Americans were far less confident in police than whites before Floyd's death
78 African American reparation bill passes California Assembly
79 Depression and anxiety spiked among black Americans after George Floyd's death
80 COVID-19 Has Hit African Americans the Hardest. Here's Why.
81 Why so many Americans want Juneteenth to become a national holiday
82 12 Free Documentaries And Shows About Black History And Racism In America
83 National Museum Of African American Music Adds Four Staffers :
84 Video: Access to Nature and Outdoor Recreation are Critical, Underappreciated Environmental Justice Issues
85 Chicago aldermen debate reparations for city’s African-American community
86 Black stereotypes have long been used to sell products. This Iowa City collector has over 1,300
87 Black Plague: COVID-19 hits African Americans hard
88 Black artists fight Black fathers stereotype, with white America — finally — paying attention
89 Essay: How black people saved the July Fourth barbecue and what its survival tells us about freedom in the South
90 Racism Gets 'Under The Skin' Of Black Americans, Impacting Health
91 Black Americans Are Very Connected To Being Black
92 Racism, Not Genetics, Explains Why Black Americans Are Dying of COVID-19
93 The Most Famous Collector Of African American Art Is Using The Past To Reframe A Better Future
94 Crimes Against African Americans
95 Black Americans face higher COVID-19 risks, are more hesitant to trust medical scientists, get vaccinated
96 Lifting the Cone of Silence From Black Composers
97 See list of Michigan cities with most African American residents, and geographic shifts since 1970
98 Coronavirus fuels black America's sense of injustice | Free to read
99 Moffitt Encourages African-Americans to Join Clinical Trials
100 Latinos Back Black Lives Matter Protests. They Want Change for Themselves, Too.