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Result Content Idea Research
1 Russia pushes COVID-19 vaccine in Egypt
2 Intel: Pompeo questioned over State's declaring Egypt’s ex-PM immune from torture suit
3 Why UAE’s landmark deal with Israel is bad for Turkey
4 US deploys Bradley armored vehicles to Syria after dustups with Russia’s troops
5 Why is Turkey acquiescing to Egypt’s role in Libya?
6 Is Israel-Gulf business ready to take off?
7 What does Egypt have to gain from building a dam in Tanzania?
8 Egypt rallies Arab League to counter Turkey's regional policies
9 Middle East Minute for September 18, 2020
10 Possible resignation of Libya's PM raises questions over Ankara-Tripoli ties
11 Does France’s failure in Mali spell a victory for Turkey?
12 PKK under pressure in Iraq's Kurdistan Region
13 Netanyahu flees Israeli lockdown for White House signing ceremony
14 Arms from Iran, Western countries prolonging Yemen’s war: UN
15 More than 2,000 US troops to leave Iraq in September, CENTCOM says
16 Egypt sends signal to Turkey by deepening ties with Jordan, Iraq
17 Egypt, Cyprus focus on natural gas pipeline amid tensions in eastern Mediterranean
18 How Turkey became the bane of Arab regimes
19 Wagner has already crashed two Russian fighter jets in Libya, AFRICOM says
20 Abu Dhabi investor surprises Israelis, interested in Jerusalem soccer club
21 Tensions between Turkey, Turkish Cypriots escalate
22 After breaches, UN Security Council urges Libya’s backers to respect arms embargo
23 Egyptian news media warned not to criticize UAE-Israel deal
24 Jordan to imprison, fine people who hold large gatherings
25 Iraqi government steps up fight against corruption
26 Farming study brings Sudan, Egypt closer amid Nile Dam crisis
27 Private gun ownership soars in West Bank
28 Pentagon pushes back on claim that US to leave Turkey’s Incirlik base
29 Israeli and Emirati diamond exchanges sign 'collaboration agreement'
30 Why Mediterranean tensions may not benefit Erdogan at home
31 US official alleges Hezbollah stashed ammonium nitrate throughout Europe
32 Khamenei blasts Emirati ‘treason’ against Muslims after Israel deal
33 For Syria’s opposition activists, Turkey 'best of the bad'
34 US gives Iraqi Kurdistan peshmerga $250 million worth of Humvees, ammo
35 Turkey starves Syria’s northeast of water as virus death toll mounts
36 Iraqi Kurdistan president leaves Ankara talks with two Yazidi children
37 Ankara accused of weaponizing pandemic measures against opposition
38 Netanyahu hails Bahrain-Israel normalization deal
39 Arab League refuses to back Palestinians in rebuke of Israel-UAE deal
40 Israel expands campaign to seize West Bank archaeological sites
41 What is Turkey’s role in Tripoli political tremor?
42 Libyan cease-fire casts cloud over Erdogan’s ambitions
43 The Netherlands takes first step in holding Syria’s torturers to account
44 Why Egypt chose Chinese COVID-19 vaccine over Russian one
45 Rights advocates decry mass detention of Turkish lawyers
46 EU stops Libya-bound ship suspected of violating arms embargo
47 Sistani backs Iraqi government crackdown on outlawed militias
48 Can new mechanism advance stalled Riyadh Agreement in southern Yemen?
49 More intact coffins among archaeological discoveries in Egypt
50 World War II site becomes promising tourist destination in Egypt
51 Looming despair among Lebanon’s refugees
52 Why Jordan’s Islamists are boycotting elections
53 Palestinians say not even caves safe from Israeli bulldozers
54 The Takeaway: Israel and Hamas turn to Qatar for truce
55 ‘It just sounded very nice’: US indicts Chicago man who shouldered a rifle for IS
56 Intel: Iran claims it found agents behind Natanz nuclear explosion
57 Speculation grows over Larijani nomination for Iran presidency
58 Mother of Iranian sons sentenced claims they were tortured
59 Turkey says it is institution-building through military training in Libya
60 Iran prepares for a third wave of coronavirus outbreak
61 Turkey courts Hamas despite US pressure
62 Second wave of virus ravages Israel's Arab population
63 Egypt casts about for ways to protect fisheries from GERD effects
64 Suspicion mars death of Egyptian activist in custody
65 Turkey’s militarized Africa opening fuels influence wars
66 Iraq, counter-IS coalition kill, capture Islamic State figures
67 Netanyahu, peacemaker or troublemaker?
68 Egypt acts to rescue its farmland from urban sprawl
69 COVID-19 cases increasingly rapidly in northeast Syria
70 Oman kicks off ambitious reform project
71 Senior Islamic State figure in custody after Turkish raid
72 Turkey’s tilt toward Pakistan provokes India’s ire
73 Who is benefiting from Russian-Turkish patrols in northwest Syria?
74 Iran officials hold ‘constructive’ talks with visiting IAEA chief
75 Tehran Stock Exchange: The end of an illusion
76 Iraqi Jews want to regain their citizenship
77 Battle for Idlib draws near as sides take position
78 Intel: Iraq-Jordan-Egypt summit urges increased trade as security concerns loom over region
79 Iraqi Kurdistan president carries conciliatory message from Baghdad to Ankara
80 Is Turkey’s opposition losing Istanbul to Erdogan?
81 Who is behind wave of killings of tribal sheikhs in east Syria?
82 Is COVID-19 pushing women in Egypt out of workforce?
83 Egypt shows interest in Nubian community after years of marginalization
84 Saudi women entrepreneurs fight cultural conditioning
85 Syria constitutional talks 'on hold' after three test positive for coronavirus
86 How a second Trump term could shift Russia’s stance on Syria
87 How Mediterranean standoff complicates Turkey's natural gas agenda
88 Iraqi youths form political parties to join early elections
89 The Takeaway: Dermer on Iran nuclear deal: ‘We have been the guinea pigs in this failed experiment'
90 Saudi Arabia to resume some international flights Sept. 15
91 Algerians warn EU trade agreement could further decimate economy
92 As #MeToo reaches Iran, legal system remains major obstacle to justice
93 Intel: Armenia's foreign minister in Egypt says Turkey undermines 'peace and stability in the region'
94 Turkey’s ‘city hospitals’ threaten a financial black hole
95 Iran dismisses US push for snapback sanctions
96 Online calls for anti-Sisi protests in Egypt may fall flat
97 Israel's home demolitions in West Bank spiked during pandemic: UN
98 Would Egypt support Sudan-Israel normalization deal?
99 US imposes sanctions on Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah-linked targets in Lebanon
100 As Iraqi PM balances ties with US, Iran and Arab states, Tehran weighs next move