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1 Why Aliff Syukri is no stranger to controversy on social media
2 Cosmetics mogul Aliff Syukri and wife tight-lipped over speculation of a split
3 Money can’t buy happiness: Malaysian cosmetics mogul Aliff Syukri now yearns for 'average lifestyle'
4 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri unfollows wife on IG. Trouble in paradise?
5 #Showbiz: Netizens slam Aliff Syukri for alleged child abuse?
6 Aliff Syukri goes big and spends RM400,000 on youngest child’s ‘aqiqah’ ceremony (VIDEO)
7 Aliff Syukri’s Janda Baik holiday resort under fire after Insta-famous guest finds cockroach in fridge (VIDEO)
8 Dato’ Aliff Syukri No Longer Guilty Of Daughter’s Abuse Allegations
9 Aliff Syukri hits back with CCTV footage after resort guest complains of roach, bloody sheets
10 Datuk Aliff Syukri Mourns The Death Of His Former Personal Assistant
11 Covid-19: Cosmetics mogul Aliff Syukri ridiculed on Reddit for promoting RM25 masks with inflated claims (VIDEO)
12 Cosmetics Millionaire Aliff Syukri Shocked That His Govt Aid Application Got Rejected
13 Celebrity Entrepreneur Aliff Syukri Is Being Investigated Over Another Child Abuse Case
14 Cosmetics Millionaire Aliff Syukri Has Expressed Interest In Buying The Kedah FA Football Team
15 Dato' Aliff Syukri threatens suicide after being criticised by netizens for breaking Movement Control Order
16 #Showbiz: 'I'm not bothered by what others say, I just want to help'
17 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri to buy Kedah FA football team?
18 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Under Fire For Breaking MCO Rule
19 Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s Personal Assistant Reveals Why She Was Fired
20 Netizens Slam Aliff Syukri For Selling Face Masks That Are Repacked With Bare Unhygienic Hands
21 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Sheds Light On Marital Crisis With Datin Shahida
22 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Is Shocked That He’s Not Eligible To Receive Financial Aid
23 Dato’ Aliff Syukri On False Assumptions About His Marital Crisis
24 Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s Former Staff Accused Of Scamming Travel Agency Clients?
25 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Clarifies Story About Feud With Abam’s Brother, Ali Puteh
26 Flamboyant cosmetics millionaire Aliff Syukri upset at Anugerah Meletop Era snub
27 Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s Mom Throws Shade At Daughter-In-Law Shahida?
28 Celebrity Businessman Aliff Syukri Has Been Arrested Over Alleged Child Abuse
29 Netizens React To Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s Blood Tears In New Song Teaser
30 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Shares Latest Conversation With Ali Puteh On IG
31 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri helps obese folk shed weight via a reality show
32 Aliff Syukri’s Mother Clarifies Story About Bad Blood With Datin Shahida
33 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Apologises To Ali Puteh & Family; Plans To Sue Ustaz Abu Syafiq
34 Police: Bruising detected on entrepreneur's two-year-old daughter's back
35 Caprice Addresses Ustaz Abu Syafiq’s Statement On YouTubers’ “Haram” Income
36 #Showbiz: Better to cut ties with Qayyum's biological mum, says Aliff Syukri
37 Aliff Syukri and other controversial parents on social media
38 Cosmetics businessman arrested over child abuse allegations
39 Alif promises to change after mum's berating
40 Modestly dressed Kilafairy to 'continue her career'
41 #Showbiz: Aliff Shukri to sell off new palatial mansion for RM43mil?
42 #Showbiz: Biological mother wants Aliff Syukri's adopted son back?
43 Aliff Syukri brags about beating his child with a cane, and we are done with covering his nonsense
44 Man unhappy over mum berating his singing
45 Police Report Filed Against Aliff Syukri For Beating 9-Year-Old Daughter With A Cane
46 Aliff Syukri under fire for promoting animal cruelty after elephant ride in Thailand
47 #Showbiz: Slammed for saying 'forex', Puteri Balqis shuts IG account
48 Police report lodged against Aliff Syukri over 'caning video'
49 #Showbiz: Netizens insist Aliff Syukri shaves his head bald
50 Cosmetics mogul Aliff Syukri says sorry for mocking veteran actress Wan Maimunah in video skit
51 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri collects RM53k from Google Malaysia
52 #Showbiz: 'No more annoying videos from me' — Aliff Syukri
53 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri reveals his battle with dyslexia
54 Aliff Syukri wants to duet with the stars, fans tell him to go for vocal classes (VIDEO)
55 #Showbiz: After 'Bobo', Aliff Syukri fears brickbats might follow his next song
56 #Showbiz: It was planned, says Aliff Syukri
57 Malaysia's cosmetics millionaire Aliff Syukri to pay additional $16000 for Rolls Royce taxes
58 Will he do it? People wonder if Aliff Syukri will shave head after topping YouTube’s trending list
59 #Showbiz: Indonesian police unsure which lock-up to place transgender Lucinta Luna
60 NGO lodges report against celebrity Aliff Syukri for caning his daughter
61 M'sians Call For Boycott After Cosmetics Millionaire Aliff Syukri Calls Lady 'Ugly' on Live TV
62 My hopes are dashed: Aliff Syukri comes to terms with Ferrari fire
63 How to tell the difference between Aliff Aziz, Aliff Syukri and Alif Satar (VIDEO)
64 #Showbiz: 'Your love and support is something I can never repay, Abah'
65 Baby Shima Addresses Ongoing Feud With Dato’ Aliff Syukri
66 Baby Shima Reignites Feud With Dato’ Aliff Syukri By Creating Fuss During Event
67 (Showbiz) Aliff Syukri went berserk when his acting received onslaught of criticism
68 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri's 'lesson' on hardship garners brickbats from Netizens
69 Actress Wardina Safiyyah slams Aliff Syukri’s ‘disgusting’ dance video (VIDEO)
70 #Showbiz: 'Too much!'
71 Ali Puteh Countersues Sister-In-Law Nor Hidayah Amid Heated Feud
72 Malaysian Actor Ezany Nizariff Files Police Report Against Sajat?
73 Makeup millionaire and animal welfare endangerer Aliff Syukri adopts baby girl hoping for rewards in the hereafter
74 Burnt Ferrari Italia belongs to Aliff Syukri [NSTTV]
75 #Showbiz: Enough is enough, says Aliff's wife, Nur Shahida on adopting in future
76 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri to sing nasyid songs after 'Bobo Di Mana' controversy
77 We Watched Badang So You Dont Have To Heres Our Honest Review
78 Dato’ Aliff Syukri Denies Copying Justin Bieber’s Album Concept
79 MCMC warns Astro after Aliff Syukri demeans dark skin and 'ugly' women
80 Aliff Syukri’s RM30k Savannah Cat Went Missing
81 Aliff Syukri mistakes Caprice's online greeting as insult
82 #Showbiz: 'Too many lies have been said about me'
83 Malaysians come up with hilarious memes as country undergoes political uncertainty
84 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri charges a fee for a selfie? Here's why...
85 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri's kid's IG page up for sale at RM40k
86 Nur Sajat Tearfully Apologises Over Controversy Caused During Umrah Trip
87 Wan Azizah: Dept found no physical, psychological implication on Aliff Shukri's daughter
88 #Showbiz: Aliff Syukri's palatial home inspired by Celine Dion and Shah Rukh Khan's abodes
89 #Showbiz: It's not wrong to use fakes, I didn't steal them: Aliff Syukri
90 (Showbiz) Aliff Syukri's 'Abang Nak Tegur' official music video released
91 Aliff Syukri Says 'Badang' Is Better Than 'Black Panther' In His Response To Critics
92 Aliff Syukri, D'Herbs D'founder explains he's too D'busy to buy D'road tax himself
93 Aliff Syukri shares teaser of his new single, a duet with Nur Sajat
94 After Aliff Syukri’s ‘ugly’ and dark skin comments, Astro receives warning from MCMC
95 Aliff Syukri's Rolls Royce impounded for road tax offence
96 A 10-Month-Old Baby Was Allegedly Beaten To Death By His Babysitter In KL
97 Ali Puteh Addresses Conflict With Abam Bocey’s Wife Over Properties
98 Pregnant Eyra says some netizens are wishing her harm
99 Indonesian rapper accuses Aliff Syukri of plagiarising his song
100 Najib Responds To Rosmah Being Eligible For RM800 Financial Aid