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1 Why it matters that Amy Klobuchar would 'get rid of the filibuster'
2 Klobuchar calls on Congress to get serious on tech reform
3 Amy Klobuchar, John Cornyn Urge White House to Use Venues as Vaccination Sites
4 How family ties and a history of bipartisanship inform Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s crusade to deplatform big tech
5 Minnesota Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith hold out hope for Trump conviction
6 Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushes to overhaul antitrust laws
7 Klobuchar, Smith say impeachment votes will go down in history, determine legacies
8 Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Mayo Clinic unite against online vaccine 'infodemic'
9 Join Sen. Amy Klobuchar for an event on the future of tech regulation
10 Klobuchar calls on social media platforms to root out vaccine misinformation
11 Klobuchar tears into Ron Johnson for conspiracy theory blaming Jan 6 on ‘provocateurs’
12 'An icon and a trailblazer': Dems introduce bill to create Ruth Bader Ginsburg monument
13 Amy Klobuchar shuts down Ron Johnson's conspiracy mongering at Capitol attack hearing
14 How Senator Klobuchar’s proposals will move the antitrust debate forward
15 Nat'l Guard deployment delayed for hours as rioters stormed U-S Capitol, commander tells Klobuchar
16 Senators ask FTC to fight stalkers exploiting people search sites
17 Klobuchar lines up first antitrust hearing
18 Lawmakers Will Hold 2nd Hearing Regarding Capitol Insurrection
19 Bipartisan legislation targets elder fraud prevention, response, education efforts
20 National Guard And Insurrection: Senate Panels To Examine Military's Role
21 Klobuchar, Murkowski urge FTC to protect domestic abuse victims' data | TheHill
22 Sen. Klobuchar leads bipartisan push to use live event venues in vaccine distribution
23 Interview: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Talks Capitol Attack, Airstrikes On Syria
24 Klobuchar: ‘We Need To Increase The Minimum Wage’
25 WATCH: Amy Klobuchar destroys Ron Johnson for conspiracy theory blaming Jan. 6 on 'provocateurs'
26 Sen. Klobuchar Calls for Antitrust Reforms, Tech Regulation
27 Democrats introduce legislation to create a Ruth Bader Ginsburg monument on Capitol Hill
28 Toying With Politics: What Can a Stuffed Animal Teach Us About the President?
29 Lawmakers Aim To End 'Boyfriend Loophole,' Keep Guns From Abusers
30 Klobuchar, Collins reintroduce Seniors Fraud Prevention Act
31 Durangoan will help redraw U.S. House district lines
32 Lawmakers call out container practices in letters to FMC, say ocean carriers reject exports for revenue
33 Reader's View: Praise Klobuchar for curbing mega-biz mergers
34 Cuomo Press Secretary Announces Planned Departure
35 Democrats push FDA to regulate toxic metals in baby food after investigation finds high levels
36 Why Congress can’t stop talking about Section 230
37 FBI director warns of increasing threat of white extremists
38 Takeaways: What hearings have revealed about Jan. 6 failures
39 Fourth Circuit Affirms Divestiture Order in Private Clayton Act Suit
40 Biofuel infrastructure, GHG modeling bills introduced in House |
41 Daybreak March 4: Boozman warns of cuts as Dems try to pass stimulus
42 Lois Frankel Wants a Monument in the Capitol Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg
43 Perspectives: Biden Needs To Restore 'Protected' Drug Classes; Obamacare; Drugs From Canada
44 Tillis, Smith to reintroduce bipartisan bill supporting health care for veterans exposed to radiation
45 National View: Klobuchar's antitrust bill ignorant of today's big-tech economy
46 Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo reintroducing legislation to combat robocalls
47 For Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a speaking role in Wednesday festivities
48 ‘Coup Fighters’: Amy Klobuchar Shouts Out Senators Supporting Election Results With Foo Fighters Reference
49 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Discusses Her State's Response To George Floyd's Death
50 Protests in Minnesota Renew Scrutiny of Klobuchar’s Record as Prosecutor
51 Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar: 'We had to finish our jobs'
52 Senator Amy Klobuchar on the Capitol Riot: “Part of Healing Is Accountability”
53 Google Under Fire For "Sweetheart Deals"; Vungle Buys GameRefinery
54 Senator Klobuchar to Write Antitrust Book
55 Klobuchar Drops Out of Biden’s V.P. Search and Backs Picking a Woman of Color
56 Amy Klobuchar considered for Biden Cabinet posts including attorney general and Agriculture secretary
57 Speculation about Sen. Amy Klobuchar prompts political chess at Minnesota Legislature
58 Amy Klobuchar on Bill to Save Indie Music Venues: ‘I Don’t Want to Lose Music in America’
59 WATCH: Sen. Klobuchar speaks at Biden Inauguration
60 Klobuchar to help lead probe of Capitol riot
61 CLERA Or Murkier: Proposed Antitrust Legislation Raises Questions
62 Amy Klobuchar Drops Out of 2020 Race and Endorses Joe Biden
63 Amy Klobuchar: Nation is at a 'major tipping point' after Capitol breach
64 Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Her Husband's COVID-19 Recovery—And Whether She's Talked to Joe Biden About Joining His Ticket
65 America’s ‘grit’: Amy Klobuchar’s full speech at Joe Biden’s inauguration
66 Sen. Amy Klobuchar says her husband is recovering after hospital stay for coronavirus
67 How Amy Klobuchar is trying to save her rapidly dwindling VP chances
68 Why (and where) Amy Klobuchar will still be a factor in the 2020 election
69 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Praises VP Pick Kamala Harris For 'Grace Under Pressure'
70 Sen. Amy Klobuchar backs Joe Biden in face of woman's allegations
71 Amy Klobuchar To Ted Cruz And Other GOP Senators Blocking Biden Certification: 'Please Get A Grip'
72 Google breakup should 'be on the table' says Sen. Klobuchar, who is a possible Biden pick for attorney general
73 George Floyd's death returns spotlight to Sen. Amy Klobuchar prosecutor past
74 At Supreme Court hearing, Amy Klobuchar statements make news
75 Sen. Amy Klobuchar shares update on husband, after he was hospitalized for coronavirus
76 Daily Crunch: Amy Klobuchar discusses Amazon Halo concerns
77 Sen. Klobuchar On Her Bill To Ensure Mail-In Voting Rights, And On Joe Biden
78 Amy Klobuchar and the 2020 Presidential Election: News, Facts and Where She Stands | Elections | US News
79 What happened in the final days of Amy Klobuchar's campaign
80 Amy Klobuchar announces her husband has coronavirus
81 Amy Klobuchar is seemingly trying to bury the hatchet with Pete Buttigieg
82 Minnesota Senator Klobuchar stands out at Biden inauguration
83 Klobuchar launches campaign to aid Senate, House Dems in 2020
84 Sen. Amy Klobuchar and her husband, who is recovering from COVID-19: The disease is 'incredibly lonely'
85 Report: Amy Klobuchar 'officially' being vetted as Joe Biden's running mate
86 Sen. Amy Klobuchar On Biden Inauguration: ‘An Amazing Experience For Our Democracy’
87 Klobuchar makes her not-so-quiet bid to be Joe Biden's running mate
88 Amy Klobuchar for veep? Minnesota senator is in mix
89 Why black voters don’t want Klobuchar as Biden’s running mate
90 'It's like nothing else': Klobuchar, husband talk about his battle with coronavirus
91 Amy Klobuchar 2020: Polls, news and on the issues
92 Clinton, Klobuchar offer words of hope during tumultuous times
93 Amy Klobuchar was kicked out of the hospital 24 hours after giving birth. Her outrage fueled her political rise.
94 Sen. Amy Klobuchar visiting Sarasota on Saturday
95 Amy Klobuchar Is Pressed on ‘The View’ Over Her Record as a Prosecutor
96 Amy Klobuchar's vice presidential hopes plummet
97 Klobuchar opens up about husband's recovery from coronavirus
98 How Amy Klobuchar's campaign for president went wrong
99 How Amy Klobuchar Suddenly Became a Rival Worth Attacking
100 Amy Klobuchar first to introduce Joe Biden as president