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1 Hearing in Colombia ex-president case to resume only after appeals
2 Colombia illegally jails key witness in Uribe family investigation
3 Is Colombia trying to silence key witness against Uribe?
4 Colombia’s prosecution fails to inquire about allegedly fake testimony in Uribe trial
5 Colombia’s prosecution misinforms court over Uribe’s alleged death squad
6 Colombia’s military starts meddling with Uribe investigation
7 Letter to former presidents regarding the house arrest of former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe
8 Colombia's Ex-President Uribe Is Put Under House Arrest, Catches Coronavirus
9 Judge lifts house arrest order on ex-Colombian President Uribe
10 Colombia ex-leader Uribe's detention splits generations
11 Prosecutor: Case against powerful ex-Colombia President Álvaro Uribe should be dropped
12 Alvaro Uribe, the Colombian ex-president, faces judicial worries in the US
13 Colombia’s Shaky Peace Deal Needs Biden’s Support
14 Colombia's most powerful man: Alvaro Uribe Velez
15 In Colombia, Álvaro Uribe's Immunity Is Finally Coming to an End
16 Delta Airlines to Report Loss in 2021, Unless There is Significant Recovery in Traffic: Cowen
17 Álvaro Uribe’s Detention Deepens Colombia’s Divisions
19 Miami-Dade commissioners to consider naming street after ex-Colombian leader on house arrest
20 Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe handed prisoner ID #1087985
21 Facing trial in Colombia, former president gets a street named for him in Miami-Dade
22 Colombia’s Uribe on Venezuela: ‘Tyranny has established itself’
23 Colombia Supreme Court Places Former President Under House Arrest
24 After 4 years of Trump, what will President Biden’s approach be to the unstable and polarized politics of South America?
25 Uribe Given House Arrest in Colombia Witness-Tampering Probe
26 Prosecutor asks for hearing on shelving case against Colombia's Uribe
27 Colombia Supreme Court sends Uribe case to attorney general
28 U.S. vice president calls for Colombia's Uribe to be released from house arrest
29 Colombia court calls on Uribe to testify in massacre probe
30 Court record in Colombia reveals Uribe’s mounting legal bind
31 US cables: Colombia’s ex-president suspected of militia ties
32 Judge can rule on house arrest order for Colombia ex-president, supreme court says
33 Those Who Value the Rule of Law Should Back Supreme Court's Independence in Colombia
34 Alvaro Uribe’s anticlimactic political death
35 US-Opposed Probe of Colombian Ex-President Uribe Is Essential Step in Long Road to Peace
36 Colombia court to investigate ex-President Uribe's alleged ties to hacking
37 Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe resigns his Senate seat
38 Colombia's far-right wing backs Trump in vital Florida vote
39 Testimony: how group on US terror list helped Uribe win Colombia’s 2002 elections
40 Declassified US State Department Cables: “Uribe Almost Certainly Had Dealings With The Paramilitaries”
41 The currency of enmity: Why Colombians can't find common ground on Uribe
42 The crisis that could follow if Colombia’s Supreme Court jails Uribe
43 Colombia’s president and ruling party fiercely defend Uribe as jail looms
44 Uribe suggest to undo Colombia’s peace process by decree
45 Colombia’s prosecution asks court to revoke indictment Uribe
46 Colombia’s ex-president lobbied US leniency for narcos to help brother
47 Colombia court must decide who can grant freedom to Uribe, judge says
48 Alvaro Uribe: The Most Dangerous Man in Colombian Politics
49 Uribe accuses HRW chief of terrorism support amid war crime probes
50 Focus
51 Facing Investigation, Ex-President Uribe Resigns From Senate in Colombia
52 Colombia’s prosecution destroys credibility in absurd Uribe investigation
53 A Stress Test for Colombia's Rule of Law
54 After GOP endorsement, ambassador asks Colombian lawmakers to stay out of U.S. election
55 Could Colombian Politicians Help Trump Win Florida?
56 Arrest of ex-president poses risk to Colombia success story
57 Ex-Colombian President Uribe to testify in fraud case
58 Colombia’s Supreme Court receives ‘proof’ Uribe was involved in massacres
59 Colombia’s Supreme Court deliberating whether to send Uribe to jail or drop charges
60 Colombia: Witness Linked to Uribe Probe Murdered
61 Colombia’s most powerful politician linked to drug cartels, Escobar
62 Colombia's peace deal rejection returns Álvaro Uribe to political limelight
63 How Colombia’s former president helped kick-start the Medellin Cartel
64 Alvaro Uribe
65 Cables Contain Claims Former Colombian Leader Is Tied to Drug Traffickers
66 Ex-Colombian President Uribe testifies in witness tampering case
67 Ex-president Uribe wages one-man Twitter war against Colombia peace deal
68 Investigations into former President Álvaro Uribe to be reopened, Supreme Court rules
69 Opinion | The Man Blocking Peace in Colombia
70 Former President Who Fought Colombia’s Peace Deal Holds Key to Its Future
71 Uribe’s return to Twitter: an almost instant PR disaster
72 Opinion | Colombia's strong man, from hero to criminal
73 What's at stake in the historic Uribe trial?
74 The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe | Day 12: the former prosecution chiefs and the mystery witness
75 Colombia is exhuming graves of civilians allegedly killed by soldiers
76 Uribe lawsuit part of ‘systematic campaign to silence me,’ Colombian reporter Coronell says
77 Did Colombian ex-President Álvaro Uribe Cooperate with Cartel Chief "El Chapo"?
78 The impending end of a crime family? Uribe’s brother’s ‘life saver’ flips
79 Colombia's new president Iván Duque: Puppet or rock star?
80 In Colombian Death Ranch Case, Some Fear Prosecution Will Be Buried
81 The Weekend Interview with Álvaro Uribe: The Man Who Saved Colombia
82 Uribe and his ‘political party’ have never won a presidential election in Colombia without narco support
83 Why a president from the 1980s offers lessons for Colombia today
84 Colombia finishes a week without Uribe on Twitter
85 The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe | Day 2: Hilda Niño, ‘Sinai’ ‘El Poli’ and Giovany Cadavid
86 Colombia could become another Venezuela without changes, former leader says
87 The state of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe | Part 2: the disinformation offensive
88 Plot twist in Colombia’s trial of the century: did Uribe babble himself into jail?
89 Uribe investigation triggered army raids that revealed alleged illegal spying
90 Uribe rejects US cartel claims as ‘fake news’
91 The sad story of Colombia’s Supreme Court judge who only accidentally gets people in legal trouble
92 Opinion | Beyond Rotten Apples: The Colombian Military Intelligence Needs to Be Reformed
93 Uribe asks Obama to urge changes in pending Colombia peace deal
94 [i]No Lost Causes[/i] by Álvaro Uribe Vélez
95 Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe: Deals With 'Terrorists' Don't Work
96 Brother of Colombia’s former President Álvaro Uribe arrested for homicide
97 Colombian court convicts Alvaro Uribe aides of spying on opponents
98 Colombia ex-president alleges MI6 plot as death squad investigation closes in
99 ‘Sinaloa Cartel paid Uribe to facilitate drug trafficking route between Colombia and Mexico’
100 Colombia prosecutor seeks probe into former president and 1997 massacre