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Result Content Idea Research
1 Iran taps into emergency fund to compensate Ukraine flight victims
2 Interfaith marriage fatwa feeds debate in Egypt
3 Israel, Gulf rapprochement could worry Yemen, Iran
4 As EU mulls sanctions against Turkey, East Med allies to begin joint drills
5 Netanyahu, MBS concur on Iran, but normalization no closer
6 US sanctions Libyan militia, leader loyal to Hifter
7 Lebanon’s PM struggles to form Cabinet amid economic crisis
8 Netanyahu ignores IDF generals, runs his own show
9 Why refugees won’t return to Syria
10 In a changing Middle East, Abraham Accords will usher in new era for technology
11 Will reopening of border crossing drive Saudi investment in Iraq?
12 The Takeaway: Qatari official sees encouraging signs in diplomacy to end GCC divisions
13 Will the Ethiopian conflict affect UAE-Egyptian relations?
14 Palestinians trying to dig themselves out of isolation
15 Egypt seeks alliance with Sudan, Israel to counter Turkish influence in Somalia
16 US-Turkey ties under Biden: confrontation or conciliation?
17 Syrian Kurdish commander sees chance to ease tensions with Turkey under Biden
18 Islamic State claims sabotage attack on Egypt’s gas pipeline to Israel
19 Gantz slams Netanyahu for 'chaos' in Israeli political crisis
20 Egyptian star under fire for fraternizing with Israelis
21 Egypt rallies Namibia, Zambia for support in Nile Dam talks
22 Islamic State regroups in Syrian Kurdish region
23 Israeli settlers disappointed over Trump’s defeat, worry over Biden
24 Biden's campaign showed what his Middle East policy may be as president
25 Erdogan weighs new reality in US-Turkey ties under Biden
26 Facebook closes suspicious accounts from Iran, Muslim Brotherhood
27 Sudan boycotts Nile dam talks, further complicating negotiations
28 Is Turkey gearing up for military move against Syrian Kurds?
29 Israel's intelligence chief wants next US president to continue Abraham Accords.
30 China looks to boost its GCC interests with 'vaccine diplomacy'
31 Egypt slams Turkish role in Syria
32 Pompeo skips Ankara, meets with Christian leader in final Turkey visit
33 Screws tighten on Gray Wolves, Erdogan’s European guard
34 Erdogan's call for two-state solution in Cyprus dims hopes for Turkish 'reset' with West
35 Who really won in south Caucasus?
36 Biden's election victory draws mixed reactions in Egypt
37 IRGC wants Iranians to ignore US elections
38 Egypt to negotiate sea border with Palestine
39 Why Erdogan seeks fresh military mandate for Azerbaijan
40 Aid groups in Yemen say Houthi terror designation would deepen crisis
41 Egypt backs Polisario Front, risks relations with Morocco
42 As Turkey pounds northeast Syria, residents fear new operation
43 Ethiopia’s detention of Egyptians escalates tensions between the two countries
44 Erdogan mum as mob boss threatens Turkey’s main opposition leader
45 Oman’s reform plans worry activists
46 Egypt to build world’s largest water desalination plant amid deadlock in Nile dam talks
47 Germany concludes major naval arms package to Egypt, despite opposition
48 Turkey's Erdogan crushes hopes of reform, lashes out at AKP veteran
49 Egypt heads to Khartoum to avert crisis over disputed Halayeb-Shalateen area
50 Egyptian rights group's director held in solitary confinement, lawyers say
51 End of kafala no panacea for Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia
52 Israeli Arabs enjoy fruits of normalization with the Emirates
53 Egypt holds its first Islamic exhibition in Saudi Arabia
54 Top Netflix drama lays open Turkish divides
55 Russia to establish naval base in Sudan
56 Unions rally workers against controversial new Egyptian laws
57 Humanitarian disaster looms over Syria’s Idlib amid COVID-19 surge
58 In last days of Trump administration, Pompeo showers gifts on Israel
59 Egypt accuses Qatar of undermining peace talks via support for Libyan government
60 Progressives divided over Biden’s expected pick for Pentagon chief
61 Algeria grants itself power to intervene in Libya
62 Israel ventures into space, for the second time
63 Armenian-Israelis protest arms sales to Azerbaijan
64 Dahlan supporters complain of PA crackdown in West Bank camps
65 Egypt replicates High Dam experience in Tanzania
66 The Takeaway: Biden’s Mideast ties assure smooth transition
67 Iraq increases deficit to pay salaries
68 Libyans agree on plan to hold elections in 18 months, UN says
69 COVID-19 breaks records in Turkey as health experts call for tighter controls
70 Al-Azhar to sue France over prophet cartoons
71 Hamas seeks to lock in Qatar aid while exchanging border fire with Israel
72 Egyptian government fires official who insulted Kuwait to avoid diplomatic crisis
73 Iran to pursue legal action against US over medical sanctions
74 Saudis say Biden’s threats are ‘election talk'
75 Palestinians in quandary about new visitors from Gulf
76 Biden’s new secretary of state ready to take on the Middle East
77 Jordan welcomes Biden presidency
78 Netanyahu goes for broke in Trump's last two months
79 Egypt's secret police arrest second prominent human rights activist this week
80 International financial alliance forms to help Iraq
81 Intel: Departure of foreign forces from Libya in question ahead of political talks in Tunis
82 The Netherlands to send new troops to Iraq as coalition shifts to advisory role
83 Iran's Rouhani announces new nationwide closures
84 With Trump on way out, Netanyahu nails together settlement legacy
85 German mission searches Libya-bound Turkish ship, sparking backlash from Ankara
86 Drug smuggling, abuse on the rise in Iraq
87 Former Iranian PM Mousavi, under house arrest, tests positive for COVID-19
88 Trump-Heights settlement in Golan here to stay
89 Islamic State resurfaces with attacks in Iraq’s Diyala province
90 Iraq, Saudi Arabia agree to boost ties
91 Turkey may no longer be model partner, but US has interest in finding common ground where it can
92 Chain of teenage suicides shakes impoverished Iranian town
93 Netanyahu putting all his eggs in Trump’s basket
94 Will Biden save the two-state solution?
95 Women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul to stand trial in Saudi Arabia
96 Egypt announces largest archaeological discovery yet
97 Is Russia’s naval base in Sudan a signal to Turkey ... and Biden?
98 Israel reportedly bombs southern Syria
99 Jericho entices tourists with Mount of the Temptation
100 Opposition factions in Idlib prepare for imminent Syrian government offensive