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1 TV tonight: the dangerous rise of conspiracy theorists in America
2 Alex Jones Hoax Pandemic Conspiracy Video Viral Despite Facebook Ban
3 Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook defamation suit to continue while he appeals to US Supreme Court
4 5 Reasons Why Conspiracy Theories Thrive Around National Tragedies
5 Joe Rogan repeats debunked claim that ‘left-wing people’ are starting Oregon wildfires
6 Writer, ‘Voice of the Patriots,’ dies
7 Maurice C. Jones, a CPA who was the founder of MCJ & Associates and a die-hard football fan, dies
8 Stone calls for Trump to declare 'martial law' in election loss
9 Nashville SC vs. Houston Dynamo
10 Modest but supremely talented Michael Kiwanuka is a very worthy Mercury Prize winner
11 Spotify battles with staff alleging transphobia in Joe Rogan podcast: Report
12 Alex Jones and Donald Trump: How the Candidate Echoed the Conspiracy Theorist on the Campaign Trail
13 Pepe the Frog Mutates from a Far Right Meme Into a Lovable, Far Gone Figure in ‘Feels Good Man’
14 Rusk runs to win over Brownsboro
15 The Evangelicals Who Are Taking On QAnon
16 Alex Jones Is Told to Stop Selling Sham Anti-Coronavirus Toothpaste
17 Court upholds sanctions against Infowars host Alex Jones in Sandy Hook case
18 InfoWars host Alex Jones charged with a DWI in Texas
19 InfoWars' Alex Jones Hires New Lawyers for Battle With Sandy Hook Families | Connecticut Law Tribune
20 FDA warns Alex Jones to stop pitching bogus virus remedies
21 Alex Jones ordered to pay $100,000 in Sandy Hook defamation case
22 This Sandy Hook Father Lives In Hiding Because of Conspiracy Theories Fueled By Alex Jones
23 'Free Austin': Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones captured on video shouting at park employees
24 Daily docket: Sept. 26, 2020
25 InfoWars Host Alex Jones' Lawyer Just Withdrew From Representing Him in the Sandy Hook Cases | Connecticut Law Tribune
26 Court Upholds Sanction Against Alex Jones, Who Threatened a Lawyer | Connecticut Law Tribune
27 Alex Jones’ ex-wife rebuffed in bid to gain daughters’ custody after he courted COVID-19 at rally
28 Austin conspiracy theorist Alex Jones warned to stop hawking COVID-19 ‘treatment’
29 Alex Jones, Infowars continue losing streak on appeals over Sandy Hook lawsuits
30 Final lawsuit against Chattanooga, Mayor Berke over First Amendment rights and COVID-19 protections dismissed
31 Infowars' Alex Jones charged with DWI
32 CT Supreme Court upholds sanctions against InfoWars host Alex Jones over Sandy Hook comments
33 FRONTLINE Investigates Alliance Among Alex Jones, Roger Stone & Trump and How Conspiracy Theories Took Center Stage; July 28 at 10
34 The meme-fication of US politics: two films reveal the faces behind the posts
35 Thumbs: Alex Jones rages against Texas ‘kooks’
36 Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shouts at Austin employees, hikers at greenbelt entrance
37 Google Bans Infowars Android App Over Coronavirus Claims
38 Being Eaten by Alex Jones Sounds Like the Absolute Worst Way to Die
39 ET Football: Primetime Players for Week 5 | ETVarsity |
40 Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones arrested for DWI in Travis County
41 Alex Jones leads anti-mask protest at Capitol
42 In Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook deposition, a persona undone
43 Why Alex Jones wants US Supreme Court to rule on his ‘blood on the streets’ rant
44 Alex Jones must pay legal fees for ’frivolous’ Sandy Hook appeal
45 Alex Jones ordered to stop selling fake coronavirus cures
46 FRONTLINE | United States of Conspiracy | Season 2020 | Episode 16
47 ET Football: Zone Previews: A look at 20-plus games from throughout East Texas
48 Extremist Alex Jones shakes up attorneys in defamation lawsuits
49 Alex Jones' 5 most disturbing and ridiculous conspiracy theories
50 The One Show star Alex Jones pays tribute after death of 'hugely talented' colleague
51 Alabama Crimson Tide names Mac Jones starting QB for opener
52 U.S. deaths top 16,000, Boris Johnson out of intensive care
53 Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Arrested In Texas For DWI
54 Congress Approves Gold Medal Honor For Merrill's Marauders
55 Responding to Infowars call, protesters mass in Austin to call for lifting of restrictions
56 Alex Jones banned from YouTube, Facebook, and Apple, explained
57 Sandy Hook lawyer asks judge to hold Alex Jones liable without trial
58 Alex Jones hit with sanctions by judge in Sandy Hook lawsuit as case gets a proposed trial date
59 Feature: I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.
60 Conspiracy Theories Made Alex Jones Very Rich. They May Bring Him Down.
61 Alex Jones faces more sanctions in Sandy Hook lawsuits
62 Americans face dramatic limits on public life as schools, theme parks, events shut down
63 Disinformation and blame: how America's far right is capitalizing on coronavirus
64 Court upholds Alex Jones sanctions in Sandy Hook case
65 'There is a business plan but it's in Alex Jones' head': Court document sheds light on inner-workings of Infowars
66 Even before Stone verdict, Alex Jones launched campaign for Trump pardon
67 NY Attorney General orders Alex Jones to stop selling fake coronavirus treatments
68 Alex Jones claims his BAC was below legal limit, 'heat' on Travis Co. led to DWI arrest
69 FRONTLINE: United States Of Conspiracy
70 Plaintiffs Suing Alex Jones Clear Hurdle, but There's a Long Road Ahead | Texas Lawyer
71 Alex Jones Said Bans Would Strengthen Him. He Was Wrong.
72 Twitter Bans Alex Jones And InfoWars; Cites Abusive Behavior
73 Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Other Extremists—but Not as Planned
74 InfoWars' Alex Jones Is Suing Massachusetts Candidate Brianna Wu
75 Affidavit: Alex Jones arrested for DWI with BAC of only .076
76 Top Austin news: Mom sentenced to life for beheading daughter; Alex Jones arrested on DWI charge
77 Sandy Hook families v Alex Jones: Defamation case explained
78 'Trump is innocent!' — Heckler from Alex Jones' Infowars accuses Nadler of treason during impeachment hearing
79 Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, loses appeal in Sandy Hook lawsuit
80 Max Keiser Predicts $400,000 BTC on Alex Jones Show, Jones Compares Bitcoin to 'Power of Fire' From the Gods | News
81 Conspiracy theorist, radio host Alex Jones arrested in Texas
82 Is Alex Jones an extreme conspiracy theorist or a giant troll? Here's why the answer matters
83 Alex Jones loses Sandy Hook appeal
84 Logan Paul helps Alex Jones avoid YouTube ban
85 After years of pushing Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, Florida man who worked with Alex Jones is arrested
86 Alex Jones threatened to name a Roger Stone juror. Experts say that might be jury tampering.
87 Why do people listen to Infowars' Alex Jones at all? We asked them
88 Alex Jones, diminished
89 Sandy Hook Families Gain in Defamation Suits Against Alex Jones
90 Facebook handled Alex Jones just right
91 Alex Jones, Pursued Over Infowars Falsehoods, Faces a Legal Crossroads
92 How Alex Jones lost his info war
93 Facebook suspends U.S. conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
94 Vimeo removed Alex Jones’ account over the weekend
95 Conspiracy Website InfoWars Parts Ways With Pepe The Frog
96 Ex-employee says he warned InfoWars about Alex Jones Sandy Hook claims
97 HBO's 'After Truth' takes on fake news, and mostly wins. Here's why that may not be enough
98 YouTube issues warning to Infowars founder Alex Jones, takes down four videos
99 With talk of `civil war, America enters Alex Jones wheelhouse
100 Alex Jones legal team to be sanctioned in Sandy Hook case