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1 Web Summit: Alex Stamos, director of Stanford Internet Observatory discusses domestic disinformation in the US Presidential Election
2 Podcast: Alex Stamos on misinformation around the US election
3 Stanford debrief hits on role of tech in spreading election (mis)information
4 Videos falsely claiming election fraud in Detroit spread quickly, with help
5 Trump’s attacks on election outcome prolong tech’s emergency measures
6 Lies about the coronavirus vaccines are already spreading. How can they be stopped?
7 The Lawfare Podcast: The Most Intense Online Disinformation Event in American History
8 Cybersecurity under fire: CISA’s former deputy director decries post-election vilification
9 Twitter names famed hacker 'Mudge' as head of security
10 Will Zoom video chat still dominate after a Covid-19 vaccine? Microsoft Teams, Cisco, or Google could knock o…
11 The Lawfare Podcast: Alex Stamos on Fighting Election Disinformation in Real Time
12 Former Facebook CSO Alex Stamos to join Zoom as outside security consultant
13 Legal Experts Blast Trump Lawyer For Saying Krebs Should Be 'Taken Out And Shot'
14 Who needs Russia? Loudest attacks on US vote are from Trump
15 The Lawfare Podcast: Alex Stamos on the Hard Tradeoffs of the Internet
16 Trump says the election is not over as 'Stop the Steal' and 'voter fraud' disinformation go viral on Facebook and Twitter
17 Bishop Fox Rounds Out Advisory Board with Former Microsoft, Netscape/AOL Marketing and Product Executive
18 Ex-Facebook security chief, now Zoom advisor, says he still trusts Zoom for his video meetings
19 Zoom consultant Alex Stamos weighs in on Keybase acquisition
20 The Big Tech Insider Who’s Challenging Facebook, Twitter and Google from the Outside
21 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey brace for election 'techlashing' in Senate Judiciary hearing
22 Unverified Election Claims Are Running Wild On Social Media
23 Top cyber official expecting to be fired as White House frustrations hit agency protecting elections
24 Conspiracy and disinformation: America's new politics
25 Facebook loses its chief security officer Alex Stamos
26 How a 20-year-old convinced Facebook's former security chief to invest in his data privacy start-up
27 Collision from Home: Ex-Facebook chief security officer on US election: "I'm afraid of what's going to happen"
28 Most important 2020 election misinformation threat is not coming from overseas: Facebook former security chief Alex Stamos
29 Zuckerberg should step down at Facebook, says Alex Stamos on Kara Swisher podcast
30 Facebook would be in 'way better shape' adopting Twitter's disinformation response, ex-Facebook security chief says
31 Zuckerberg was 'haphazard' addressing Trump posts, ex-Facebook exec says
32 Bishop Fox Taps Former Facebook CSO and Cybersecurity/Data Privacy Trailblazer for Board of Advisors
33 How TikTok could be a player in election disinformation
34 What newsrooms can learn from threat modeling at Facebook
35 Zoom security advisor Alex Stamos explains how the acquisition of Keybase will help the red-hot videoconferencing app address its 'unique' challenges in adding end-to-end encryption
36 Alex Stamos on whether Facebook is ready for 2020
37 Ex-Facebook Security Chief Alex Stamos Speaks Up After Bombshell NYT Investigation
38 Alex Stamos is leaving Facebook
39 We’ve got bigger problems in November than foreign disinformation
40 Former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos: Being a CSO can be a ‘crappy job’
41 Everyone you know uses Zoom. That wasn't the plan
42 Former Facebook exec: 'Zuckerberg is sitting on more data about what people want to do online than anyone else in the world'
43 Cybersecurity expert Alex Stamos on Facebook’s counter-terrorism team and the private-public divide
44 Exclusive: Facebook ex-security chief: How ‘hypertargeting’ threatens democracy
45 Ex-Facebook security chief says it's 'impossible to deplatform the President'
46 Greek-American Alex Stamos to Appear on Niall Ferguson's Networld on PBS (Vid)
47 Zoom faces criticism for denying free users e2e encryption
48 Post-2020 election, Covid vaccine is biggest disinformation threat on the internet: Former Facebook security chief
49 At Stanford, Alex Stamos discusses online security, safety | Stanford News
50 Alex Stamos
51 Report: Facebook CISO Alex Stamos leaving company, after clashing with top execs over Russian disinformation
52 Twitter round-up: Alex Stamos' tweet on Facebook most popular in Q3
53 Departing Facebook Security Officer's Memo: "We Need To Be Willing To Pick Sides"
54 Alex Stamos on how politicians use microtargeting on Facebook
55 The Cyberlaw Podcast: Alex Stamos on Electoral Interference in Taiwan
56 ‘It Feels to Me Like We’ve Been Played’
57 Exclusive: Zoom plans to roll out strong encryption for paying customers
58 Should We Be Worried About Election Interference in 2020? Probably, says Facebook's Former Chief Security Officer
59 Ex-Facebook security boss Alex Stamos says the company is like 'Game of Thrones' at the highest levels of leadership
60 Facebook's former security boss says the US will 'never eliminate' election meddling
61 Alex Stamos, Ex-Facebook Security Chief, Blames Journalists for Cambridge Analytica Fallout
62 Facebook's Ex-Security Chief Details His 'Observatory' for Internet Abuse
63 Alex Stamos calls Apple 'shameful' for saying Crimea is part of Russia
64 Sleuthing for misinformation about voting | Stanford News
65 Former Facebook Chief Security Officer On Election Security And Digital Threats
66 Facebook security chief, in leaked audio, suggests Facebook should boost cyber defenses
67 Facebook Exit Hints at Dissent on Handling of Russian Trolls
68 Ex-Facebook security chief calls out Tim Cook and Apple's practices in China
69 Facebook’s ex-CSO, Alex Stamos, defends its decision to inject ads in WhatsApp
70 Alex Stamos says Mark Zuckerberg should hire a new CEO for Facebook
71 #RSAC: Realize the Harms and Benefits of Technology and Create Policies to Enable the Public
72 As Chinese propaganda on covid-19 grows, U.S. social media must act
73 4 Things to Know About Yahoo's New Information Security VP Alex Stamos
74 Outgoing Facebook CSO Alex Stamos will join Disrupt SF to talk cybersecurity
75 Zoom hires security executive from Salesforce as chief information security officer
76 An Op-Ed From the Future on Election Security
77 Facebook just poached Yahoo's security head, who clashed with the feds about surveillance
78 Biden, Gates, Musk and Other V.I.P. Twitter Users Are Hacked in Bitcoin Scam
79 Facebook's former security boss embarks on apology tour
80 How the U.S. Has Failed to Protect the 2018 Election—and Four Ways to Protect 2020
81 Zoom Hires Security Heavyweights to Fix Flaws
82 Zoom hires ex-Facebook security chief amid concerns
83 Yes, Facebook made mistakes in 2016. But we weren’t the only ones.
84 Facebook's head of security Alex Stamos 'leaving over fake news'
85 Facebook explains why legitimate coronavirus posts have been taken down
86 The Lawfare Podcast: Nate Persily and Alex Stamos on Securing American Elections
87 The Problem With Tech Monopolies, From Both Sides of the Political Aisle
88 Ex-Facebook security chief calls regulatory efforts 'confused,' says FTC settlement won't address main privacy concerns
89 Ex-Facebook security chief: Twitter labeling Trump tweets is 'smart move'
90 Facebook considers banning political ads in the lead-up to the U.S. election
91 Zoom will offer stronger encryption for paid accounts
92 CISA and FBI say there have been no hacks on voter databases
93 Social media platforms are fighting disinformation, but with half the resources
94 Social Media Becomes Battleground Over Days of Street Protests
95 Facebook Restructures Its Security Teams
96 Zoom's Planned End-to-End Encryption Won't Be Available for Free Users
97 “Warts and all”: Facebook will continue to allow politicians to lie in their ads
98 Zoom announces collaboration with security experts from Netflix, Uber, EA and more
99 Facebook intensifies its crackdown on QAnon conspiracy theory
100 Zoom Extends End-to-End Encryption to Free Users—If They Give a Phone Number