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1 As a fourth bar eyes downtown, St. George could place cap on drinking establishments
2 Utah city passes ordinance limiting drinking establishments
3 St. George passes ordinance limiting drinking establishments
4 Author events and poetry readings around Snohomish County
5 This Is an Election Story That Mentions Neither Biden Nor Trump
6 In search of the Mayflower: A reporter's voyage to find his Pilgrim heritage
7 Colonial Dames announce new online genealogical research tool
8 Tonix Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Immune Response Results from COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate TNX-1800, Following Vaccination of Non-Human Primates | Vaccines | News Channels
9 Gilead should ditch remdesivir and focus on its simpler ancestor
10 Evolutionary study of COVID‐19, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) as an emerging coronavirus: Phylogenetic analysis and literature review
11 Explained: Use Of Aborted Fetal Cells In Vaccine Production
12 Land reform: R6 m. for beneficiaries after KZN agreement
13 Nods to Indian ancestry offered
14 Ancestors of domestic cats in Neolithic Central Europe: Isotopic evidence of a synanthropic diet
15 NC city votes to approve reparations for Black residents | TheHill
16 Fossil footprints show some crocodile ancestors walked on two legs
17 Mud-slurping chinless ancestors had all the moves
18 Opinion: Gilead should ditch remdesivir and focus on its simpler and safer ancestor
19 Genealogy Column: Try a new approach for genealogy research during pandemic
20 Coronavirus | U.S. gives full approval to antiviral remdesivir to treat COVID-19
21 A stray molar is the oldest known fossil from an ancient gibbon
22 Analysis | Spatial apartheid: Public art in South Africa and the politics of space
23 The Best DNA Testing Kit
24 Benin and Senegal: French MPs move closer to returning looted artifacts
25 Saber-toothed anchovy relatives hunted in the sea 50 million years ago
26 Cities Are Beginning To Approve Reparations for Black Residents—Here’s How It Works
27 Family of Confederate leader offers to purchase vandalized Savannah memorial
28 Hudur-Durga And Mahishasura Jayanti: A Textbook Case Of Hinduphobia
29 'It’s high time for reinvestment on North 24th Street': Dozens gather for weekend cleanup
30 Ancient wolves that played with humans likely evolved into today's friendly dogs
31 Black Lives Matter street mural approved for downtown Richmond
32 Genealogy: War of 1812 ancestors may have sought bounty lands
33 Reparations for Slavery
34 VCU poll shows more than three quarters of Virginians approve how Northam is handling the coronavirus crisis
35 Cabinet to vote on UAE peace agreement next week
36 How would reparations work?
37 HarperCollins to Launch Native-Focused Imprint
38 The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals
39 Virginia’s Pamunkey Indian tribe seeks to build $350 million Richmond casino
40 A single drop of blood: No research or FDA approval behind doctor's testing methods
41 “Readers Are Realizing Their Hunger For Our Stories”: Native Literature for Kids and Teens
42 Arkansans vote 3-1 against bill to remove tributes to racists from US Capitol
43 Consanguinity & The Curse Of Socially Accepted Incest
44 New Legislation Could Bring Repatriation to Non-Federally Recognized Tribes in California | Currents
45 Sandy Springs begins public process to change possible Confederate/KKK-inspired street names
46 More U.S. Residents Are Getting Dual Citizenship in Greece, Italy and Elsewhere
47 ‘Wonderchicken’ is the earliest known modern bird at nearly 67 million years old
48 Hillsborough buys 543 acres in Keystone for $11.6 million
49 Some West Africans may have genes from an ancient ‘ghost’ hominid
50 Digging for family roots isn't boring | Local News |
51 His ancestor was the American Revolution’s first casualty. The scientist shared his story with students in Winston-Salem.
52 Why some people can't resist crowds despite the pandemic
53 Spurs granted approval for exciting new 'phase three' Tottenham Hotspur Stadium complex plan
54 Cooper says statue removal fault of General Assembly
55 HIllsborough preserves land along bike trail
56 A 3.8 million-year-old skull reveals the face of Lucy's possible ancestors
57 Statue of Josephus Daniels, publisher and white supremacist, removed from Raleigh square
58 Inside the Ballot Processing Center and Its COVID Safeguards
59 Artist-in-residence and professor “memorialize” Toni Morrison and Audre Lorde in dialogue
60 Room with a View: What does the organization Black Lives Matter believe in, and do I agree?
61 Revealed: US funds study on bat coronavirus at Wuhan Institute of Virology
62 Blog posts inaccurately claim that a 2005 NIH study demonstrated the effectiveness of chloroquine treatment against coronavirus infection such as COVID-19
63 OFFICIAL NAME: 400-year-old tree gets name | News
64 Tonix Pharmaceuticals and Southern Research Announce Expansion of COVID-19 Vaccine Collaboration
65 Bowdoin Dialogues about Race
66 Raise a glass! Planners approve a third whiskey distillery for Killarney
67 'A Journey That We Have To Join Together': 2 Dutch Women Confront Slavery's Legacy
68 Discovery of the oldest bilaterian from the Ediacaran of South Australia
69 Tonix Pharmaceuticals Enrolls First Participant in the PRECISION Study, an Observational Study to Facilitate Development of Precision Medicine Techniques for COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics
70 Latest food safety violations from restaurant inspections in Lebanon County
71 Burial Site Found on a Property Tied to Obama, Causing Tension With Native Hawaiians
72 Research Collaboration Developing SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Based on Horsepox Virus
73 Amazon’s proposal for HQ2 towers in Virginia approved
74 Jeremy King wins approval for addition to house above Walmer Castle
75 Hillsborough Commission considers backup penny tax
76 Griffis: Judge permits access to GEDmatch database | Community
77 Ancestor Trail: Entertainment Director Ralph Tennal | Hometown
78 Senoia Area Historical Society museum receives historical marker
79 Victoria's lockdown to ease after state records no new cases – as it happened
80 Hillsborough Commission majority poised to raise impact fees
81 Monoclonal Antibodies and Vaccines: Q and A | In the Pipeline
82 Why are some Native Americans fighting efforts to decriminalize peyote?
83 For some, monuments a painful reminder of the past
84 Temporary Restriction of On-Campus Operations
85 Belgian King Conveys 'Deepest Regrets' For Brutal Colonial Past In Congo
86 Best DNA tests: 23andMe vs. Ancestry
87 Daniel: October is Pit Bull Awareness Month
88 It's Problematic to Accuse Ancestry's Interracial Ad of Whitewashing Slavery
89 Noble descendant of Henry Dundas calls in to defend ancestor in street renaming debate
90 Gov. Tom Wolf's former business keeps operating during coronavirus shutdown despite losing state waiver
91 Is There a Coronavirus Vaccine? Here's Everything You Need to Know
92 Tribes not recognized by federal government won millions in contracts
93 County approves veterinarian hire for CPAS
94 Understanding NRC: What it is and if it can be implemented across the country
95 Billie Jane McIntosh pens book about ancestor chief
96 Detection of H1 Swine Influenza A Virus Antibodies in Human Serum Samples by Age Group
97 Historic Athens-Athens Resident's Ancestor Signs Texas Declaration of Independence
98 McCandless council adopts new rules to regulate Marcellus shale drilling
99 Protesters arrested at Djab Wurrung site after directions tree felled
100 Is your last name Vigil? You're likely a descendant of European Emperor Charlemagne