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1 Alexander Siddig has a good idea for a Deep Space Nine revival
2 IDIC Includes Me, and That's Why Star Trek Matters
3 Designing the 'Right' Baby for All the Wrong Reasons
4 Kingdom of Heaven- The Best Movie You Never Saw
5 Alexander Siddig on Doing DS9 Fanfiction with Garak and Skylines
6 Alexander Siddig's Social Club is One of 2020's Few Bright Spots
7 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: How “Past Tense” predicted the 2020s
8 Star Trek events: Thursday, February 25th
9 Alexander Siddig isn’t up for a Dr. Bashir cameo
10 Alexander Siddig Talks Star Trek: DS9, Dr. Bashir's Future in Section 31 & His New Film 'Skylines'
11 Star Trek events: Thursday, March 4th
12 Alexander Siddig Is Ready To Return To His Star Trek DS9 Role
13 10 Star Trek Fan Theories That Became Fact
14 INTERVIEW: Alexander Siddig Talks Skylines, Star Trek: DS9, and More!
15 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Game of Thrones actor Alexander Siddig entertains fans in Sid City Social Club online chats
16 Skylines: Alexander Siddig Talks Film, Star Trek, and 21 Bridges
17 Alexander Siddig is helping people through the pandemic
18 ‘Peaky Blinders’ actor Alexander Siddig describes “full on” set: “It is not fun”
19 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Alexander Siddig leads the charge in trailer for SKYLIN3S, the final chapter of the Skyline trilogy
20 Star Trek: DS9: Alexander Siddig hated the season 5 change to his character
21 Alexander Siddig would “love to go back” to a theoretical reboot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
22 Star Trek Actor Alexander Siddig Started a Weekly Online Social Club, and It's Incredibly Pure
23 REVIEW: Star Trek alum Alexander Siddig leads a team on a galactic crusade to save humanity in SKYLIN3S
24 Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson to perform fan-written “fluff fic” featuring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Garak and Bashir
25 Watch now: Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson’s performance of fan-written “fluff fic” featuring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Garak and Bashir
26 Star Trek events: Thursday, February 18th
27 Alexander Siddig claims Nana Visitor’s brother was part of MKUltra
28 Alexander Siddig Interview: Skylines | Screen Rant
29 When fired Game of Thrones actor Alexander Siddig suggested HBO was behind episode leaks
30 Watch: Dr. Bashir & Garak Express Their Love In Fanfic Performed By Alexander Siddig & Andrew Robinson
31 Peaky Blinders star Alexander Siddig says it is ‘not fun’ on set
32 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Paramount almost got rid of Dr. Julian Bashir
33 Alexander Siddig returns to the sci-fi genre in Skylines
34 All Access Star Trek Gets Alexander Siddig's Thoughts On Section 31 And Talks 'Lower Decks' Guest Stars
35 A delightful side effect of the pandemic: Star Trek DS9 stars reunite in online play
36 Nana Visitor's Brother May Have Been a Secret Agent
37 Star Trek: DS9's James Bond Episode Saved Dr. Bashir
38 Siddig Would Like To Play Dr. Bashir Again – TrekToday
39 A brand new, non-canon episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has debuted
40 Alexander Siddig Says he Would Play Julian Bashir Again
41 Lindsey Morgan, Alexander Siddig, Liam O'Donnell & more on Skylines, the final chapter in the sci-fi trilogy
42 Watch 'Alone Together,' A 4-Part Remote Series Read By 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Actors In Character
43 Noah Averbach-Katz asks for fan support for a Type 1 diabetes charity, and Alexander Siddig would go back to Star Trek DS9
44 Star Trek stars including Kate Mulgrew and Alexander Sidding encourage “civic duty” for National Voter Registration Day
45 Alexander Siddig on being Bashir, quitting 24, and getting saddle-sore for Ridley Scott
46 Siddig In SKYLIN3S – TrekToday
47 Game of Thrones Actor Gives Scorching Exit Interview
48 Star Trek DS9: Ronald D. Moore Reflects on James Bond-Inspired Episode
49 Star Trek events: Thursday, October 1st
50 Star Trek events: Thursday, September 17th
51 McMahan says Star Trek: Lower Decks is still on track, DS9's Siddig connects with fans, plus trivia
52 Star Trek events: Thursday, December 10th
53 Malcolm McDowell got death threats for killing Captain Kirk
54 Sadig Al-Mahdi, Sudan Premier Turned Opposition Head, Dies at 84
55 ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Alexander Siddig Slams Show’s Low Pay and Scheduling Woes
56 Alexander Siddig to play Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul
57 Alexander Siddig interview: Alien: River Of Pain, Star Trek
58 Alexander Siddig Exclusive Interview; CAIRO TIME, DEEP SPACE NINE, MIRAL
59 Armin Shimerman recalls his experience filming Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Far Beyond the Stars”
60 Actor Alexander Siddig talks Gotham and Game of Thrones
61 Siddig and Robinson as Garak and Bashir, Star Trek: A Contest of Principles novel available for pre-order, plus Wil Wheaton in Rent-A-Pal
62 Michael Ansara Broke Barriers in Hollywood and Trek
63 Star Trek: MGM Was Not Happy With Deep Space Nine's James Bond Episode
64 'Star Trek: Discovery' season 3 will introduce Trek's first transgender and nonbinary characters
65 Star Trek: Why Major Kira Really Was Pregnant In DS9 Season 5
66 Star Trek: How TOS' Khan Helped Create DS9's Dr. Bashir
67 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Alexander Siddig Joins ‘Gotham’ As Archvillain Ra’s Al Ghul
68 Garak-Bashir Romance Tonight At Sid City Social Club – TrekToday
69 Gotham Season 4: Alexander Siddig on Playing R’as al Ghul
70 MipTV News: Alexander Siddig Joins ‘Kennedys’ Sequel, MGM Shops ‘Generation Gap’
71 Syriana: 15 years of an extraordinary geopolitical thriller
72 CBS All Access Sets Virtual Star Trek Day To Celebrate Iconic Franchise’s 54th Anniversary
73 Review: Third Installment of Skylines Gets Throwback Alien Action Just Right
74 Star Trek events: Thursday, August 27th
75 Star Trek Day: Honoring Aron Eisenberg And René Auberjonois
76 Star Trek: The Cruise V sets sail on February 26, 2022-March 5, 2022
77 This planned Star Trek series could have been really good
78 Game of Thrones actor Alexander Siddig trashes series, showrunners and HBO
79 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
80 Alexander Siddig: 'It'd be great to be new Doctor Who'
81 Embarking on Fatherhood, with Star Trek as My Guide
82 'Star Trek Deep Space Nine' Always Reflected Black Lives Matter, Say Show Stars
83 An Israeli general said aliens are real but avoiding humanity. That checks out.
84 Star Trek events: Thursday, January 28th
85 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Actor Wanted His Character to Be Openly Gay
86 Star Trek's Queer Fluidity is Giving Fans the Brighter Future They Deserve
87 Star Trek events: Thursday, October 15th
88 Star Trek events: Thursday, January 14
89 'Skylin3s' Trailer: The Wild Sci-Fi Trilogy Comes to an End
90 Interview: Andrew Robinson On Falling In Love With Garak's Ambiguity In 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'
91 Star Trek Actors Ask You to Get Out the Vote
92 Upcoming GalaxyCon Events – TrekToday
93 SKYLIN3S is a gem; Block and Erdmann discuss The Art of Star Trek: Discovery; plus Trek trivia
94 Free Star Trek convention taking place in July with loads of names
95 Love in Quarantine: Tayshia Adams on Life After 'The Bachelorette' Engagement
96 Royal Mail reveals Star Trek stamp set to be issued Nov. 13
97 Watch: Star Trek: DS9 And Wil Wheaton August Panels; More GalaxyCon Events Next 3 Weekends
98 Star Trek: Deep Space 9 James Bond Episode Angered MGM
99 Nana Visitor of 'Deep Space Nine' Talks 'Star Trek' Past and Future
100 See More Live Virtual Panel Recordings With 'Star Trek: TNG,' 'DS9,' 'Voyager,' And 'Enterprise' Stars