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1 Sudan discovers new Bashir era mass graves
2 Sudan’s former prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi dies of COVID-19
3 Sadiq al-Mahdi, great-grandson of the ‘Mad Mahdi’ who became democratic leader of Sudan – obituary
4 Russian naval base in Sudan: Extending Moscow's influence in Middle East and North Africa
5 Omar Hassan al-Bashir Goes on Trial in Sudan Over 1989 Coup
6 Sudan inflation soars, raising spectre of hyperinflation
7 Al-Bashir Hospital employees show how COVID-19 PCR tests are disposed
8 Omar al-Bashir: Sudan agrees ex-president must face ICC
9 ICC delegation heading to Sudan to discuss case against al-Bashir
10 Sudan Pledges Cooperation with ICC on Former Leader Omar al-Bashir
11 In historic first, Sudan’s former president Bashir stands trial over 1989 coup
12 Jordan- PM opens COVID-19 Al-Bashir Intensive Care Centre
13 Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir a step closer to facing war crimes charges
14 Sudan: Protestors mark fourth anniversary of detention of former janjaweed leader
15 Omar al-Bashir: Sudan ex-leader sentenced for corruption
16 After denial, Sudan reportedly confirms visit by Israeli delegation last week
17 Sudan – Red Sea basin: Four ways to make or break stability
18 Sudan says it will stamp out child marriage and enforce ban on FGM
19 Sudan authorities should capitalize on Ali Kushayb surrender and hand over Omar al Bashir to ICC
20 Omar Hassan al-Bashir Is Gone, but the Killing Goes On in Darfur
21 Sudan: Mass grave linked to 1989 coup attempt on al-Bashir found
22 Interview: Finally, Sudan's Ex-Dictator al-Bashir May Face Justice
23 Economic precariousness: 'The Arab Spring did not die': A second wave of Mideast protests
24 Lawyers walk out of Sudan ex-President Omar al-Bashir's trial in protest
25 A year after Bashir’s removal, Sudan still has a long road ahead
26 Sudan's Bashir trial adjourned to September 22
27 Al-Bashir Is on Trial in Sudan. He’s Not the First Dictator to Land in Court.
28 Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir Is Ousted, but Not His Regime
29 Sudan finds mass grave of officers involved in failed 1990 coup against Bashir
30 Trial of ex-Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir trial postponed for a week
31 The trial against Bashir for 1989 coup d'état is against Sudan law
32 Bringing al-Bashir to justice: the pros and cons of various options
33 Al Bashir to face questions on Darfur war crimes today
34 Ousted Sudanese President al-Bashir Moved to Prison
35 ICC trial in The Hague one option for Sudan's al-Bashir, says minister
36 Sudan's Anti-graft Body to Seize Property of the Bashir Family
37 Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir Charged in Connection With Killing of Protesters
38 Al Bashir's lawyers walk out of Sudan court session
39 Sudan: The ICC is presently the best option for justice for Darfur crimes
40 Sudan to Return Remains of Officers Executed by Bashir Regime
41 Sudan's al-Bashir Questioned About Terrorist Financing
42 Al-Bashir to Appear in Court to Face Graft Charges
43 Sudan A-G: 'Speedy trial for Al Bashir regime leaders'
44 Why former Sudan president Omar al-Bashir must not escape justice
45 Sudan: Mass grave uncovered, linked to Bashir coup attempt
46 Sudan's Bashir appears at trial over 1989 coup
47 Al-Bashir Trial in Sudan Opens with Claim of $90 Million Payment From Saudis
48 Sudan's peace challenge, a year after al-Bashir ouster
49 Al-Bashir's handover decision to ICC divides Sudanese
50 Sudan Court Formally Indicts Al-Bashir on Corruption Charges
51 Trial of ex-Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir delayed at request of defence
52 Omar al-Bashir: Sudan despot was paid secret $20m a month
53 The downfall of Omar Bashir
54 Omar Bashir: What to know about Sudan's dictator accused of genocide
55 Sudan's Omar al-Bashir must not escape international trial
56 In Darfur, Displaced Hope Bashir Faces ICC Trial
57 Demise of a dictator: How will the world remember Sudan's Omar al-Bashir?
58 Sudan still in crisis a year after Omar al-Bashir ouster
59 Sudan Coalition Wants Bashir Turned Over to ICC
60 Sudan under al-Bashir: Long history of turmoil, conflicts
61 Sudan General Steps Down as Transitional Leader a Day After al-Bashir’s Ouster
62 Ousted Bashir may not be extradited to ICC | MEO
63 Trial of Sudan's Bashir adjourned to 6 October
64 Sudan says three jailed members of ousted Bashir regime have coronavirus
65 Sudan anti-corruption watchdog: Al Bashir to face new graft charges
66 Sudan’s Bashir Seeks Jail Move as Aide Gets Virus, Lawyer Says
67 'Suspect still at large': Why Sudan hasn't handed Omar Bashir over to the ICC
68 Sudan: Families of Former Bashir Officials Want Them Released from Prison Due to COVID-19
69 Sudan: Trial of ex-President Omar al-Bashir over 1989 military coup postponed on request
70 Bashir associates arrested ahead of mass Sudan protests
71 Sudan opens Darfur crimes probe against al-Bashir-era figures
72 Sudan's Bashir received $20m monthly salary – Middle East Monitor
73 Darfur justice could prove elusive despite al-Bashir's fall
74 A New Sudan: How al-Bashir's Trial Could Move the Country Forward – The Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations
75 Abandoned by the UAE, Sudan's Bashir was destined to fall
76 Sudan Overturns Moral Policing Law and Disbands Al-Bashir’s Party
77 Sudan’s Ousted Leader Quizzed in Probe Into Islamist Financing
78 Former Sudanese president looks for a get-out-of-jail pass in corruption trial
79 Millions of dollars were hidden in a palace room. Only the president had the key, witness says
80 Omar al-Bashir on trial: Will justice be delivered?
81 ICC: Sudanese Fugitive in Custody
82 Sudan's Al Bashir, aides charged with undermining constitutional order
83 The Mass Movement That Toppled Omar al-Bashir
84 Africa Insiders: Why Sudan is turning to the ICC to prosecute al-Bashir
85 Ousted Leader Of Sudan To Face War Crimes Charges In The Hague
86 Sudan police disperse rally demanding Bashir's release
87 Sudan exiles return to help rebuild the country after Omar al-Bashir's ousting
88 Sudan: Former President al-Bashir denied bail in corruption trial
89 Sudanese ex-Dictator Sentenced to 2 Years for Graft
90 Abdallah Al Bashir in Khartoum hospital with 'suspected Covid-19'
91 Coronavirus spreading through Sudan prison holding Bashir and his allies
92 Omar al-Bashir exploited Sudan’s ethnic division for decades. Now Sudan is united against him.
93 Sudan moves against Bashir loyalists after assassination attempt
94 While Ousted President Faces ICC, Sudan's AG Reconsiders Country's Ties to Islamist Groups
95 Sudan finds mass grave of conscripts killed during Bashir's rule
96 Omar al-Bashir Charged With Undermining Sudan's Constitution in The 1989 Coup
97 After Bashir
98 Why Sudan won't hand over former president al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court
99 Sudan agrees to turn in ex-leader to face charges over Darfur conflict
100 Why the ICC's Judgment in the Al-Bashir Case Wasn't So Surprising