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1 Alan Turing Honored As The Face Of The UK's New 50-Pound Bank Note
2 New ₤50 Note Features Alan Turing
3 UK Unveils Design of New £50 Note Featuring AI Pioneer Alan Turing
4 50-Pound Note Features Alan Turing Who Served as WWII Codebreaker
5 Alan Turing — awkward, solitary loner? Not according to a new book by his nephew
6 Family of acclaimed mathematician Alan Turing on why the story of his complicated life and lasting legacy deserves to be told afresh
7 Alan Turing's nephew claims Britain's WWII code-breaking hero did NOT kill himself
8 Alan Turing: An exceptional man with a brilliant mind
9 French Healthcare Company Alan Raises €185M At €1.4 Billion Valuation
10 Alan Turing’s theory of biology is helping next generation of mathematicians crack the code
11 New English £50 Note Celebrates LGBTQ Computer Scientist Alan Turing
12 Scientist Alan Turing £50 note gets final unveiling
13 The best way to honour Alan Turing would be for the UK to ban conversion therapy
14 Bank Of England Reveals New Bank Note Honoring World War II Codebreaker Alan Turing
15 New £50 note: release date, why Alan Turing is on it and old notes deadline
16 Alan Turing: The father of computer science
17 Basic and clinical science posters: Covid‐19
18 The Bank of England has revealed the new Alan Turing £50 note
19 There's an Easter Egg in This Column. Can You Find It?
20 The Turing test is not about AI: it is about our tendency to project humanity onto things | OUPblog
21 Alan Turing: Stolen items to be returned to UK from US after decades
22 Felix Gray Turing Blue Light Glasses Review
23 Meet the Leeds engineer whose 'top secret' work helped develop Nazi code breaking machines in World War II
24 Another Great Wall
25 Britcoin? British Government Considers Its Own Digital Currency
26 What Alan Turing teaches us about achieving breakthrough results
27 Marina Benipayo has many reasons to be happy | Carlo Atienza
28 Why pubs matter
29 Hitting the Books: How Planck's 'chain of tiny beads' helps explain why lightbulbs work
30 Benedict Cumberbatch Will Break Your Heart In His New Spy Drama, ‘The Courier’
31 Stolen Alan Turing memorabilia, once offered to CU Boulder, to be returned to England
32 App asks colleges to outsource emergency aid decisions
33 The strange bedfellows of AI and ethics
34 Adrian Boulding: The spectre of negative interest rates
35 Alan Turing obituary – archive, 10 June 1954
37 Alan Turing's Turing Test and Its Contribution to Computer Science
38 Overlooked No More: Alan Turing, Condemned Code Breaker and Computer Visionary
39 Darktrace Going Public In $5 Billion London IPO, Claiming $200 Million Revenue
40 Alan Turing
41 Understanding the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
42 Best Period Movies on Netflix in India
43 Living in Alan Turing’s Future
44 From Alan Turing to Future AI – Reading Security Signals –
45 Ecologists confirm Alan Turing's theory for Australian fairy circles
46 Weird Circles Keep Popping Up Around the World. Alan Turing Predicted Them in 1952.
47 From Alan Turing to Future Artificial Intelligences – Reading Security Signals
48 Edinburgh-based family of celebrated codebreaker Alan Turing ensures their famous relative’s legacy lives on.
49 Alan Turing, Computing Genius And WWII Hero, To Be On U.K.'s New 50-Pound Note
50 A Thousand Brains: to understand AI, we need to understand the human brain
51 Why Alan Turing Will Appear on UK Currency – IMF F&D | DECEMBER 2019
52 LGBT+ History Month: Alan Turing and his enduring legacy
53 Reasons to Study Your Masters in Manchester arrow_forward
54 Homophobic Arizona sex ed law so poorly-written they accidentally banned telling kids about heterosexual marriage
55 Prince Philip was a regular visitor to Rutland and Stamford
56 New Turing scheme to support thousands of students to study and work abroad
57 8 things you didn't know about Alan Turing
58 Next post Which AI has come closest to passing the Turing test?
59 Chatbots: Is that a real person helping you? How robots are taking over the world, one chat at a time
60 Meet Turing Labs
61 Benedict Cumberbatch Takes the Lead in Netflix's The 39 Steps Limited Series
62 Turing Test At 70: Still Relevant For AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
63 Diary reveals role of Alan Turing fiancée in special relationship
64 Alan Turing Institute appoints global advisory board to aid digital identity schemes project
65 AMRC to collaborate with The Alan Turing Institute on AI adoption in manufacturing
66 The Alan Turing Institute harnesses global expertise with International Advisory Board for Trustworthy Digital Identity
67 Turing Award for Computer Scientists: More Inclusiveness Needed
68 Scientist Alan Turing's degree, medal and memorabilia recovered in Colorado
69 Alan Turing Will Be the New Face of Britain's £50 Note
70 Sir David Spiegelhalter: 'Risk is a very loaded term'
71 Tomorrow is good: Why we should keep the memory of Alan Turing alive
72 A week of number-crunching with Alan Turing, John King, and Sam McConkey
73 Mysterious Circles in The Desert Explained by Alan Turing Theory From 70 Years Ago
74 3 Things Alan Turing Never Imagined
75 Who Invented the Computer? Alan Turing | Articles
76 Alan Turing: visionary, war hero and the only choice for the £50 note
77 Alan Turing: Gay war hero and Enigma codebreaker died tragically young
78 What International Students Should Know About the Turing Scheme
79 Alan Turing: how the world's most famous codebreaker unlocked the secrets of nature's beauty
80 Boris Johnson's last-minute Brexit deal includes a new scheme named after gay war hero Alan Turing
81 Scots-based family of Alan Turing win government grant to carry on his computer legacy
82 Setting The Record Straight For Alan Turing : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture
83 AMRC and Alan Turing Institute To Boost Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing – Metrology and Quality News
84 Alan Turing Facts
85 Explained: What is the UK’s Turing Scheme, and how will it affect Indian universities?
86 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completes a 'spin test,' moves closer to flight
87 'Intrusive addition': Antony Gormley's memorial to mathematician Alan Turing draws fire
88 Alan Turing: Creator of modern computing
89 After finding Alan Turing mementos in Colorado, U.S. wants to return seized items to U.K. school
90 Scientists confirm Alan Turing's explanation for Australian fairy circles
91 Turing Scheme to open for bids next month
92 Lovelace: The Programmer Who Spooked Alan Turing
93 Alan Turing Biography: Computer Pioneer, Gay Icon
94 What 'The Imitation Game' didn't tell you about Turing's greatest triumph
95 Cybersecurity firm and unicorn Darktrace set for £3bn London IPO | Business Leader News
96 New partnership with The Alan Turing Institute and Royal Statistical Society to support Joint Biosecurity Centre COVID-19 response
97 Late great engineers: Alan Turing | The Engineer The Engineer
98 Alan Turing: How His Universal Machine Became a Musical Instrument
99 Stolen items belonging to Alan Turing returned to Sherborne school after being found in US
100 Alan Turing’s stolen doctorate, knighthood medal recovered in Colorado