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1 Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Pardon of Alice Marie Johnson
2 Alice Johnson says she's not a "pawn" for Trump after RNC speech, will vote her "conscience" in November
3 Trump likely used Alice Marie Johnson’s case to win Kim Kardashian photo-op, new book says
4 Alice Marie Johnson, woman who was freed by President Trump, set to speak at RNC Thursday
5 Trump administration issues full pardon to Alice Marie Johnson
6 Alice Marie Johnson | Driggs |
7 Dawn Freeman: Why we should pardon the Jon Ponders, Alice Marie Johnsons of the world
8 Trump gives full pardon to Alice Johnson, whose cause was backed by Kim Kardashian | Watch News Videos Online
9 Alice Marie Johnson prepares to speak at RNC about criminal justice reform
10 Trump grants full pardon to grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson
11 President Trump pardons Alice Marie Johnson
12 Trump pardons Alice Johnson
13 Opinion: Big moment at RNC means criminal justice change in Ohio
14 President Trump Pardons Alice Johnson at the White House
15 Trump grants Alice Johnson full pardon
16 Alice Ehringer | Obituary | News and Tribune
17 Alice Johnson, granted clemency by Trump, to speak at GOP convention: report | TheHill
18 Alice Marie Johnson, the woman freed by President Trump, to speak at Republican National Convention
19 Alice Marie Johnson is free. It's past time for Curtis McDonald to join her. | Weathersbee
20 Trump Attacks Biden as He Accepts Republican Nomination
21 Alice Marie Johnson returns to Birmingham for first time since Trump ended her life sentence
22 Commuted by President Trump, Alice Marie Johnson aims to bolster him with RNC speech
23 ‘I will be forever grateful:' Alice Marie Johnson speaks out after three minority women granted clemency by Pr
24 Alice Marie Johnson Is Now Fighting For Other People's Freedom
25 INTERVIEW: TPPF's Alice Marie Johnson Talks Being Released From Prison, Criminal Justice Reform With Sean Hannity
26 Obama, Trump and Alice Marie Johnson | Dorothy Dempsey
27 Trump vs. Biden: 2020 Election Updates
28 Trump faces backlash over Super Bowl ad with Alice Marie Johnson
29 Don't be fooled by slick ad. Most people given clemency by Trump don't look like Alice Marie Johnson
30 Alice Marie Johnson speaks out against 'defund the police' movement: 'I just don't think that's a good idea'
31 Granted clemency by Trump, former inmate shares path to successful reentry
32 What It’s Like to Be the Face of Trump’s Super Bowl Ad
33 March held to call for release of co-defendant in Alice Marie Johnson case
34 Alice Johnson prepares to speak at RNC about criminal justice reform
35 Alice Marie Johnson Is Free At Last
36 What Inspired Kim Kardashian West to Help Alice Marie Johnson?
37 Alice Marie Johnson pens book with Kim Kardashian intro: 6 things we learn in 'After Life'
38 Activist Alice Marie Johnson Urges Inclusion of Female Voices In Criminal Justice Reform
39 Kim Kardashian Returns To White House With Alice Marie Johnson For Trump Meeting
40 Trump commutes sentence of Alice Marie Johnson
41 Where Trump and Biden Stand on Policing, Crime and Criminal Justice
42 Why Kim Kardashian wanted President Trump to free me
43 Alice Marie Johnson survived desperation and injustice. Now she's helping others do the same
44 RNC 2020 night 4: Live updates and livestream
45 Allegations of racism have marked Trump’s presidency and become key issue as election nears
46 Alice Marie Johnson, inmate freed with help by Kim Kardashian West, gets book deal
47 Kim Kardashian at the White House: 5 things to know about Alice Marie Johnson
48 Freed prisoner Alice Johnson models Kim Kardashian West's lingerie
49 Alice Marie Johnson rejects calls to 'defund the police'
50 Alice Marie Johnson Talks About Her Life Sentence, Getting Clemency, and Her Newfound Freedom
51 "I Have No Bitterness": Alice Marie Johnson on her Decades in Prison
52 Opinion: Keep moving on jail, prison reform
53 Alice Marie Johnson's request to end 5-year legal supervision should be denied, official says
54 President Trump Calls for Bipartisanship, But Draws Hard Line on Immigration
55 Alice Marie Johnson discusses her journey to freedom in new memoir
56 You're doing amazing, sweetie: how I lost my Kardashians virginity
57 10 of our top opinion columns this week: ICYMI
58 Kim Kardashian features Alice Marie Johnson in commercial for new underwear line
59 Alice Johnson, Great-grandmother who had sentence commuted by Trump, 'knew that God was going to get me out'
60 The 901: Trump's Super Bowl LIV ad features Memphian Alice Johnson
61 Alice Marie Johnson celebrates 1st Christmas as a free woman; talks prison reform
62 Weathersbee: Alice Johnson's plight caught Kim Kardashian's ear. Memphis' youths ought to hear it too
63 Read Kim Kardashian's Foreword to Alice Marie Johnson's Memoir: 'I Knew I Had to Help'
64 Kim Kardashian reflects on Alice Johnson case, how she was told going to the White House would ‘ruin’ career
65 Watch Alice Marie Johnson celebrate freedom
66 Trump team targets Democratic advantage with people of color
67 Kim Kardashian West praises Trump's 'amazing' Super Bowl ad featuring Alice Marie Johnson
68 House Democrats move to check Trump's pardon power
69 Grace, Hope & Second Chances: Alice Marie Johnson Celebrates Freedom After 22 Years in Prison [CPAC 2020]
70 Alice Johnson: I was sentenced to life in prison – here’s why I never lost hope
71 Kim Kardashian fought for a woman to be freed from jail. ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ showed how.
72 After Alice Marie Johnson, could Cyntoia Brown or Matthew Charles receive clemency next?
73 Woman Released After Trump Commutes Her Life Sentence For Nonviolent Drug Offense
74 Mississippi woman pardoned by president shares her story
75 Alice Marie Johnson: "I was supposed to draw my last dying breath in prison"
76 Alice Marie Johnson life since Kim Kardashian freed her
77 Alice Johnson: What I would say to Trump ...
78 Trump commutes term of Kardashian-championed drug offender
79 RNC Night 4: Trump Paints Eventual Triumph Over COVID-19
80 These Are the Commutations Granted By President Trump
81 She was invited to the State of the Union but Alice Johnson is a danger? Give me a break. | Weathersbee
82 Alice Marie Johnson Calls Kim Kardashian West Her ‘War Angel’ In Shapewear Ad
83 What's Trending: Alice Marie Johnson says don't defund the police; White House claps back at AOC
84 Alice Marie Johnson Spills the Tea on Dinner with Kim and the Kardashian Family
85 5 books not to miss: Alice Marie Johnson memoir 'After Life,' 'Cari Mora,' John Waters
86 How Kim Kardashian West pushed Trump to grant Alice Johnson clemency
87 Woman released from prison thanks to Kim Kardashian West is now working to help free others
88 Alice Marie Johnson is free. Now it's time to free thousands more prisoners with unjustly long sentences.
89 Kim Kardashian working to become lawyer: 'I had to think long and hard about this'
90 Social Justice warrior Alice Marie Johnson is dancing free
91 Kim Kardashian West meets Alice Johnson
92 Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Pleaded Alice Johnson's Case to Trump in Emotional KUWTK Scene
93 Trump granted me clemency, giving me a second chance. Others deserve the same.
94 Kim Kardashian Wants President Trump to Pardon Alice Marie Johnson
95 Alice Marie Johnson talks about her presidential clemency and criminal justice reform | TheHill
96 Kim Kardashian helped free Alice Marie Johnson from prison, then hired her to model her new shape-wear line
97 Ann Coulter Hated Trump's Super Bowl Ad
98 Tony Norman: Ms. Alice Johnson's accidental justice
99 Why Is Kim Kardashian Advocating For Alice Marie Johnson?
100 Meet Alice Marie Johnson, the woman Kim Kardashian West wants Trump to pardon