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1 Senator Amy Klobuchar to speak at inauguration
2 Amy Klobuchar Says She Is Removing Herself From VP Consideration and Urges Biden to Choose a Woman of Color
3 Amy Klobuchar's vice presidential hopes plummet
4 Amy Klobuchar discusses why she dropped out of contention for vice president
5 Klobuchar withdraws from Biden VP consideration
6 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Not Ruled Out As Biden’s VP Pick Yet, But Dems Think Her Chances Have Faded
7 NY Post reports that VP Amy Klobuchar is not in the cards
8 Amy Klobuchar receives more money from police unions than most Senators
9 Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Says Get Your Kids Up-To-Date With Vaccinations
10 Amy Klobuchar: Protecting seniors during the pandemic
11 US Senators Dianne Feinstein, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Udall, Colleagues Urge Department of Justice to Address Mass Closure of Polling Locations in Tribal Communities
12 Senator Klobuchar introduces Accessible, Affordable Internet for All Act
13 Klobuchar-led legislation to expand access to affordable high-speed internet passes House
14 Sen. Klobuchar: Trump is 'belittling the science' and people are 'seeing through it'
15 The Hill's Coronavirus Report: Sen. Amy Klobuchar says Trump is afraid of losing if voters can mail in ballots; US COVID-19 cases reach highest levels since April | TheHill
16 Klobuchar Worked With Law Enforcement Group to Increase Police Budgets
17 Amy Klobuchar bows out of VP race, urges Biden to pick woman of color as running mate
18 Elizabeth Warren whiffs on veep, misses chance to elevate historic moment
19 Klobuchar withdraws from running for VP, insists Biden choose woman of color
20 Joe Biden's Best Running Mate and Cabinet Picks
21 Wayzata's Class of 2020 celebrates with online commencement, diploma pickup
22 Amy Klobuchar ends 2020 presidential campaign and endorses Joe Biden
23 Election Day Saturday, July 11: What's On the Bossier Parish Ballot
24 Large Minnesota nonprofits caught in stimulus aid gap, face cost-cutting
25 Duckworth declines to say Biden should select Black woman as running mate
26 What happened in the final days of Amy Klobuchar's campaign
27 Vote by mail: Senate Democrats worry over Native American reservation poll closures
28 Sen. Amy Klobuchar on race, justice and the pandemic
29 The Case for Amy Klobuchar
30 Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Her Husband's COVID-19 Recovery—And Whether She's Talked to Joe Biden About Joining His Ticket
31 Pai to Klobuchar: E-Rate Can't Go to Home Connectivity
32 Someone is working very hard to dress up Kamala Harris' Wikipedia page, report finds
33 Opinion | Amy Klobuchar on Plans vs. Pipe Dreams
34 Amy Klobuchar was kicked out of the hospital 24 hours after giving birth. Her outrage fueled her political rise.
35 How Amy Klobuchar Pulled Off the Big Surprise of the New Hampshire Primary
36 How Amy Klobuchar is trying to save her rapidly dwindling VP chances
37 'Defied expectations': Amy Klobuchar's New Hampshire surprise means a new battle for money and attention
38 Amy Klobuchar Is Pressed on ‘The View’ Over Her Record as a Prosecutor
39 How Amy Klobuchar Suddenly Became a Rival Worth Attacking
40 Amy Klobuchar: Where She Stands
41 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Discusses Her State's Response To George Floyd's Death
42 Klobuchar Faces Uproar Over Her Role in Black Teenager’s Murder Conviction
43 Sen. Amy Klobuchar says her husband is recovering after hospital stay for coronavirus
44 How Amy Klobuchar's campaign for president went wrong
45 Obvious, doable solutions for obvious problems in the Minneapolis Police Department
46 Political figures salute the 4th of July
47 Amy McGrath To Face Mitch Mcconnell In Kentucky Senate Election
48 Warren discusses fight to end systemic racism as some discuss her as potential VP
49 This Week in Washington IP: Algorithmic Biases in AI, Federal Funding of R&D Programs and Digitalization-Driven Improvements to Energy Efficiency
50 Can Amy Klobuchar pull off a surprise in Iowa caucuses?
51 Stepping stone: The case for Joe Biden | Articles | News |
52 Ernst hopeful for additional Ag relief | AG |
53 US Senators Dianne Feinstein and John Cornyn Bill to Combat Underage E-Cigarette Sales Passes Senate
54 President Amy Klobuchar: Here's what it would mean for California
55 Sen. Amy Klobuchar On Balancing Impeachment Trial With Her Campaign
56 Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be running mate
57 Amy Klobuchar for veep? Minnesota senator is in mix
58 Who is Amy Klobuchar?
59 Why Voters Are Nervous About Amy Klobuchar
60 Can Amy Klobuchar pull off a February surprise?
61 Amy Klobuchar is a good candidate
62 CISA Stands to Gain Powers Under Both Versions of the Defense Authorization Bill
63 Democratic campaign strategist Pete Giangreco selling Evanston Victorian
64 Klobuchar cancels campaign event after protesters occupy stage
65 Amy Klobuchar raises over $2 million after debate, campaign says
66 Sen. Amy Klobuchar shares update on husband, after he was hospitalized for coronavirus
67 Klobuchar campaign memo argues she's the moderate positioned to beat Sanders
68 We recommend Amy Klobuchar in Democratic primary for president [Editorial]
69 Amy Klobuchar announces her husband has coronavirus
70 Sen. Amy Klobuchar addresses rumors of joining Biden's ticket as vice president
71 Power plays are pols’ favorite pastime
72 Elizabeth Warren in awkward spot as black women dominate Joe Biden's veep search
73 Amy Klobuchar: 5 things to know
74 Klobuchar scrambles to turn her magic moment into something more
75 Super Tuesday race tightens in Amy Klobuchar's Minnesota
76 The N.H. Primary News Roundup; A Conversation With Sen. Amy Klobuchar
77 Amy Klobuchar’s electability case is strong after New Hampshire primary
78 Joe Biden's VP Pick: Here's What Voters Think
79 Amy Klobuchar desperately wants an Iowa moment. Impeachment is getting in the way.
80 Our View: Health Care: School vaccines should continue in pandemic
81 Mazzuca: Does history repeat itself? |
82 Sen. Amy Klobuchar backs Joe Biden in face of woman's allegations
83 Amy Seizes Campaign "Klomentum"
84 Sen. Amy Klobuchar and her husband, who is recovering from COVID-19: The disease is 'incredibly lonely'
85 2020 timeline: It’s been one big story after another — after another
86 Amy Klobuchar says her career in politics was fueled by being kicked out of the hospital just 24 hours after she gave birth
87 Amy Klobuchar makes late surge as New Hampshire votes
88 Capito joins bipartisan effort to ensure expanded telehealth services continue beyond pandemic
89 Two Indian-American Women Could Be in 2020 US Presidential Tickets
90 George Floyd's death returns spotlight to Sen. Amy Klobuchar prosecutor past
91 As Minnesota continues to relax COVID restrictions, seniors get chance to visit face-to-face with loved ones
92 Hot Dish: Amy Klobuchar says she's staying in for Super Tuesday
93 Amy Klobuchar
94 Amy Klobuchar Is Still Here
95 Sen. Amy Klobuchar On Weak Support Among Young Voters & Controversies From Her Tenure as Prosecutor
96 Q&A: Amy Klobuchar on talking a good game versus getting things done
97 What Amy Klobuchar’s rise says about women running for president
98 Amy Klobuchar rejects idea that moderate Dems are trying to crush Sanders
99 Democratic debate: Is Amy Klobuchar more electable than Joe Biden?
100 Joyce Beatty for vice president?