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Result Content Idea Research
1 Can The Biden Administration Deliver Or Will Trumpism Return In 2024?
2 Q&A: Akela Lacy on how prisons scan calls for COVID-19 mentions
3 The Black Voters Who Could Swing Pennsylvania
4 Transition 2021: Should Lame-Duck Presidents Make Major Foreign Policy Decisions?
5 Akela Lacy – POLITICO
6 Trump Campaign Looks to Make Good on Poll-Watching Threat in Philadelphia
7 On the Ballot in Missouri: A GOP Effort to Undo Redistricting Reform
8 Progressives Wrestle With How to Address Allegations of Mistreatment in San Francisco Race
9 How Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley Could Deliver for Joe Biden
10 ALEC Develops Bill for Corporate Liability Protections Amid Pandemic
11 South Carolina Could Reject a Record Number of Ballots
12 Philadelphia Activists on Verge of Historic Win for Public Housing
13 Progressive Challengers Could Shatter Washington Narrative
14 Energy Companies Spend Billions on Fruitless Projects
15 Protesters in Multiple States Are Facing Felony Charges, Including Terrorism
16 Shahid Buttar’s Bid to Unseat Nancy Pelosi Roiled by Accusations of Staff Mistreatment [UPDATED]
17 While Top Democrats Waffle, GOP Rolls Out Plans for Coronavirus Cash Handouts. Is Pelosi Leading From Behind?
18 The Troubling History of Georgia's Bureau of Investigation
19 Rep. Eliot Engel Challenged Over Defense Industry Backing
20 Democrats debate as primary season approaches
21 HEROES Act Delivers a Win to Health Insurance Industry
22 Can DCCC Support Make the Difference for Dana Balter?
23 Prisons Attempt to Track Coronavirus-Related Keywords in Inmate Phone Calls
24 How Texas Republicans Paved the Way for Their Own Demise
25 New York's WFP Organizing to Thwart Deletion of Its Ballot Line
26 Candace Valenzuela Narrowly Loses Bid to Flip Texas Seat
27 Philadelphia Bungled Its Vote Count, and Republicans Took Note
28 In New Ad, Anti-Monopoly Group Hits Rep. Richie Neal Over Blackstone Ties, Corporate Tax Cuts
29 Inside Glenn Greenwald’s Blowup With The Intercept
30 Lawrence, Kansas, Could Elect a Radical Prosecutor
31 Coronavirus Cases Are Increasing at Texas Jail Where Efforts
32 Why Wisconsin Is Fighting So Hard Over Its Tuesday Primary
33 Progressives Targeting New York Incumbents in Down-Ballot Races
34 Milwaukee Documents Seven Coronavirus Cases Linked to In-Person Voting
35 Right-Wing Groups Aims to Purge 800000 Voters in Pennsylvania
36 Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s “Tough on Crime” History Has Become a Political Liability
37 GOP Money Flowing to Super PAC Backing Rep. Eliot Engel
38 In Final Stretch, Progressives Coalesce Around a Single Challenger to Rep. Eliot Engel
39 Corporate Immunity Is Longtime Focus of Conservatives
40 Mike Bloomberg Plagiarized Campaign Literature
41 Federal Government Delivers a Fraction of New Jersey's Requests for Medical Equipment — and No Ventilators
42 John Hickenlooper Once Described Black Ministers as “Articulate”
43 NYC Hospital Investigates Nurse for Sharing Video With The Intercept
44 Hickenlooper, Champion of “Broken Windows” Policing, Says “Every Life Matters” in Response to Protests
45 Progressive Candidates Win Big in Primaries for District Attorney
46 Private Equity Baron Sitting on Empty Philadelphia Hospital in Line For Huge Tax Break
47 Bloomberg Has Hired the Vice Chairs of the Texas and California Democratic Parties
48 Insurgent Candidates Victorious in Down-Ballot Elections
49 Coronavirus Pandemic Makes the Case for Criminal Justice Reform
50 Biden Is Still Lying About His Positions on Social Security Cuts, the Bankruptcy Bill, and More
51 The Still-Vital Case for Liberalism in a Radical Age
52 Insurgent Marie Newman Upsets Rep. Dan Lipinski, the Most Conservative Democrat in Congress
53 Crikey Worm: The Christian thing to do
54 How New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Is Using the Pandemic to Consolidate Power
55 Josh Gottheimer Is a Democrat Who Votes Reliably With Republicans. His Primary Challenge Is Heating Up.
56 Broken truce: After Biden's win, centrist Democrats turn on progressives
57 Kaiser Threatened to Fire Nurses for Wearing Their Own Masks
58 Hundreds of Activists and Elected Officials Call on Mayors and Cops to Decrease Police Power
59 New Jersey's Democratic Establishment Finally Faces Challengers
60 Rep. Eliot Engel Sues to Be Able to Challenge Absentee Ballots
61 Republican Senators to Hold a Retreat at Trump's D.C. Hotel
62 Centrist Democrat Mark Mellman's Pro-Israel Group Attacks Sanders
63 Some Democrats Not Aware of Millionaire Tax Break Before Voting on CARES Act
64 Defense Workers Protest Conditions as Weapons Sales Continue
65 Working Families Party Endorses Bernie Sanders for President
66 Despite Coronavirus, Brooklyn Machine Pushing for In-Person Hearings to Knock Insurgent Off Ballot
67 Poll Finds Mondaire Jones Is New York Dems Best Chance to Stop Onetime Turncoat Candidate
68 AIPAC Is Helping Fund Anti-Sanders Super PAC Ads in Nevada
69 Iraq War Architect Among Donors to Top Democratic Fundraiser in New York Race
70 Harper's Open Letter on Free Expression Draws a Counterblast
71 Oakland Nurses Treating Coronavirus Have to Reuse Masks
72 Louisiana's Coronavirus Plan for Prisons Could Create Death Camps
73 Brooklyn Progressives Try to Unseat Rep. Yvette Clarke
74 GBI: The Agency Investigating Police-Involved Killings in Georgia | The Takeaway
75 New York Democrats Try to Take Out Working Families Party
76 Buttigieg Blames Private Equity Firms for Surprise Billing. One of His Bundlers, a Blackstone Exec, Is Linked to the Problem.
77 San Diego City Council President Georgette Gómez Advances to General Election in Heated California Race
78 Joe Biden Is Losing Ground Among Older Voters
79 At the Iowa Debate, Bernie Sanders’s Most Vociferous Opponent Was CNN
80 Dark-Money Groups Back Democratic Efforts to Retake Senate
81 Outsider Lulu Seikaly Heads To a Runoff in Diversifying Red Texas District
82 Election 2020
83 Pork Plant Workers Turn Out for Sanders in First Iowa Caucus
84 Don’t Tell Cable Pundits That Bernie Sanders Is Leading Nationally Among Black Voters
85 Election 2020: The Day After
86 India Lobbies to Control Messaging in US Congress
87 Buttigieg Used Mechanical Turk Workers for Polling
88 Once-Confident Bloomberg Campaign Retreats in Texas as Biden Surges
89 How the Intercept Is Fueling the Democratic Civil War
90 Facing Improbable Odds in Nevada, Elizabeth Warren Goes on the Attack Against Mike Bloomberg
91 Pete Buttigieg Dodges Questions on Black Marijuana Arrests
92 Thousands Call for Postponing Tomorrow's Primaries
93 Corporate immunity in a pandemic; ALEC v. coronavirus
94 Trump FEC Nominee With Ties to Thomas Hofeller Bragged About Working on Unconstitutional Texas Gerrymander — Then Denied It
95 Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Kelly Eschews Corporate Cash, but Gave Paid Corporate Speeches as a Private Citizen
96 Buttigieg Gave 3 Percent of Contracts to Minority Businesses
97 Internal Iowa Caucus Numbers Show Sanders Leading
98 Under Pressure From Left, New Jersey Democrats Back Off Vote to Gut Minimum Wage Law
99 26-Year-Old Activist Takes on 26-Year Incumbent in Chicago
100 After Climate Forum, Biden Heads to a Fundraiser Co-Hosted by a Fossil Fuel Executive