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1 Akon: Why crypto could transform Africa’s future
2 Akon Hails Africa as a ‘Cryptocurrency Frontier’ in New Op-Ed
3 Akontroversy in Paradise Akon moves ahead with crypto city in Senegal despite skepticism
4 Akon plans to run a Senegal city on Akoin cryptocurrency
5 Akon Is Ready To Build A $6 Billion Cryptocurrency City
6 AFRICA: After Senegal, Akon will build a second sustainable city in Uganda
7 Akon to Build a Crypto-based City, 'Akon City' in Uganda by 2036
8 Uganda Gives Akon Land for Cryptocurrency-based 'Akon City' Amid Heated Controversy / VIDEO
9 The second planned crypto city is in Uganda
10 Cryptocurrency listed for rapper's 'Akon City' in Senegal
11 Inside Akon City, the $6 billion smart city Akon is building in Senegal
12 Akon to build second African crypto-city in Uganda
13 Akon City 2: Akon Unveils Plan to Build Second Futuristic Cryptocurrency City in Africa – News Bitcoin News
14 Akon City: See how Ugandans take react to Akon plan to build futuristic city for Uganda
15 Singer Akon Is Launching a Cryptocurrency Called Akoin
16 Uganda Allocates a Square Mile for Akon's Cryptocurrency-Based City
17 Akon's Romance with Dictatorship | Opinion
18 R&B Star Akon’s New $6 Billion Smart City in Senegal Will Offer a Second Home for the African Diaspora
19 Akon Unveils Major Details of $6 Billion Cryptocurrency City: Real-Life Wakanda – Bitcoin News
20 Coronavirus Has Made Akon’s $6 Billion Crypto-Powered, ‘Real-Life Wakanda’ In Senegal ‘More Necessary’
21 The Title is a Mad-Lib Akon finalizes deal to build a cryptocurrency city in Senegal
22 Akoin Cryptocurrency Launches in Kenya as Pilot for $6 Billion Akon City – News Bitcoin News
23 Akon is planning to build a cryptocurrency-powered city in Senegal
24 Akoin Co-Founder Explains How $6B Futuristic Akon City Will Work
25 Akon City: $6 Billion Cryptocurrency City Set to Begin Construction – News Bitcoin News
26 $6 Billion Akon City Underway: Akon Says Cryptocurrency Will Empower Africans – Bitcoin News
27 Music mogul’s Akon City in Senegal will be powered by cryptocurrency
28 A conversation about 'Akon City' and speculative urbanization | Penn Today
29 Akon announces plans to build another billion-dollar crypto city in Uganda
30 A rapper's cryptocurrency dreams
31 Akon is building a Senegal city powered by his cryptocurrency, Akoin
32 Akon's $6 Billion Futuristic Sustainable City In Senegal Is Happening – Intelligent Living
33 Inside Akon’s 2,000-acre crypto-city in Senegal
34 Musician Akon is creating a futuristic city and his own cryptocurrency in Senegal
35 Miami vies for the title of 'Bitcoin City'
36 When an R&B star vows to build a futuristic city in your backyard
37 Akon wants to build 'real-life Wakanda' using a currency called AKoin
38 Akoin rolls out to Kenyan tech city in first step toward Akon City
39 American pop icon Akon is creating his own cryptocurrency and a city as well for its use
40 Akoin rolled out in $2B medical metropolis in Kenya
41 Top US Automotive investor says Akoin Cryptocurrency will boost business and investment in Africa
42 Business Cryptocurrency is in ascendancy, just ask Jay Z and Akon
43 SENEGAL: Akon City, the Green City Project is launched at a cost of $6 billion
44 KE International awarded US $6 Billion construction contract for Akon City, Senegal
45 Nevada Asks: Can Blockchain Build a Smarter City?
46 Singer Akon to Launch Cryptocurrency: Akoin
47 Akon looks to invest in Uganda, as he tries to make 'real-life Wakanda' a reality in Senegal
48 Akon reveals new plans for his 2000-acre, cryptocurrency-powered 'Akon City' in Senegal
49 Akon Is Building a “Real-Life” Wakanda in Senegal Called Akon City
50 Akon Is Ready To Begin Construction On His $8 Billion Cryptocurrency City
51 Akon Says His City in Africa Will Be Like Real-Life Wakanda
52 Akon's Namesake City in Senegal Will Begin Construction in Early 2021
53 The Myth and Deception of ‘Smart Cities’ in Africa
54 Akon planning to build city in Uganda | Music In Africa
55 Akon Building Cryptocurrency City in Senegal
56 Music Mogul Akon Gets In on the NFT Action with AkoinNFT Platform
57 Exclusive Interview with Akon and Akon City Founders On The Current State of The Future African Crypto City
58 Akon is founding crypto city in Senegal, but where's the whitepaper?
59 Crypto city gets $6 billion funding, ecosystem?
60 Construction of World's first crypto city to commence in Senegal
61 2 Years Later, What's Up With Akon's USD 6 Bn Futuristic Smart City?
62 Why Binance and Akon Are Betting on Africa for Crypto Adoption
63 Pop star Akon set to break ground on Senegal's first LEED-certified crypto-city
64 Rapper Akon floats smart city in Senegal reliant on own cryptocurrency
65 Stellar-based Akoin can now be used to pay for groceries and gas in Kenyan city
66 Akon Moves Forward With Wakanda-Inspired City In Senegal
67 Akon is creating a futuristic Akon City in Senegal complete with its own crypto currency
68 Akon Is Building A Wildly Futuristic City In Africa & It's Like A 'Real-Life Wakanda'
69 Ferrovial S A : Akon City, a Self-Sustaining City With a Rap Beat
70 Celebs and crypto in 2020: Blockchain cities, Bitcoin newbies and Twitter trolling
71 I Spoke to Akon About His New Cryptocurrency, Akoin
72 10 Things You Need To Know About Akon’s Futuristic Crypto City In Senegal
73 Akon’s social ecosystem cryptocurrency ‘Akoin’ will begin trading on Bittrex Global on November 11
74 Akon Reveals $6 Billion Construction Plan for Akon City
75 Akon announces plans for second Akon City
76 Is Akon city and Akoin just a dream? Here's why the real-life Wakanda may never happen
77 Rapper Akon plans $6 billion ‘Akon City’ in Senegal homeland
78 The coin that will build a city: Could Akoin really help to revolutionise finance in Africa?
79 The Ways Akon Earns And Spends His Millions | TheRichest
80 Future or fantasy? Senegal questions 'Akon City'
81 Love It or Hate It, Akon's 'Crypto Wakanda' Is Coming
82 Futuristic Crypto Smart City in Senegal
83 Akon Announces his 'Akoin' Cryptocurrency Will Soon to Be Available in the US – JaGurl TV
84 Blockchains LLC to create a crypto city
85 Popstar Akon: Crypto solves Africa’s 350 million unbanked people
86 Akon's Futuristic City Will Be Powered By Akoin, His Own Cryptocurrency
87 Sense Chat is bringing private messaging to Akon city
88 Akon wants his cryptocurrency to power the whole of Africa
89 BTC Could Hit $10K, ‘Stay Away from North Korea,’ Akon City: Hodler’s Digest, Jan. 13–19
90 Akon’s DLT Startup to Set up a Blockchain Hub in Kenya in Q4 2020
91 Who says musicians lack ambition these days? Akon is building a real-life Wakanda
92 Singer Akon is building a 'real-life Wakanda' worth $6 billion in Senegal
93 Journeys in Blockchain: Akon of Akoin and Akon City – Cointelegraph Magazine
94 [WATCH] Akoin Crypto Wallet Successfully Completes Pilot Implementation Program in Kenya
95 Singer Akon Is Building His Own City Called Akon City
96 10 Things We're Talking About
97 Akon opens up about building his own solar powered city in Senegal
98 Exclusive: Musician Akon Joins Crypto Investor Brock Pierce's Presidential Campaign
99 Rapper Akon's cryptocurrency being used to support a $2 billion city in Kenya.
100 Construction of Akon City to start in Q1 2021