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1 Andrei Derevianko | Chemical Physics Graduate Program
2 Andrei Derevianko | Sara Louise Hartman Professorship in Physics | Department of Physics
3 Hunting dark matter with quantum sensors, working abroad brings career advantages – Physics World
4 Atomic clocks could detect exotic low-mass fields from merging black holes – Physics World
5 Optical clock sets new constraints on dark matter – Physics World
6 Using worldwide GPS data to study changes in Earth's crust, from the Ice Age to today
7 Advanced atomic clock makes a better dark matter detector
8 The Search for Dark Matter Just Took a Big Step Forward
9 Advanced Atomic Clock Narrows the Search for Elusive Dark Matter
10 University honors 2020 Spring Senior Scholar recipients
11 GPS satellites “the largest dark matter detector ever built”
12 One step closer to defining dark matter, GPS satellite atomic clocks on the hunt
13 Nine graduates head off to continue their higher educational pursuits
14 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) awarded to five College of Science students and one recent graduate
15 Exotic Low-Mass Fields: Dark Matter Messengers From the Depths of the Universe
16 Faculty Positions | Giving
17 Jonathan Weinstein | Associate Professor, Department of Physics | Department of Physics
18 Gamma Factory: New ‘Super Light Source’ at CERN for Fascinating Insights Into Atoms
19 Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Chemical Physics | Department of Physics
20 Ultra-Accurate Clocks Lead Search for New Laws of Physics
21 Hunting dark matter with GPS data
22 Physicists plan to seek Higgs force in atomic spectra – Physics World
23 Attractive force arises from black-body radiation, say physicists – Physics World
24 Research May Yield New Z Boson and Fifth Force of Nature
25 GPS devices might have detected elusive 'Dark Matter'
26 Find a Faculty Mentor | Undergraduate Research
27 Scientists Build Atomic Clocks Accurate Enough to Measure Changes in Spacetime Itself