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Result Content Idea Research
1 Khadim Rizvi is dead, but extremism in Pakistan is getting stronger
2 University students being trashed due to blasphemy accusations
3 TLP leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi passes away in Lahore
4 Changing the landscape of thought
5 How Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Uses Politics to Support Its Campaign of Anti-Shia Terror in Pakistan
6 Gatherings banned in Narayanganj to avoid Hifazat-Ahle Sunnat confrontation
7 Anti-Shia protesters march for second day in Karachi
8 Banned outfit's leader booked for fanning sectarianism at Islamabad rally
9 PAGD Meeting Begins At Farooq's Residence In Jammu
10 Pakistan lifts ban on Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat's chief
11 Another militant organisation banned
12 Pakistan: Several killed in suicide attack at religious rally
13 ASWJ chief deposes against convoy ‘attacker
14 Baloch for empowering ECP
15 Suicide Bomber Strikes Radical Sunni Islamist Rally In Pakistan
16 Violent Extremist or Political Candidate? In Pakistan Election, You Can Be Both
17 Sunni coalition to demand arrest of Shia clerics in Pakistan
18 Jihadist widow behind Charlie Hebdo, Hyper Cacher attacks eludes capture
19 In Pakistan, Extremist Group Expands Its Reach
20 More protests held against President Macrons insulting remarks
21 Can No Virus Infect Muslims? Some Kashmiri Clerics Refute Expert Advice
22 Protesters want permission for shrine repair
23 Andhra Pradesh: Altaf Rizvi appointed treasurer of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaath
24 R.I.P Saroj Khan: Choreographer Laid To Rest At Ahle Sunnat Cemetery Prayer Meet To Take Place Next Week
25 Amid Pakistans Ahmadiyya discrimination, ration distributed by community workers returned
26 Witness records statement against Dr Asim in terror facilitation case
27 Two cops injured as protest turns violent in Kohat
28 Protests against Maulana Adil's killing held in Karachi
29 Anti-Shia terror by Pakistan Ahle Sunnat
30 Jamia Hafsa students claim responsibility for defacing feminist mural in Islamabad
31 Dargah Aala Hazrat seeks ban on Tablighi Jamaat
32 New leader: Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat elects new president
33 Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat banned in Pakistan: Report
34 Pak clerics warn govt against ban on religious congregations amidst coronavirus outbreak
35 In a shameful surrender, Islamabad administration reaches deal with Maulana Aziz of Lal Mosque
36 Killing in the name of God in Pakistan
37 Suicide bomber kills eight in Pakistan
38 ‘Tahaffuz bill to create sectarian harmony
39 Pakistan’s new far right: Mainstreaming the hardliners
40 Shutter down strike against Maulana Adil’s killing observed
41 ‘Eid Milad-un-Nabi will be celebrated with religious zeal
42 Anti-Shia rallies raise alarm bells over group’s sectarian ambitions
43 Maharashtra: Mumbai Police resorts to lathi charge as migrant workers gather in large number at mosque in Bandra demanding to go home
44 Karachi’s MA Jinnah Road blocked following rally at Tibet Centre
45 Ahle Sunnat threatens to lay siege to Saudi embassy
46 COVID-19: Hyderabad's Chilkalguda graveyard flouts norms of lockdown
47 Women the victors in Islamabad's Aurat Marches
48 Maulana Aziz agrees to leave Lal Masjid after authorities promise 20 kanals of land for Jamia Hafsa
49 Tanzeemat-e-Ahle Sunnat decides against joining Azadi March
50 Pakistan: On COVID-19 steps, Imran gives in to radical mullahs
51 Hindu couple forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan's Sindh
52 Deposed Pak Cleric Agrees To Vacate Mosque After Striking Deal With Government
53 Joint statement by Muslim leaders for withdrawal of FIR against Dr Zafarul Islam Khan
54 Section 144 imposed in Narayanganj to prevent mass gathering
55 Mufti Muneeb says Karachi rally aimed to ‘promote peace’ amid fears of sectarian violence
56 Protesters Delay Release Of Pakistani Woman Acquitted For Blasphemy
57 Jamia Nizamia issues fatwa on Eid prayers
58 Call for ‘new socio-political order to address Pakistans woes
59 Dargah Aala Hazrat writes to Centre seeking ban on Tablighi Jamaat
60 Shia-Sunni rift on rise in Pakistan, but Imran Khan govt’s silence may be strategic
61 Extremists Make Inroads in Pakistan’s Diverse South
62 Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat banned
63 Pakistan bans Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat Islamist group
64 People protest Modi's upcoming Bangladesh visit
65 Pakistan approves minorities commission amid criticism
66 The Pakistan army is showing its true colours
67 Tanzeemul Madaris poll not allowed over 'security concerns'
68 Azmate Sahaba rally staged in Karachi
69 Four-member committee formed to probe Maulana Adils murder
70 Banned Group’s Leader Given Pakistani Parliament Seat After Vote Dispute
71 Insight: Spiral of Karachi killings widens Pakistan's sectarian divide
72 Violence feared at Ahle Sunnat rally on Muharram 10
73 Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Chief Shah Turab passes away
74 Another banned group, ASWJ, aims at general election to gain political power
75 Join Kerala, Punjab: Sufi Muslim body writes to CM Uddhav for resolution against CAA, NRC
76 India on alert as Pak army boosts ties with terrorists
77 Taraweeh at home: This Ramzan, no congregational prayer in AP’s mosques
78 Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, allies distance themselves from TLP protest call
79 Pakistan clerics issue fatwa against suicide bombings
80 COVID-19 Fans Religious Discrimination in Pakistan – The Diplomat
81 Quetta Hazaras despair as religious supremacists contest election
82 Deadly Blast Reported in Pakistan's Quetta
83 Mufti Amanullah: Murdered cleric buried in Rawalpindi
84 Insight: Pakistan cleric tries hand at politics
85 Can Pakistan's Banned Organizations Rejoin the Mainstream?
86 Banned ASWJ faces isolation, plans to contest polls under new name
87 Pakistan elections: Extremist candidates are a 'real setback' for the country
88 No major headway in Maulana Adil Khans killing
89 ASWJ reveals backing PTI in 70 constituencies
90 Top Oslo imam wounded in axe attack
91 Ahle Sunnat protests govt recognition of Qawmi madrasa degree
92 Muslim bodies question way of abrogating Article 370 provisions
93 Asia Bibi: Christian Pakistani woman accused of blasphemy released from prison
94 Fatwa against BJP leader for remarks on triple talaq
95 Norway Mosque Shooter Inspired By White Extremist Attacks In El Paso, Christchurch: Report
96 Sindhs madrasas remain open despite coronavirus threat
97 Uttar Pradesh: Case filed against Madarsa teachers for stopping children from reciting national anthem
98 Mufti Muneeb urges govt to pardon Khadim Rizvi, Afzal Qadri
100 Who is behind the new wave of sectarian killings in Karachi?