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1 Where Is Charles Sobhraj Now
2 The Serpent: Where Is the Real Life Marie-Andree Leclerc Now?
3 Valuable life lessons learned from Netflix's 'The Serpent' The Daily Californian 1d ago If you, too
4 The Serpent miniseries: Re-Constructing Murders
5 Alain Gautier – never say never
6 Where are they now? The real life people from The Serpent murder case
7 ‘The Serpent’ review: Netflix series stars Tahar Rahim as a killer
8 The man who nailed The Serpent in real life: 'If there's a hell that's where he belongs'
9 The Serpent True Story: Nadine Gires’ Real-Life Role Explained
10 The Serpent: Who were the real life victims of Charles Sobhraj?
11 The Serpent True Story: Was Marie-Andrée Leclerc Victim Or Villain?
12 The Serpent, BBC One review
13 The Serpent: What happened to Dominique in The Serpent? Where is he now?
14 The Serpent: What happened to Nadine Gires and where is she now?
15 The Serpent: What happened to Charles Sobhraj's first wife Juliette? Where is she now?
16 Vendée Globe: Never say never
17 The Serpent: a slow-burn TV success that's more than a killer thriller
18 The Serpent BBC: What happened to Nadine? Where is she now?
19 Nadine and Remi Gires Now: Where Are The Serpent's Neighours Today? Update
20 Herman Knippenberg Now: Where is He Today? The Serpent Update
21 The Serpent cast: Who plays Nadine in The Serpent?
22 What happened to Monique from The Serpent in real life?
23 Joschke retires from Vendee while Bestaven's lead shrinks
24 How a quiet hero tracked down The Serpent, the world’s most-wanted serial killer
25 From diplomat to detective, this man helped bring Asia's notorious 'Serpent' killer to justice
26 Jenna Coleman shares behind the scenes photos from The Serpent
27 Compelling drama based on ‘hippie trail’ killer will chill you
28 From France to Rwanda's hills, the husband-and-wife genocide hunters
29 Argentina's fledgling lithium sector clipped by coronavirus
30 Additional keel ram damage for Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) who has abandoned her Vendée Globe
31 Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe : today's analysis by Alain Gautier
32 The Serpent: Jenna Coleman’s Monique learns Charles Sobhraj’s secrets
33 Keel hydraulic ram problem for Isabelle Joschke
34 The Serpent: Who are the real characters in The Serpent?
35 Figaro Series: The hardest sailing race in the world where money means nothing
36 The Serpent: Who was Charles Sobhraj married too in real life?
37 The twisted true story behind Netflix's addictive new crime series, The Serpent.
38 Sébastien Destremau (Merci) forced to retire from the Vendée Globe
39 Vendée Globe Day 59 morning update: Charlie Dalin 'I feel like I am back from another world'
40 Vendée Globe Day 62 morning update: Pip Hare is 'Back in the Game'
41 Vendée Globe Day 52: Seguin's sweet dreams are made of this
42 Vendée Globe Day 58 morning update: Thomas Ruyant & Damien Seguin pass Cape Horn
43 Vendée Globe Day 36 morning update: Bestaven Best In the Indian
44 Vendée Globe: Rudder damage on Hugo Boss Alex Thomson notified his technical team of damage to
45 Meet the Vendée Globe skippers: Isabelle Joschke
46 Vendée Globe Day 38 morning update: Little victories and big disappointments
47 Damage to port foil system on Vendee Globe leader Charlie Dalin's Apivia
48 Vendée Globe Day 33: Recovery time for Dalin & Ruyant, Stamm pays tribute to Pip Hare
49 Boris Herrmann in collision with fishing boat
50 Vendée Globe Day 28: An abandoning trio in Cape Town evoke the origin of the race
51 Vendée Globe Day 11 morning update: Last hours in the Northern Hemisphere for HUGO BOSS
52 Possible structural problem alert from HUGO BOSS
53 Vendée Globe Day 66 morning update: Dalin leads Rio Restart, Hare at The Horn last night
54 Vendée Globe Day 29 morning update: Kevin Escoffier transferred off Yes We Cam!
55 Vendée Globe: Nicolas Troussel (CORUM L'Épargne) dismasts NW of the Cape Verde Islands
56 Vendée Globe Day 74 morning update: Charlie Dalin 'I need to be in good shape for this last bit'
57 Vendée Globe Day 34 morning update: Peleton pick up the pace
58 Web Series Review | The Serpent: A Mere Monotonous Chain Of Misdemeanours
59 Paja: Jack Setton’s modern whaleboat is the product of a singular mind
60 Kevin Escoffier (PRB) activates Distress Beacon, Jean Le Cam alters course to assist
61 Vendée Globe Day 8 morning report: Routine at last The first signs of trade winds sees
62 Vendée Globe 2020: More sustainable with solar power
63 Vendée Globe Day 39 morning update: Chilled Ruyant sets the pace in the fifties
64 Vendée Globe Day 46 morning update: Bestaven has one eye in the rearview mirror
65 Vendée Globe Day 41 morning update: Ruyant rolls the roulette wheel a little
66 Vendée Globe Day 30 morning update: Choice not Chance
67 Vendée Globe Day 42: Every day is a different challenge
68 Mass murderer Sobhraj kept alive with heart surgery
69 Problems with J3 headsail hook on L'Occitane en Provence
70 Vendée Globe Day 75: All Quiet on the Western Front?
71 Vendée Globe: Alexia Barrier on final approach, Ari Huusela at the Azores
72 Vendée Globe: Ice exclusion zone set Following the positioning of the Antarctic Exclusion Zone, Race Direction
73 Last Vendée Globe arrival Ari Huusela due Friday morning
74 Vendée Globe Day 77 morning update: Azores ahead are prelude to winning moves
75 Vendée Globe Day 53: Clarisse celebrates her 31st birthday at Point Nemo
76 Vendée Globe Day 47: A Christmas lead for Dalin? Ruyant has split north to seek a
77 Vendée Globe Day 73: Happy, Super Happy
78 Vendée Globe Day 49 morning update: Bestaven back on top
79 Vendée Globe Day 54: Attack is the best form of defence
80 Vendée Globe Day 72 morning update: Burton on the button, first out Doldrums
81 Vendée Globe Day 12 morning update: The key? Live for the positives
82 Vendée Globe Day 73 morning update: Fast and low or high and slower?
83 Canadian Doctor Rigs Ventilator to Treat Nine Patients Instead of Just One
84 Vendée Globe Race Village closed from Friday; the Race Start still on course for November 8th
85 Vendée Globe Day 5: Brothers in Arms
86 Vendée Globe Day 74: Seven days to destiny The race at the front of the Vendée
87 Vendée Globe Day 60: Tunnel vision for Pip Hare, dream realised for Cape Horner Tripon
88 Vendée Globe Day 51: Back to reality
89 Vendée Globe Day 59: Leader Bestaven on song on Atlantic climb, Herrmann repairs mainsail
90 La Solitaire du Figaro is a go >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
91 Vendée Globe Day 69: Third placed Herrmann applying pressure to the top duo
92 Vendée Globe Day 66: The road from Rio
93 Armel Le Cléac'h wins 2020 Solitaire >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
94 Vendée Globe: Leader's patience tried & tested as Sam Davies profits from her southbound initiative
95 Toiling to Bring Rwanda Genocide Suspects to Justice
96 Vegan Restaurant ONA Gets Michelin Star in France, a First
97 The Serpent cast: Did Mathilde Warnier meet the real Nadine Gires?
98 Perth doctor creates double-ventilator system for area hospitals amid coronavirus crisis
99 Drifter threatens order at Figaro 2020 >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
100 Refits come to an end: The IMOCA fleet moving again and skippers rediscovering their boats