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1 From Alien to Back to the Future: the films of Ron Cobb – in pictures
2 How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence
3 New 'Alien' malware can steal passwords from 226 Android apps
4 THEN AND NOW: The cast of 'Alien' 41 years later
5 'Pi planet' alien world takes 3.14 days to orbit its star
6 Ridley Scott Says New ‘Alien’ Film Is Coming, but Likely Won’t Revisit ‘Prometheus’ World
7 Want to Talk to Aliens? Try Changing the Technological Channel beyond Radio
8 The 50 best alien movies ever made
9 Alien: What Ridley Scott Must Do To Save The Movie Franchise
10 Director Ridley Scott confirms a new Alien film is in the works
11 'UFO sighting' videos are taking over TikTok as users mistake blimps and light shows for aliens
12 The four most promising worlds for alien life in the solar system
13 Alien life on Venus could have been transported via ASTEROIDS from Earth
14 NASA sent a map to space to help aliens find Earth. Now it needs an update.
15 Alien hunters believe NASA images revealed an extraterrestrial base on the Moon
16 Big find! Scientists spot giant alien planet orbiting close to dead star's corpse
17 Amazing Video Tribute Celebrates the Life & Career of ALIEN/ALIENS Production Designer Ron Cobb
18 What will alien and UFO stories look like after 2020?
19 UFO claim: ‘UFO pair’ spotted chasing plane over Manchester
20 Are aliens hiding in plain sight?
21 Alien-hunting telescope suffered 'no damage to electronics' during mysterious midnight disaster
22 Five Books Where Assuming Aliens Are Just Like You Might Get You Killed
23 Have we spotted alien life floating in the clouds of Venus?
24 Fate of Alien boss's new sci-fi show with Vikings star revealed
25 Interview: Writer/Director Shae Sterling talks 'Alien Addiction'
26 Alien's Ridley Scott Seemingly Changes Tune On Future Sequel's Connection With Prometheus
27 A New Tool to Detect Alien Biochemistry | Daily Planet
28 Alien invasion protocol: How cosmonauts would react to an alien encounter
29 Alien life on Venus? Phosphine gas discovery is a potential game changer
30 Alien planets in deep space could be made of diamonds, researchers suggest
31 'Raised by Wolves' review: Ridley Scott's best sci-fi since 'Alien'
32 Alien Huang's Parents May Have To Pay At Least S$4.7K A Month For The Remaining Mortgage On His S$2mil Apartment
33 UFO hunters claim extraterrestrial spaceship was over Plymouth 'This is alien'
34 The Seiko Watch From 'Aliens' Was Made for 2179, but It Looks Awesome in 2020, Too
35 Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems
36 Man transforms himself into ‘black alien’ by having nose REMOVED, splitting his tongue & has even tattooed his
37 Carbon-rich alien planets could be made of diamonds
38 UFO sighting in NASA images from 1966 Gemini mission
39 UFO sighting: Fleet of aliens seen over Connecticut
40 Caroline Guitar Company Megabyte Delay Review
41 New Alien Xenomorph Warriors Figures Coming Soon from Hiya Toys
42 The alien invaders threatening Scotland's wildlife
43 Ridley Scott Talks ‘Raised By Wolves’ And The Future Of The ‘Alien’ Franchise
44 Alien: Covenant: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Movie
45 Star Trek: 10 Best Alien Starship Designs | CBR
46 Declined detainer update for Los Angeles County
47 50 best alien movies | Movies |
48 Scanner could help find aliens on other planets, scientists say
49 Is there a giant alien robot being built at Area 51? What we know
50 How Raised By Wolves Fits Into The Blade Runner & Alien Timeline
51 UFO 'Hunter' Claims He Found Giant Alien Robot Being Built at Area 51
52 Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien router review: An essential Wi-Fi 6 work-from-home upgrade
53 Vanderbilt astrophysicist part of international team that discovered a gargantuan ‘alien’ black hole that challenges previous knowledge of the universe
54 Baby Alien and first duet costume on ‘The Masked Singer:’ Watch the season premiere, livestream
55 Explore the galactic map that could guide aliens to Earth
56 ‘Seven’ Turns 25: Why David Fincher Felt ‘Awful’ on Set Trying to Rebound from ‘Alien 3’
57 Damn Skippy and DJ Flip hunt an alien in ‘Mothership’
58 ICE announces results of latest operations targeting criminal aliens
59 Taiwanese host Alien Huang's girlfriend speaks up for the first time since his death
60 Alien-human hybrids are unlikely but not impossible, scientists say
61 ArtSci Roundup: “From Ours to Alien: The Journey of Polish OBCY” lecture, MELTED RIOT: RGB performance, and more
62 Alexa Woods: Unsung hero of the Alien franchise
63 Alien X Marvel? 10 Horror Franchises That Deserve Comic Crossovers
64 The search for life – from Venus to the outer solar system
65 Here Are The Stars Who Were At Alien Huang's Wake
66 Strange worlds unlike Earth may be our best bet to find alien life
67 Alien Huang, Taiwanese actor and singer, dead at 36
68 Endless Space’s Alien Music Makes Spreadsheet Management Feel Transcendent
69 The aliens have landed! The school that made its own feature film
70 A scan of 10.3 million stars turns up no sign of aliens, yet
71 This Montreal 'Alien' Park Feels Like You're On A Totally New Planet (VIDEO)
72 Elon Musk revives his 'alien dreadnought' factory dream, for batteries
73 Man Who Has Transformed Himself Into 'Black Alien' Has Nose Removed
74 Netflix's John Was Trying to Contact Aliens is amazing and moving
75 Alien Vs Predator Gets New Figures From Hiya Toys
76 Superman Was Almost A Future Earthling NOT An Alien | Screen Rant
77 Alien Messages: "We" lose
78 ICE removes illegal alien wanted for aggravated homicide in El Salvador
79 The Thing Board Game Will Have You Suspecting Your Friends Are Aliens
80 UFO sighting: Conspiracy theorist shares bizarre ‘alien art on Mars’ claim
81 ‘Alien’ Creature Spotted in India? No, It’s a Silicone Sculpture
82 Exploring Alien Oceans | A&S Interview
83 Tom DeLonge claims aliens may have been present at birth of Jesus: “Was that a star or a craft?”
84 How can we detect alien organisms that don't look like life on Earth?
85 This Little Puppy Is The World's Cutest Alien | The Dodo Adoption Day
86 Have aliens landed in North Tacoma?
87 Aliens on Pikes Peak? Not quite, but here's what you're seeing.
88 Alien Huang and Godfrey Gao gone too soon: Doctor shares 6 warning signs of 'sudden death' in young adults
89 'It will be nice to share a changing room with an alien' – Pjanic on Barcelona icon Messi
90 What Is ‘Panspermia?’ New Evidence For The Wild Theory That Says We Could All Be Space Aliens
91 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2: All Alien Plushies Locations
92 Occupation: Rainfall Trailer Unleashes an Unrelenting Alien Assault on Planet Earth
93 These Are The 4 Most Promising Worlds For Alien Life in Our Solar System
94 'People need to open their minds!' – Tom DeLonge on his new career as a UFO expert
95 Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Casts Its Alien Authority Figure
96 Mother of all sci-fi: which is the best Alien movie?
97 2 charged with conspiracy to transport illegal aliens
98 Our critics discuss Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic 'Alien'
99 ‘Alien’ Producer Drops First Details of New Ripley Film: ‘A Meditation on the Franchise’
100 DH Toon | Is the Great Wall in China 'spying' on aliens? 'Extraterrestrial' beings fear