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1 Ex-U.S. Diplomat Steps Down From Naftogaz Board, Citing Ukrainian Corruption Concerns
2 Amos J. Hochstein: Naftogaz faces increasing sabotage from corrupt forces | KyivPost
3 Exit of Hochstein from board highlights problems at Naftogaz | KyivPost
4 Political pressure threatens Ukraine's gas sector reforms
5 Exclusive: Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine as Rudy Giuliani Dug for Dirt There Last Year
6 Hunter Biden and Ukraine: Did he use his dad's name for shady deals?
7 The Hunter Biden Business
8 Biden advisers cannot rule out meeting with Ukrainian energy executive
9 With video: Reported Hunter Biden associate speaks out ahead of debate; Johnson to interview him Friday
10 Trump's unkept coal promise
11 Sen. Ron Johnson: Biden family's corrupt ties to foreign oligarchs, officials met with mainstream media yawns
12 Joe Biden is lying: His Ukraine policy created a conflict of interest that diplomats warned about
13 Trump Said to Be Warned That Giuliani Was Conveying Russian Disinformation
14 All Stories by Amos Hochstein
15 Ukraine Approves Naftogaz Ownership Policy
16 From taxes to court-packing: Outstanding questions that will haunt Trump and Biden in final debate
17 Former State Department official who cast doubt on Burisma claims to testify in GOP probe
18 Slog PM: A Budget Season Check-in, Iran Sent the Proud Boy "Spoof" Emails, Quibi Lasted About 18 Scaramuccis
19 The Republican Senate Report on Hunter Biden, Explained
20 The Lebanese-Israeli Maritime Border Talks: An Important Step Forward
22 The World Isn’t Ready for Peak Oil
23 Top Biden adviser agrees to voluntary deposition in GOP Ukraine probe
24 Prospects of US mediation in the Lebanon-Israel border talks
25 Senate GOP ramps up Burisma probe as election nears
26 Ukraine gas company to add Rick Perry pick to board
27 Tellurian lays off nearly half of its workers, shuffles executives
28 Senate panel demands testimony from ex-Obama officials in revived Biden probe
29 Former Obama Envoy on Middle East Normalization, Iran Nuclear Deal
30 Senate panel approves more subpoenas for probe into FBI's Russia
31 Senate committees release report on Hunter Biden conflicts of interest investigation
32 Republican-led probe of Biden, Ukraine nears a close
33 Climate activists pressure Biden to take “no holds barred” anti-fossil fuel stance
34 State Department Names Acting Energy Envoy
35 Democrats alert inspector general that GOP's Biden probe “directly implicated” Perry in corruption
36 U.S. appoints top diplomat for energy issues
37 POLITICO Playbook PM: How far apart are they? This far.
38 Senate Republicans secure impeachment witness who flagged concern about Hunter Biden
39 GOP's Hunter Biden Probe Digs Up Dirt on Rick Perry's Ties to Ukrainian Gas Deals
40 Climate activists urge Biden to shun Obama-era energy moderates
41 Timeline for GOP's Obama probe report slips as chairman eyes subpoenas | TheHill
42 Ukrainian leader felt Trump pressure before taking office
43 The Biden Adviser Who Gives Climate Activists Nightmares
44 Senate Report Reveals Hunter Biden's Profiteering During the Obama-Biden Administration Went Further Than Previously Thought
45 Trump campaign presses for Hunter Biden probe ahead of Iowa rally
46 New path emerges for Senate energy bill
47 Be careful what you wish for, Sen. Schumer
48 Joe Biden’s Energy Advisor Collaborated with Kremlin on Nuclear Issues
49 Senate Republicans advance Ukraine probe aimed at Biden despite foreign interference concerns
50 AP Exclusive: US officials knew of Ukraine's Trump anxiety
51 Inside Joe Biden's Network of Climate Advisers
52 Joe Biden's Sketchy Climate Record
53 Energy markets underestimate Middle East supply vulnerability
54 Pendley's precedent
55 Trump's latest sanctions on Iran may be the end of the diplomatic road, says former US official
56 Inside the Biden campaign's pushback against foreign interference
57 White House told in May of Ukraine President Zelenskiy's concerns about Giuliani, Sondland
58 The Long-Term Impact of Covid-19 on Oil
59 Joe Biden Still Can’t Answer Basic Questions About Hunter and Burisma
60 Highlights of new Derkach tapes: Influencing Yatsenyuk, Groysman, Avakov; safeguarding Kobolyev (Video)
61 GOP chairmen seek interview with Obama officials as part of Biden-Ukraine probe | TheHill
62 U.S. strategy to free European energy markets from Russia's grip taking shape
63 The head of Ukraine’s gas company has been shot at, pilloried on TV and attacked by Giuliani associates. It’s all in a day’s work.
64 Perry Wanted U.S. Energy Veterans on Naftogaz Board, Messages Say
65 When the Staff Can’t Tell the Candidate What’s Wrong
66 Republicans tried to smear Biden — but instead 'succeeded in implicating former Secretary Perry in a corrupt scheme'
67 GOP set to release controversial Biden report | TheHill
68 Republican Senate Report on Biden's Son Alleges Conflict of Interest
69 Tellurian Shifts Resources to Prioritize Driftwood LNG
70 Will Hunter Biden Jeopardize His Father’s Campaign?
71 SPLC Launches Original Podcast 'Sounds Like Hate'
72 Naftogaz's chief transformation officer says he knows Ukraine's road to energy independence | KyivPost
73 How not to design Mississippi’s new state flag
74 NSC aide: Perry stuck to ‘usual talking points’ in Ukraine meetings
75 Democrats: Packets sent to Trump allies are part of foreign plot to damage Biden
76 NSC official's testimony appears to contradict Rick Perry Ukraine claims
77 What Fiona Hill Learned in the White House
78 Rick Perry’s Focus on Gas Company Entangles Him in Ukraine Case
79 Derkach and Dubinsky propose to ban foreigners from being members of the supervisory boards of Ukrainian state enterprises
80 Calling All Trial Witnesses
81 Russia in Review, Oct. 9-16, 2020
82 Biden clearly doesn’t like talking about his son’s overseas business dealings. Lately, it’s been an unavoidable topic on the campaign trail.
83 Early voting starts in Virginia after expansion of options
84 “How Could You Not Connect the Dots?”: Inside the Red-Pilling of State Department Official Matthew Gebert
85 State Department suspends energy staffer linked to white supremacist group
86 America is ignoring Iraq's turbulent protests at its peril, security experts say
87 Dem leaders demand FBI briefing on 'foreign interference campaign' targeting lawmakers
88 US still needs Middle East oil, OPEC spare capacity: analysts
89 Biden Aides Will Stiff-Arm GOP's Burisma Probe, Sources Say
90 MP Derkach says Naftogaz CEO Kobolev, Favorov 'naftogazed' $1.5 bln from Ukrainians with Biden's full knowledge
91 Ron Johnson Is Several Pickles Short of a Picnic
92 Obama energy official wants Democrats to support Trump appointee
93 Dems fear foreign influence campaign is using Ron Johnson probe
94 Lawyer confirms role of 2nd whistleblower; president's Ukrainian call again at issue
95 Obama Alums Are Pushing Fracked Gas Exports. That's Exactly What Trump Wants.
96 Democrats’ double standard on Ukraine
97 Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That Are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies
98 Mitch Derangement Syndrome
99 Oops! Team Joe Campaign Ad Includes Ukrainian Activist Who Slammed Hunter Biden
100 Corruption of Yuriy Vitrenko & Andriy Kobolyev: how Naftogas management stole millions from Ukrainian people.