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1 EU: Proposed legislation on artificial intelligence 'falls short'
2 Biden hit by GOP, Amnesty International on immigration
3 Vietnamese activists targeted by notorious hacking group
4 Big Tech's censorship shame in Viet Nam
5 People of color have a new enemy: techno-racism
6 Mafia attacks and death threats against Erdogan’s opponents continue
7 News Ban dangerous facial recognition technology that amplifies racist policing
8 Busting the myth of Palestinian ‘human shields’ in Gaza
9 EU companies selling surveillance tools to China's human rights abusers
10 India's COVID crisis: The government ordered some posts to be removed from social media
11 Facebook building Instagram platform for children under 13
12 Twitter Releases New Feature To Prompt Users To Reconsider Mean Tweets
13 Finding Alternatives
14 NSO spyware used against Moroccan journalist days after company pledged to respect human rights
15 New poll reveals 7 in 10 people want governments to regulate Big Tech over personal data fears
16 Twitter still failing women over online violence and abuse
17 Will the coronavirus pandemic obliterate a last frontier in our privacy: our biological selves?
18 Court rejects bid to revoke notorious spyware firm NSO Group's export licence
19 Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway contact tracing apps a danger for privacy
20 No Google-Fitbit merger without human rights remedies, says Amnesty to EU
21 Moroccan human rights defenders targeted using malicious NSO spyware
22 Christof Heyns: A tribute to a giant of human rights
23 Amnesty decries Israeli court approval of NSO Group’s export licence
24 Digital surveillance threats for 2020
25 Covid-19 pandemic: Food worries in Cambodia’s red zones, new Chinese drug under scrutiny
26 Amnesty links surveillance tech to South Sudan repression
27 Amnesty International slams Palantir's human rights record
28 NYC Surveillance Cameras Targeted in Amnesty International Crowdsource Project
29 Outcry over Brazil bill relaxing environmental rules
30 Thailand: Facebook caves to abusive censorship requests
31 Verint Systems supplied South Sudan with surveillance technology says Amnesty | Ctech
32 The vote that could change the future of US Amazon workers rights
33 Fresh wave of phishing attacks targeting journalists and human rights activists in MENA
34 Facebook and Google's pervasive surveillance of billions of people is a systemic threat to human rights
35 EU is selling surveillance tech to China, says rights group
36 Hydro-projects in Africa: Interview with Vladislav Vasilyev
37 Amnesty attacks Palantir pre-IPO for threatening human rights
38 USA: Google, Facebook and Twitter 'have failed' over disinformation and hate speech
39 New leadership must reverse human rights decline in Viet Nam
40 Facebook building a version of Instagram for children under 13 – Amnesty International USA
41 Israel must stop NSO Group from exporting its spyware to human rights abusers
42 Digital surveillance to fight COVID-19 can only be justified if it respects human rights
43 Resources for Activists – Amnesty International USA
44 FAIR: House Democrats Fuel Border Crisis with Passage of Two Mass Amnesty Bills
45 San Francisco Violence: Two die, others wounded in several San Francisco shootings since Friday night
46 The Next Target for a Facial Recognition Ban? New York
47 How China used technology to combat COVID-19 and tighten its grip on citizens
48 COVID-19, digital surveillance and the threat to your rights
49 Israel: Amnesty International engages in legal action to stop NSO Group's web of surveillance
50 Digital platforms are wrong: We don't have to choose between workers' rights and flexibility
51 Qatar: Contact tracing app security flaw exposed sensitive personal details of more than one million
52 Cheney ousted as Republican conference chair; Stefanik lobbies colleagues for seat | News, Sports, Jobs
53 WhatsApp: Scores of activists targeted with NSO spyware
54 EU: Robustly Carry Out New Surveillance Tech Rules
55 Palantir: The controversial data firm now worth £17bn
56 'Immediately Reverse This Decision': Amnesty Rebukes Facebook for Blocking Australian News Outlets
57 Amnesty International to halt India operations
58 Big Tech’s Professional Opponents Strike at Google
59 Facial recognition beats the Covid-mask challenge
60 FAIR: Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty Meets Einstein's Definition of Insanity(link is external)
61 Amnesty International extends deadline for 26th annual Media Awards
62 Israeli spyware firm NSO must match words with action
63 Amnesty Calls On China To Release All Uyghur Children Held In Orphanages Without Their Families’ Consent
64 Amnesty International USA Comments on “Collection of Biometric Data From Aliens Upon Entry to and Departure From the United States” – Amnesty International USA
65 Contact tracing apps are a test for privacy in Europe
66 Hungary and Belgium face criticism in Amnesty International report
67 Google must fully commit to never censor search in China
68 Amnesty identifies most privacy-invasive Covid-19 contact-tracing apps
69 Twitter accused of failing to protect women from online abuse by Amnesty International
70 'The Great Hack': Cambridge Analytica is just the tip of the iceberg
71 Vietnam activists hacked, group says
72 On eve of Black Friday, Amnesty pushes Amazon on workers’ rights
73 Amidst Global Pandemic and Economic Upheaval, Democrats Introduce Largest Amnesty in American History, Says FAIR
74 Egypt: Activists, government critics hit by wave of digital attacks
75 Amnesty International staff targeted with malicious spyware
76 Public opposition to killer robots grows while states continue to drag their feet
77 China: Zoom must not become a tool in state-sponsored censorship
78 What Big Tech and Big Tobacco research funding have in common
79 China sending children of exiled Uighur parents to orphanages, says Amnesty
80 'It's a free-for-all': how hi-tech spyware ends up in the hands of Mexico's cartels
81 Note to New President: Mass Amnesty and Gutting Immigration Enforcement Will Deepen, Not Unify National Divide, Says FAIR
82 Amnesty International warns against Google-Fitbit merger unless human rights are safeguarded
83 Israeli court decides to hear NSO case behind closed doors
84 Ramin Bahrani Sticking with Netflix to Adapt ‘The White Tiger’ Author’s Latest Book ‘Amnesty’
85 How to stay safe online during the COVID-19 crisis
86 Rights Group: Vietnamese Government-linked Group Is Hacking Activists
87 Amnesty Fights Police Surveillance With 'Ban the Scan' Campaign
88 House approves protection for Dreamers as Republicans cry 'amnesty'
89 As Palantir goes public, consider its troubling human rights record
90 Amnesty International stopped classifying Putin critic Alexei Navalny as a prisoner of conscience, saying he a
91 Today in European Tech: EU wants to ban use of AI for surveillance, Swiss medtech firm CeQur raises $115 million, and more
92 Meet NSO Group: a go-to company for human rights abusers
93 Wearable Device Could Help EMTs, Surgeons Assess Hemorrhage Blood Loss
94 Israel: 'Rogue' NSO Group must have licence revoked over controversial surveillance software
95 Newsletter 2021-05-13
96 Record US fine exposes Google's contempt for children's privacy
97 Amnesty International USA's 2021 Annual General Meeting – Amnesty International USA
98 Authorities in the Americas convert state-run quarantines into form of repression
99 Will new travel technology invade your privacy?
100 Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell join legal battle against hacking company NSO