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1 Taliban keep close ties with Al Qaeda despite promise to U.S.
2 Al-Qaeda Is Being Hollowed to Its Core
3 Al Qaeda's leader in Yemen under arrest, UN report reveals
4 Reconsidering al-Qaeda-Iranian Cooperation
5 Why Are Al Qaeda Leaders in Iran?
6 ISIS and Al-Qaeda's Sub-Saharan Affiliates Are Poised for Growth in 2021
7 Islamist Terrorism Is Not Done With Us, Former al Qaeda Hostage Theo Padnos Warns
8 NIA files charge sheet against 11 alleged to be with al-Qaeda
9 Tortured by al Qaeda, He Saw the Same Craziness in the Capitol Rioters
10 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham intensifies campaign against al-Qaeda affiliate in Idlib
11 Al-Qaeda and ISIS Use 'Great' Capitol Attack to Inspire Operatives, Incite Violence – Homeland Security Today
12 UN official: Taliban keep ties with Al-Qaeda
13 New Iran-based Al-Qaeda head 'a potential asset to Tehran'
14 Al Qaeda's Growing Threat To Senegal
15 Indian intelligence agencies keep an eye on Al-Qaeda linked Turkish group expanding in Nepal
16 Al-Qaeda's Yemen leader appears in video despite UN report of arrest
17 Implications of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's New Leadership – Homeland Security Today
18 NIA files chargesheet against 11 Al Qaeda members
19 It's time to come clean about me and al-Qaeda
20 Africa File: Al Qaeda's Sahel Branch Threatens Coastal West African States
21 New Al-Qaeda boss known as Sword of Revenge is 'worse than Osama bin Laden'
22 Africa Is a Jihadist Playground for the Resurgent Islamic State and al-Qaeda
23 Iraq army launches operation against ISIL, al-Qaeda in Diyala
24 Pregnant woman, five others killed as ambulance hits land mine in Burkina Faso
25 Moderated by Al-Qaeda, TTP oversaw reunification of splinter groups in Afghanistan: UN
26 Rise of ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrifying alliance under new leader dubbed Sword of Revenge
27 No President Should Be Able To Wage The Power Of A Forever War
28 Updated: US disputes UN report on capture of Al-Qaeda’s top man in Yemen
29 Africa has become a jihadist playground
30 Al-Qaeda Publically Endorses the Republican Party | by Ellie Salvaje | Mar, 2021
31 Proud Boys Listed As A Terrorist Group In Canada
32 An ancient monastery in Iraq is a symbol of Christian survival
33 Al-Qaeda linked Turkish group IHH is now expanding network in Nepal
34 Book excerpt: 'The Spymaster of Baghdad'
35 Biden has to take the loss in Afghanistan — and add it to George W. Bush’s record
36 Funk Family Upstander Speaker Series: Mohammed Al Samawi and Justin Hefter
37 Spain Train Bombings Fast Facts
38 Somalia: Al-Shabaab executes 5 people for spying
39 FATF advances guidance on measures to combat terrorist and proliferation financing
40 12 terrorists apprehended in East Java are Al-Qaeda affiliates: Police
41 Suspected Islamists kill nine civilians in central Mali
42 ‘More dangerous and more widespread’: Conspiracy theories spread faster than ever
43 Bangladesh sentences eight to death for publisher’s murder
44 UN sanctions 3 top al-Shabaab leaders
45 Al Qaeda appoints new leader dubbed 'Sword of Revenge'
46 ‘Mass craziness’: Daily Beast uses Al-Qaeda torture survivor to compare Capitol rioters to ISLAMIST TERRORISTS
47 Spike Lee makes HBO documentary for 9/11 anniversary
48 In Iraq, pope to visit Mosul churches desecrated by Islamic State
49 9 al-Shabaab terrorists dead in SW Somalia
50 Pensacola Navy base mass shooter had accomplices, help from Saudi Arabia, victims claim in terror lawsuit
51 Al-Qaeda linked Turkish group IHH expands network in Nepal: From building Islamic centres to funding Jihadi orgs functioning along Indian border
52 Jihadist Groups in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assessing the Threat
53 How Biden Should Not Leave Afghanistan
54 Briefs
55 Al-Qaeda linked Turkish group expanding its wings in South Asia with its partner Islami Sangh Nepal
56 Côte d’Ivoire – Benin: French intelligence warn of jihadist expansion
57 Pompeo claims Iran is 'home base' for Al Qaeda
58 Al-Qaeda Affiliate Group For Support Of Islam And Muslims (GSIM) Claims Attack On French Forces In Eastern Mali
59 Osama bin Laden’s Son Is a Painter. America Is His Muse.
60 Don't rely on Moscow to help with “reconciliation” in Syria's Daraa province
61 Al Qaeda's Abu Muhammad al-Masri Secretly Killed in Iran
62 Pompeo Says Iran Is New Base for Al Qaeda, but Offers Little Proof
63 FBI director Christopher Wray flags fast-growing white supremacist threat in US
64 US warns of Al-Shabaab attacks in Kenyan airspace
65 The death of Ayman al-Zawahri and the future of al-Qaida
66 Al Qaeda Feels Losses in Syria and Afghanistan but Stays Resilient
67 Top US general warns Iran, says Taliban not breaking with al-Qaeda
68 Arsenal fan accidentally receives Al Qaeda flag from his parents in horrifying mix-up
69 Elusive figure of Syrian war dies with secrets in Turkey
70 Neo-Nazi Sonnenkrieg Division to become first right-wing terrorist organisation listed in Australia
71 Al-Qaeda: The core problem
72 Ahead of Sahel summit, where do France and G5 countries stand?
73 Al Qaeda's Generational Change
74 Mayday: How the White Helmets and James Le Mesurier got pulled into a deadly battle for truth
75 Taliban has kept close ties with al Qaeda despite promises to Trump admin, U.N. report says
76 Al Qaeda is battered, but don’t rejoice yet
77 Al-Qaeda: Threat or Anachronism?
78 Al-Qaeda still 'heavily embedded' within Taliban in Afghanistan, UN official warns
79 Ayman al-Zawahiri's al Qaeda Doesn't Need Another 9/11
80 This 9/11 anniversary arrives with the end of the war on al-Qaeda well in sight
81 Pope Francis' visit to put history and fragility of Iraq's Christian community into sharp relief
82 Biden administration shouldn’t stop with Yemen
83 9/11 attacks: What's happened to al-Qaeda?
84 Al Qaeda's Franchise Reboot
85 At least 18 dead in Kabul bombing; top al Qaeda leader killed in separate operation
86 If Ayman al-Zawahiri is really dead, what's next for al Qaeda?
87 Afghan security forces kill Al Qaeda leader, accuse Taliban of harbouring him
88 FBI: Pensacola gunman prodded by al Qaeda to attack
89 Fratricidal Clash in West Africa Pits al Qaeda Against Islamic State
90 French military kills north African al Qaeda leader with US help
91 Behind the Taliban’s ties to al-Qaeda: A shared ideology and decades of battlefield support
92 Australia declares British neo-Nazi group as first right-wing terror organisation
93 Former prime minister John Howard evaluates his time in office, 25 years after his election victory
94 George Floyd death: Al-Qaeda tries to exploit US unrest
95 387 Days of Power: How al-Qaeda Seized, Held and Ultimately Lost a Yemeni City – Homeland Security Today
96 US warns of Al-Shabaab aircraft attacks in Kenya
97 The Future of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan – Homeland Security Today
98 Key al Qaeda Leader Killed in Afghanistan
99 Jolt to Qaeda leadership succession: Only Saif al-Adel from old guard remains to lead
100 Ayman Al-Zawahiri, chief of Al-Qaeda, dead: Report