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1 PFAS Update: August 2020 | Sullivan & Worcester
2 The EPA Seeks Comments on Proposed Plan
3 Shaheen ad touts work to fight PFAS water contamination
4 28 Pesticides Linked to Mammary Gland Cancer, Inadequately Reviewed by EPA
5 Dover faces Superfund site treatment project to protect Portsmouth water supply
6 Public workshop to review federal research on PFAS
7 Air Force, NH urged to supply Newington homeowners with safe water
8 EPA removes name of US official from warning of glyphosate cancer links
9 Guidehouse Names Former CDC Exec Donna Knutson Strategic Business Adviser
10 Donna Knutson Joins Guidehouse as Strategic Adviser
11 PFAS News Roundup: Research suggests link with COVID-19, disposal methods increase contamination
12 Public Workshop Reviews Federal Research On PFAS
13 Why Ethylene Oxide is So Toxic (and a know carcinogen)
14 Toxics Group Spurs Nationwide Efforts to Ban PFAS in Packaging
15 Research suggests link between PFAS contamination and the coronavirus
16 VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Duterte negates spox; repeats wrong, unsafe claim on using gasoline as disinfectant
17 EPA Issues Rule Moving Forward with PFAS Protections
18 PFAS Contamination
19 EPA Soil Test Reveals Manganese at Hegewisch Baseball Diamond
20 Assisting With Dislocation After Disasters
21 Where to Buy Clear Face Masks With Windows for Lip Reading
22 San Diego County Cites Navy for Ship Fire — Voice of San Diego
23 This Clear Face Mask on Etsy Has Over 1,400 5-Star Reviews
24 Pease PFAS health study halted amid pandemic
25 Source of dangerous Great Lakes contaminant could be coming from your driveway
26 Protecting Workers from Exposure to 1,3-Butadiene and Other ...
27 Letter to ATSDR Director re: omissions from PFAS website
28 Survey finds elevated levels of 'forever chemicals' among residents in vicinity of New Castle Airport
29 UCI receives $1 million from CDC/ATSDR to study PFAS contaminated drinking water and health
30 Town hall meeting provides PFAS updates | News |
31 Federal PFAS exposure study kicks off in Newburgh
32 US toxics agency publishes four toxicological profiles
33 Sen. Shaheen pushes for PFAS testing for military members
34 US ATSDR substance profiles overlap EPA's TSCA priorities
35 Investigators To Report On Anaconda's Exposure To Lead And Arsenic
36 Federal agency seeks people for Pease PFAS health study
37 Three easy ways to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins
38 White House, CDC feuding over study of toxic chemicals in drinking water
39 The Persistence of PFAS: The 'Forever Chemicals' Coming Under Regulatory Scrutiny
40 US toxics agency publishes final toxicological profile for molybdenum
41 Blocked report drops PFAS safety level into single digits
42 EPA's 'safe' PFAS level is 6 times too high, blocked report says
43 Safer Practices and Disinfectants for Coronavirus Identified by CDC, As EPA Advances Toxic Products, Suspends Public Health and Environmental Protections
44 Blood Tests Show Environmental Exposure To Ethylene Oxide Near Illinois Plant | 90.1 FM WABE
45 Federal officials test urine and blood of New Castle residents in chemical exposure study
46 Federal Researchers Ask Berkeley County Residents for Help Studying PFAS Chemicals
47 Anaconda Residents Show Typical Levels Of Lead, Arsenic, Health Investigators Say
48 Federal Officials Study Health Effects Of Contaminated Water In Airway Heights
49 ATSDR Report Confirms Glyphosate Cancer Risks
50 Lead and arsenic normal in Anaconda residents
51 Agencies to test health impact from chemicals in water around former Reese Air Force Base
52 Industry backs off of making chemical; Gulbrandsen won't build $15M facility to make preservative
53 PFAS: What We Know, What's Being Studied, and the Laws
54 It's in the water and your blood
55 US study on PFAS health effects to include Newburgh
56 What is PFAS, the dangerous “forever chemical” found in drinking water?
57 What Does the CDC Do?
58 CDC To Review Air Pollution Near East St. Louis, Duckworth Says
59 US agency to study PFAS contamination of Chincoteague water
60 Pease health study meeting draws large crowd
61 CDC to conduct testing for PFAS in Newburgh
62 Pease study on PFAS water contamination needs more participants
63 Study to examine exposure levels of toxic chemicals in southern El Paso County
64 US toxics agency publishes profiles for TCE and Perc
65 Polluters in New Jersey released 6 million pounds of toxic chemicals in 2018
66 DOD Releases PFAS Task Force Progress Report > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
67 PFAS are in almost every person's blood, plus more things to know about the chemicals
68 Federal officials recruit New Castle residents for study of PFAS exposure
69 PFAS in carpets a major exposure source for children
70 State health department responds to concerns that Wilmington-area PFAS effects not included in CDC study
71 Does PFAS exposure add to COVID-19 risk? Shaheen, senators push to find out
72 CDC to study effects of PFAS in Security-Widefield residents
73 TPC says additive should stabilize butadiene and allow for safe transport off site
74 CDC, ATSDR to Fund PFAS Studies
75 Fecal excretion of PFAS by pets
76 Does PFAS exposure make you more vulnerable to coronavirus? NJ senator wants a study
77 Nessel sues 17 companies including 3M, DuPont, for PFAS exposure
78 Groups Bring Suit Over Secret Approval Process for PFAS Chemicals
79 Health agencies to assess wells near Reese Technology Center
80 Regulators deleted and altered radiological test results on coal ash from Kingston spill
81 Federal officials go door-to-door in New Castle for PFAS exposure study
82 NH's Shaheen introduces bill to ban DOD from buying products with toxic PFAS chemicals
83 Op-ed: PFAS chemicals—the other immune system threat
84 Michigan gets $1M to study links between PFAS and disease
85 CDC Now Recruiting for 'Pease Study' on Health Effects of PFAS in Drinking Water
86 PFAS: What you need to know about the environmental crisis threatening drinking water
87 ATSDR Publishes Toxicological Profile for Perfluoroalkyls
88 Arsenic And Lead Exposure Prompt Free Testing In Anaconda
89 Rutgers to Study Health Effects of PFAS Contamination in Gloucester County
90 Covington Plant Had 8-Day Leak Of Toxic Gas; State Reports On Sterigenics Leaks | 90.1 FM WABE
91 Widespread PFAS contamination in Maine demands a stronger response
92 The CDC studies toxic chemicals near New Castle: What you need to know
93 Federal study will examine exposure to harmful chemicals from contaminated water
94 PFAS health study kicks off with online meeting
95 Wrap-Up of Federal and State Chemical Regulatory Developments, June 2020
96 Temple researchers will look at link between PFAS and cancer
97 Third Coronavirus Response Bill Includes Research Boost
98 PFAS Cleanup Backers Face Unexpected Foe: Water Utilities
99 Panel To Discuss PFOA, Other Contaminants
100 PFAS pollution problems persist | News, Sports, Jobs