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1 A month on Mars: what NASA's Perseverance rover has found so far
2 Will increasing traffic to the Moon contaminate its precious ice?
3 Mars's core has been measured — and it's surprisingly large
4 Biden pursues giant boost for science spending
5 Stories by Alexandra Witze
6 Joe Biden names top geneticist Eric Lander as science adviser news
7 Prospects for life on Venus fade — but aren't dead yet
8 Wealthy funder pays reparations for use of HeLa cells
9 Alexandra Witze Receives 2019 Robert C. Cowen Award for Sustained Achievement in Science Journalism
10 Legendary Arecibo telescope will close forever — scientists are reeling One of astronomy's most renowned telescopes
11 COVID and 2020: An extraordinary year for science
12 The hunt for life on Mars: A visual guide to NASA's latest mission
13 Alexandra Witze, Author at Science News
14 Life on Venus claim faces strongest challenge yet New studies knock down a controversial report observing
15 The Arctic is burning like never before — and that's bad news for climate change
16 Arctic sea ice hits second-lowest level on record
17 NASA will 'fist bump' an asteroid to reveal the Solar System's secrets
18 Record number of asteroids seen whizzing past Earth in 2020
19 Touch down! NASA's Mars landing sparks new era of exploration news
20 Surprise! First peek inside Mars reveals a crust with cake-like layers
21 A tour of deep time brings comfort in hard times Book Review | 16 MAR 2021
22 2020 beyond COVID: the other science events that shaped the year
23 Mars video reveals Perseverance rover's daring touchdown news
24 What NASA missions can teach us about teamwork Book Review
25 Is lightning striking the Arctic more than ever before? News | 17 DEC 2020
26 Q&A: How cartoonists skewer tensions between science and society
27 Universities will never be the same after the coronavirus crisis news feature
28 Gut-wrenching footage documents Arecibo telescope's collapse
29 NASA has launched the most ambitious Mars rover ever built: here's what happens next
30 What a Joe Biden presidency would mean for five key science issues
31 The many roads to the red planet — a memoir
32 Countdown to Mars: three daring missions take aim at the red planet
33 Three extraordinary women run the gauntlet of science — a documentary
34 First SpaceX astronaut launch kicks off new era of private human spaceflight
35 "How satellite 'megaconstellations' will photobomb astronomy images
36 English sea walls get wired to measure flood risk in real time
37 Astronauts have conducted 3000 science experiments on the ISS
38 Trump to suspend new visas for foreign scholars
39 The latest on Biden's science team: former senator to lead NASA
40 'We're in one of the cataclysmic times of change': first female NSF director on discrimination and COVID-19
41 Rare ozone hole opens over Arctic — and it's big
42 Alexandra Witze Receives 2016 David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism–News
43 Earth's magnetic field is acting up and geologists don't know why
44 Trump's next move? Scientists struggle with foggy future
45 Why Some Geologists Say Charles Darwin's Theory of Coral Atoll Formation Is Wrong
46 How space missions snatch pieces of other worlds and bring them back to Earth
47 Is this telescope-on-a-plane worth its pricetag?
48 The first footprints on Mars could belong to this geologist
49 Why boring could be good for this star's two intriguing planets
50 Revealed: How a spacecraft will bring Mars rocks to Earth
51 Earth-sized exoplanet in 'habitable zone' is one of closest yet to our world
52 Propulsive reading: books on the Moon
53 Earth's ancient magnetic field just got a lot older
54 Pluto's geology is unlike any other
55 How two intruders from interstellar space are upending astronomy
56 Solar System's biggest asteroid is an ancient ocean world
57 Science Writer in Residence Alexandra Witze explores, discovers in science
58 Moon's pull can trigger big earthquakes
59 Mars quakes set to reveal tantalizing clues to planet's early years
60 Greenland rocks suggest Earth's magnetic field is older than we thought
61 'Marsquakes' reveal red planet's hidden geology
62 Hubble telescope stops collecting data after mechanical fault
63 Global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasts
64 Pluto spacecraft temporarily loses contact with Earth
65 NASA funding shuffle alarms planetary scientists
66 Pluto may have icy cap
67 SpaceX launch highlights threat to astronomy from 'megaconstellations'
68 Two of the biggest US earthquake faults might be linked
69 Death throes of giant star puzzle researchers
70 Delays mount for NASA's $8-billion Hubble successor
71 Iceland and Alaska entangled: Ph.D. student combats uncertainties regarding the 1783 Laki volcanic eruption
72 There's water on Mars! Signs of buried lake tantalize scientists
73 Second-ever interstellar comet contains alien water
74 GPS is going places
75 Controversial mega-telescope set to begin construction in Hawaii
76 Building planets, piece by piece Knowable Magazine
77 How coral atolls get their gorgeous ring shapes
78 "Marsquakes" Reveal Red Planet's Hidden Geology
79 Mars scientists push NASA to send rock-harvesting rover to two sites
80 Jupiter's secrets revealed by NASA probe
81 Mars methane hunt comes up empty, flummoxing scientists
82 Bevy of mysterious fast radio bursts spotted by Canadian telescope
83 How a small nuclear war would transform the entire planet
84 Saturn spacecraft begins science swan-song
85 How the fight over a Hawaii mega-telescope could change astronomy
86 Mystery of Ceres' bright spots grows
87 GPS Is Doing More Than You Thought
88 Astronomy impasse: What's next for the Thirty Meter Telescope?
89 NASA asteroid hunter chooses landing site on boulder-strewn space rock
90 Sun-bombing spacecraft uncovers secrets of the solar wind
91 Quake-prone Myanmar leads the way in seismic monitoring
92 The wait is over: Trump taps meteorologist as White House science adviser
93 Mars InSight Lander Offers a Sneak Peek at the Red Planet's Inner Layers
94 Major earthquake hits Nepal
95 Astronaut twin study hints at stress of space travel
96 Magnetic mystery of Earth's early core explained
97 Earth's lost history of planet-altering eruptions revealed
98 Thar she blows: The what, why and where of geysers
99 Mars rover detects 'excitingly huge' methane spike
100 How long do neutrons live? Physicists close in on decades-old puzzle