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1 More research needed to determine safety of hip and knee steroid injections
2 The best way to manage joint pain is also the least intuitive: Keep active
3 Steroid injections of hip and knee may damage joints
4 How Top Experts Are Advancing Osteoarthritis Care and Assessments in the United States
5 Steroid injections may lead to more long-term harm than previously thought, new study says
6 Could a common treatment for joint pain do more harm than good?
7 Knee, Hip Steroid Injections May Speed Joint Damage in Some Patients
8 Steroid Injections May Not Be the Arthritis Cure-All That You Think
9 Reacting to Ben Shapiro's Speech at BU | BU Today
10 Rethink Steroid Shots When Your Joint's 'Out of Joint'
11 Muslims Embraced at BU, Bothered by Social Media | BU Today
12 Reassurance over equine joint injections after human study raises concerns
13 Achy joint treatments that could be the bees knees
14 ProPublica’s Data On Pharma Payments To Doctors Is Good For Transparency But Could Be More Illuminating
15 Imaging plays key role in evaluating injuries at Olympics
16 X-Ray Reveals Hundreds of Gold Needles in Woman's Knees
17 Study Finds Cortisone Injections More Dangerous Than Previously Thought
18 One third of people aged 40-59 have evidence of degenerative disc disease
19 When it comes to weight loss in overweight and obese adults with knee osteoarthritis, more is better
20 Incidental Meniscal Findings on Knee MRI in Middle-Aged and Elderly Persons
21 Symic Bio Completes the MODIFY2 Phase 2 Trial of SB-061 for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
22 Boston Marathon Bombing: X-Rays and CT Scans Reveal Injuries, Lessons
23 Achy joint treatments that could be the bees' knees
24 Bone marrow lesions can help predict rapidly progressing joint disease
25 Hip osteoarthritis may not appear on x-ray
26 Physical therapy as effective as surgery for torn meniscus and arthritis of the knee, study suggests
27 Ben Shapiro at BU: the Speech, the Protests, the Reactions
28 New drug trial reveals potential to lessen effects of osteoarthritis
29 Smoking worsens knee osteoarthritis
30 Rationale for the clinical use of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for COVID-19 patients
31 Herald All-Scholastics: Girls tennis
32 Newton South girls tennis team returns a winner
33 But what was so appealing about ISIS?
34 Telecom experts attend SAMENA Telecommunication Council Leaders' Summit
35 A long overdue debate on the Tunisian economy
36 The Tunisian revolution seven years on
37 The crisis of the state in the Arab region and the rise of the Islamic State
38 In search of cardinal virtues in Iraq
39 Franklin girls’ lacrosse holds off Westwood